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N2865A USB Host Module Firmware

The firmware update file below, DSO3000_Series_USB_Host_Module_Update, can be installed to fix a color printing problem. This firmware update was tested only for the HP Deskjet 6490 printer.


  • USB flash drive, 128 MB or less.
  • N2865A USB host module attached to the 3000 Series oscilloscope.

To update the USB host module firmware:

  1. Download the file below to the USB flash drive.
  2. Attach the flash drive to the USB host module (which must be attached to the 3000 Series oscilloscope). The 3000 Series oscilloscope may be powered up or down.
  3. When powered up, the 3000 Series oscilloscope should recognize the flash drive and display a dialog showing the update progress. There is no message that indicates the update was successful.
  4. Once the progress dialog disappears, power down the oscilloscope, remove the flash drive, plug in the printer, wait a few seconds, then power up the oscilloscope.
  5. Print.
Date de mise en circulation Version Description de la version
2008-11-21 n/a Firmware update for the N2865A USB host module (for Keysight 3000 Series oscilloscopes).

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