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What is the settling time for the E364xA supplies?
For the E364xA series, Settling Time is defined as the maximum time required for the output voltage to change from 1% to 99% (or vice versa) following receipt of a VOLTage or APPLy command from the GPIB or RS-232 interface. The settling time is <...

FAQ 2010-09-08

Why is the marker Count Accuracy on the on the ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer only specified when using resolution bandwidths >1KHz?
If more that one signal is present in the 1kHz span, the marker count will be incorrect.

FAQ 2010-09-08

IO Libraries Suite: What has changed in version 14.2?
Version 14.2 includes defect fixes and makes two changes to improve the compatibility of Keysight 488 with third-party software.

FAQ 2010-09-08

How does excessive heat and cold affect the accuracy of Keysight 34401A measurements?
This can be determined by using the temperature coefficients published in the User's Guide. Notice the "Temperature Coefficient/degree C" column…

FAQ 2010-07-23

Is there any level of protection against connecting an external DVI or HDMI source to the U8101A DVI or HDMI source port?
No. There are none. Customer should exercise caution when doing the hardware connection.

FAQ 2010-07-18

What is the clock rate for Digital Inputs(DI) and Digital Outputs(DO) of U23xxA and U25xxA USB Data Acquisition?
The DAQ DIO is not meant to measure DI with clock rate precision or to control frequency of digital output

FAQ 2010-07-18

When will Keysight USB modular instruments and USB Modular DAQs supports Windows 7?
For 32 bit Windows 7, the supportability of modular instruments and DAQs will happen...

FAQ 2010-07-18

What is the static state current consumption for the various Keysight programmable step attenuators?
Keysight Programmable Step Attenuators require a 20 mS pulse duration to engage a selected attenuator section.

FAQ 2010-07-02

How wide range of resistivity can the 4339B measure when used with the 16008B?
The 4339B can measure surface resistivity up to 7 x 1017 Ω and volume resistivity up to 8 x 1018 Ω-cm, but it depends on the electrodes of the 16008B used.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Do the coaxial Short and 50 Ω Load terminations for the 42941A have accuracy specifications?
No, both the coaxial Short and 50 Ω Load standard terminations for the 42941A do not have accuracy specifications.

FAQ 2010-07-02

How is measurement accuracy calculated when the 42841A is used with the 4284A, 4285A or E4980A?
The measurement accuracy is the sum of the measurement instrument accuracy and additional error produced when the instrument is used with the 42841A and bias current test fixture.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Does typical permittivity measurement accuracy includes all the uncertainties due to the E4991A with opt 002, 16453A and MUT insertion conditions?
Yes. All the uncertainties are included in the typical measurement accuracy.

FAQ 2010-07-02

What operating systems does VEE support?
See the support matrix...

FAQ 2010-06-14

What differentiates a power splitter and power divider and when should one be utilized over the other?
The fundamental difference between power splitters and power dividers (combiners) is the resistor configuration used to separate the power.

FAQ 2010-06-11

What are the differences between the E4446A and the E4447A?
Click here for additional information

FAQ 2010-06-10

What is the main reason that SMT manufacturers would use solder paste inspection for lead-free paste?
The print process for lead free requires fine tuning such as cycle time modifications, reduction in the aperature-to-pad ratios, squeegee speed/pressure changes, etc.

FAQ 2010-05-19

How can I make phase noise measurements on my 89400 series vector signal analyzer (VSA)?
The attached procedure takes you step-by-step through a phase noise measurement on the 89441A using two methods: direct spectrum and PM demodulation.

FAQ 2010-05-16

661xC and 663xB: Power Supply Output Transition Time

FAQ 2010-05-16

How low resistance can the 4338B measure and resolve?
The effective resistance measurement range and resolution of the 4338B is down to 10 micro-ohms. The minimum display resolution of the 4338B is 0.1 micro-ohms.

FAQ 2010-05-14

Is number of bits the only factor to look at if I'm measuring at very low voltage say 5mVpp?
No it is not. Often times, you will have to look at the Gain Error and Offset Error as well as...

FAQ 2010-05-10

No Title
Instead of the ("Counter value"/"48 x 10^6") as the duration in seconds taken to count, it is...

FAQ 2010-05-10

What is the correct linearity setting for V8486A & W8486A sensor?
The automatic selection must be overridden: select the D type linearity for this sensor.

FAQ 2010-05-10

How to calculate the accuracy for U1731B/U1732B Inductance Measurements?
The accuracy is calculated using the formula in the data sheet...... The Example......

FAQ 2010-05-05

How to calculate the accuracy for U1731B/U1732B Capacitance Measurements?
The accuracy is calculated using the formula in the data sheet...... The Example......

FAQ 2010-05-03

What is the difference between the 8614xA series and the 8614xB series Optical Spectrum Analyzer?
The 8614xB series has higher wavelength accuracy and faster trace updates than the 8614xA series.

FAQ 2010-04-23

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