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Keysight EEsof EDA Customer Education and Services
Brief overview of Keysight EDA Customer Education and Services.

Matériel de formation 2017-08-08

Video: 10-Tip Series to help you get more out of the 34980A Switch/Measure unit
View video clips to improve your productivity and get to results quickly with a switch/measure unit.

Matériel de formation 2017-07-30

2017 Aerospace and Defense Symposium
The 2017 AD Symposium presentation content page

Matériel de formation 2017-05-12

Signal Integrity Characterization Techniques
Signal Integrity Characterization Techniques

Matériel de formation 2017-05-10

Download the presentation from the Cleveland Board Test UGM, Spring, 2017

Matériel de formation 2017-05-08

Product Training Catalogue

Matériel de formation 2017-05-05

Introduction to Keysight VEE Pro- Course Overview
Course overview for Advanced Keysight VEE Pro classroom training. Provides a brief outline of objectives and agenda for the 4 day training course.

Matériel de formation 2017-02-13

Introduction to Keysight VEE Pro
Course overview for Introduction to Keysight VEE Pro classroom training. Provides a brief outline of objectives and agenda for the 4 day training course.

Matériel de formation 2017-02-09

Preview samples of IoT applied courseware
The Internet of Things (IoT) is here, and your students need to be ready for it. Keysight's ready-to-teach IoT applied courseware focuses on teaching practical design and test techniques. The courseware offers students experience with leading-edge tools and software used in industry.

Matériel de formation 2017-02-02

Millimeter-Wave Fundamentals eLearning Program
Register for Millimeter-Wave Fundamentals eLearning Program T6502A classes

Matériel de formation 2017-01-13

RF & MW Fundamentals eLearning Program
Online ordering for the T6501A eLearning module

Matériel de formation 2016-08-28

On-demand webcast: Thriving in the face of the Connected Car Revolution

Matériel de formation 2016-08-12

SI/PI Analysis of 16 Data Signals using IBIS Power BIRDs (KC login required)
Analyze 16 Data Signal design using IBIS Power BIRDs 95/98/141.

Matériel de formation 2016-07-14

WaferPro Express 2016.04 Key Features and What's New
Overview of what's new in WaferPro Express 2016.04.

Matériel de formation 2016-07-12

General Spectrum Analysis
Download zip file to your computer and unzip. Go to Windows Explorer locate the story.html and double click to launch the course.

Matériel de formation 2016-05-31

ZIP ZIP 26.43 MB
Watch On-demand Webcasts

Matériel de formation 2016-05-25

PAM-4 Designs – Advanced Characterization and Debug Solutions Webcast
This webcast will discuss the latest PAM-4 related developments in the industry, and provide an update on new test and measurement tools that offer powerful characterization and debug capabilities.

Matériel de formation 2016-05-18

Watch the Tutorial, "Millimeter Wave Active Component Characterization for 5G"
This presentation will explore the tools that enable the performance verification of millimeter wave active devices and will address the challenges with making a single connection measurement for multiple measurements of transceiver modules designed for the 5G environment.

Matériel de formation 2016-02-16

MP4 MP4 39.58 MB
Unlocking Insights with Improved Sensitivity and Noise Measurements
Noise is a characteristic of all electronic circuits, and is a fundamental parameter to be considered in transmitter and receiver component design, as it typically limits the overall performance of any wireless system.

Matériel de formation 2016-01-13

Watch the Tutorial, “Error Vector Magnitude Measurements Fit For 5G”
This presentation reviews what an EVM measurement is and what it can tell us about the device being measured.

Matériel de formation 2015-10-22

MP4 MP4 108.94 MB
University Relations
Research partnerships with Keysight Technologies.

Matériel de formation 2015-09-15

Watch the Massive MIMO and mmWave Technology Insights and Challenges Tutorial
Massive MIMO and mmWave Technology Insights and Challenges Tutorial

Matériel de formation 2015-01-08

MP4 MP4 58.47 MB
GENESYS Concepts - Course Overview
2-page overview of a 3-day training class on GENESYS, lecture and hands-on labs

Matériel de formation 2014-12-15

EMPro Evaluation Resources
For users that want to evaluate EMPro, here are some resources to help you quickly learn how to use the product.

Matériel de formation 2014-11-01

Genesys Workspaces Companion for Randall Rhea's Book, Discrete Oscillator Design
This page contains access to over 70 different Genesys workspaces that are used as examples in Randy Rhea's book, Discrete Oscillator Design. Also includes links to its pre-recorded webinar and presentation.

Matériel de formation 2014-09-23

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