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When the 4287A displays inaccurate Rdc measurement values, what is required to make more proper Rdc measurements for contact check?
Perform Open/Short/Load calibration and Open/Short compensation.

FAQ 2010-01-26

Does the 4395A have source power calibration function?
No, the 4395A doesn't have the built-in power meter for calibrating the source power at the test port. The source power accuracy is +/- 1.0 dB.

FAQ 2010-01-26

What is the relationship between the “No. of Least Significant Digit” and the accuracy of a handheld multimeter?
The “No. of Least Significant Digit” affects the accuracy of a handheld multimeter....

FAQ 2010-01-07

What does ENOB of 13.3 bit means in the specification sheet?
ENOB = (SINAD-1.76)/6.02 Overall Accuracy = ENOB (Effective Number of Bits)....

FAQ 2009-12-15

How does the measurement accuracy of the N8480 series Power Sensors compare to that of the legacy 8480 series sensors?
The N848xA Power Sensors are as accurate if not more accurate than the legacy 848xA sensors they replace….

FAQ 2009-12-15

Is there an ECal that covers the lower frequency of the E5071C down to 9 kHz?
Yes, the N4431B 4-port ECal now supports down to 9 kHz.

FAQ 2009-11-16

What is the relationship between the "Count" and the accuracy of U3401A or U3402A Digital Multimeter?
One "count" is defined as a unit change (change of 1) in the last digit of the meter display…

FAQ 2009-10-20

What does "Display Counts" means in the U3401A/U3402A Digital Multimeter Data sheet?
Display counts give the largest number the multimeter's display can show….

FAQ 2009-09-29

Does E5818A supports Precision Time Protocol Version 2 (PTPv2)/IEEE 1588 v2?
No, E5818A supports PTPv1/IEEE 1588.

FAQ 2009-09-29

How do I know what is the best sampling rate to use for my measurement?
Typically if you follow Nyquist theory, your sampling rate should be 2x the highest frequency of the incoming signal that you are measuring. However, we recommend that you use 5x...

FAQ 2009-09-29

What are the size and resolution of the X-Series Signal Analyzer display?
Diagonal measurement is 8.4 inches (213.3 mm); screen resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels.

FAQ 2009-09-26

IO Libraries Suite: What programming languages are supported with Keysight IO Libraries version 15.1?
It depends on the API you are using.

FAQ 2009-08-25

Is there any variations in up/down-programming times from channel to channel in E3646A, E3647A, E3648A and E3649A?
Channel to channel up/down-programming variations time is less than 30ms

FAQ 2009-08-06

How to calculate the accuracy for U1731A/U1732A Inductance Measurements?
The accuracy is calculated using the formula in the data sheet...... The Example......

FAQ 2009-07-16

How to calculate the accuracy for U1731A/U1732A Capacitance Measurements?
The accuracy is calculated using the formula in the data sheet...... The Example......

FAQ 2009-07-16

What are the frequency limitations on the various probes utilized with the Keysight 85070E Dielectric Probe Kit and why?
The 85070E Dielectric Probe options 020, 030 and 050 have maximum frequeny via the E4991A Impedance Analyzer of 3 GHz.

FAQ 2009-06-26

How does Keysight specify the bandwidth of the N1021B probe?
The one-way bandwidth of the probe can be estimated using a simplified equation ...

FAQ 2009-06-18

Does the Measurement Manager (AMM) run on Window Vista operating system?
Yes. The Measurement Manager (AMM) rev. and above will able to run on Windows Vista ...

FAQ 2009-06-10

How do you measure the equivalent output reflection coefficient or equivalent output SWR of a splitter?

FAQ 2009-05-11

Can the 346C-K01 be used below 1 GHz?
This special option is not calibrated or characterized below 1 GHz.

FAQ 2009-04-28

What is option H12 for the E4418B and E4419B EPM Series Power Meters?
Option H12 for the E4418B and E4419B EPM Series Power Meters provides an improved power level accuracy specification....

FAQ 2009-04-12

Do the mean, min, and max values of the InfiniiVision oscilloscopes measurement statistics refer to one signal on the screen or all previously capt...
They refer to the "Count" number of captured waveforms ...

FAQ 2009-03-30

How large dynamic range of the Power Sweep of PSG can be set and used?
For signal generators without option 1E1, you may set the range; for PSG with option 1E1, ...

FAQ 2009-03-13

Is the Rdc measurement accuracy of the 4287A better than that of the 4286A?

FAQ 2009-03-13

What is the output impedance of the 4287A?
Nominal output impedance is 50 ohms.

FAQ 2009-03-11

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