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Innovations in EDA Webcast Library
EEsof EDA series of webcasts, upcoming and recorded


How will you Handle the Interference of Things Caused by Medical/IoT Devices?
Original broadcast June 20, 2017

Webcast - recorded

Webcasts for Educators
Connect with Keysight and discover new ways to advance in the lab and the classroom. Join us at our webinars to learn more.


mmWave 5G Phased Array and Beamforming System Design Webcast
Original broadcast September 28, 2017

Webcast - recorded

productronica 2017
Biggest trade show on production covering all industry segments in Europe


Solving Design and Test Challenges for Medical Devices
Webcast series


Six Reasons Your New Medical IoT Device Will Fail
Live broadcast October 23, 2017; 10am ET / 1pm PM


Wireless Communications and Connectivity - Webcast Library
Live and On-Demand Webcasts


Physical Layer Testing of USB Type-C Products Webcast
Live broadcast October 20, 2017; 10am PT / 1pm ET


Stop Wasting Time and Money by Struggling with Data Analytics While Designing T&M Experiments!
Stop Wasting Time and Money by Struggling with Data Analytics While Designing T&M Experiments!

Training Materials 2017-09-24

Keysight EEsof Design Forum 2017, India
Keysight EEsof Design Forum is a unique platform for designers to solve their design and test challenges. Ideal platform to connect with RF/MW, EM, Baseband System Architects, Digital Application Designers, Software developers & Hardware Engineers

Seminar Materials - Archived

Join Keysight at ECOC 2017
Join Keysight at ECOC 2017


Join Keysight Technologies at MWC Americas 2017
MWC Americas September 12-14, 2017; San Francisco, CA


Oscilloscope Test Automation Tools Webcast
Original broadcast ,September 20 2017

Webcast - recorded

RF Design and Test Webcast Series
Master the basics and understand future trends with these live and on-demand webcasts


Join Keysight at EuMW 2017
Join Keysight at EuMW 2017 Button Menu Layout


Scaling Up the Photonic Integrated Circuit Industry with Optimized Test Methods Webcast
Original webcast September 13, 2017

Webcast - recorded

Understanding RF and Microwave Analysis Basics Webcast
Original broadcast September 13, 2017

Webcast - recorded

Mastering Signal Integrity & Power Integrity Design Seminar
Mastering Signal Integrity & Power Integrity Design Seminar

Seminar Materials 2017-09-18

Chronicles of a High-Speed PCB including PCB Thermal Effects
This presentation takes you on a journey through a high speed PC board including PCB Thermal Effects. Presented in Canada.

Seminar Materials 2017-09-15

Genesys Learning days in Germany
Genesys Learning Week , Böblingen

Classroom Training

Increase RF and Microwave Test Efficiency and Throughput
Live broadcast October 11, 2017; 10am PT / 1pm ET


Millimeter-wave Component Characterization Webcast
Original broadcast September 7, 2017

Webcast - recorded

Accuracy Matters
What do you do with the result after you take a measurement? Often, people compare the result to a specification and make a “Pass” or “Fail” decision to ship or reject the item under test. They don’t teach you in school how accuracy affects the risk of incorrect Pass/Fail decisions. We will.

Seminar Materials 2017-09-05

Ixia – “5G for Dummies” eBook
Ixia – “5G for Dummies” eBook

Seminar Materials 2017-08-30


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