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Wireless Connectivity

Our engineers, experts in test, develop equipment and systems ahead of the technology wave— clearing the path for you to develop the components, modules and devices that make our connected world possible. Keysight participates in many of the standards organizations and works with countless design, development, integration and manufacturing engineers to provide the best tools in the industry. Accelerate Wireless Design and Test with Flexible, High-Performance Platforms

A full portfolio of test and design solutions from Keysight also spans the range of cellular technologies; LTE, 4G LTE, MIMO, HSPA, HSPA+, and more. 

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FIME is a trusted consultant and advanced end-to-end testing services provider within the payment and mobile telecom sectors. Its work ensures the successful and efficient market integration of products and solutions which use secure chips. FIME has extensive EMV and NFC testing expertise

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