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Can I program and control U1401A remotely?

FAQ 2009-12-15

Keysight Infiniium Oscilloscopes: Programming the Oscilloscope
Use the example programs and programming manual available for download from this web site.

FAQ 2009-12-11

Is VEE able to interpret "," as decimal point in Formula box running under German Windows?
No. Please use "." as decimal point as per international standard.

FAQ 2009-11-17

I've written my own text format for SCPI in *.txt. How do I use these for SCPI completion within VEE 9.0. What tool should I use?
You can use the tool found within Just search using the keyword "Keysight VEE SCPI...

FAQ 2009-11-12

VEE 9.0 has SCPI completion. How do I make my own SCPI command built-in with VEE?
Please refer to the attached Microsoft Word document for a step by step explanation...

FAQ 2009-11-12

How do I remotely transfer screen images from my Keysight X-Series Signal Analyzer using VEE?
The example program, written for the X-Series Signal Analyze, transfers the current screen image on the analyzer over GPIB and stores the image on your PC.

FAQ 2009-11-11

How do I remotely program my Keysight X-Series, ESA/PSA Series Signal Analyzer to transfer binary block trace data in Visual Basic 6?
Click here for information on transfering binary block trace data.

FAQ 2009-11-11

How do I remotely program my X-Series Signal Analyzer to set different types of trace detectors and couple markers?
Sample program found here...

FAQ 2009-11-11

How do I remotely program my X-Series Signal Analyzer in C to use Relative Band Power Markers?
The example program, written for X-Series Signal Analyzers, demonstrates how to measure the band power of a marker relative to the band power of another marker.

FAQ 2009-11-11

How do I perform a serial poll to determine when a sweep is complete on my Keysight X-Series Signal Analyzer?
The example program, writtten for the X-Series Signal Analyzers, demonstrates how to initate a sweep and use serial polling to determine when the sweep is finished.

FAQ 2009-11-11

How do I remotely program my X-Series, ESA, PSA Signal Analyzer to Transfer Trace data using VEE?
The attached program demonstrates how to transfer trace in in several formats including ASCII, REAL and Integer.

FAQ 2009-11-11

Why did VEE displayed an "out of memory" message even the PC has more than 1GB of memory free after using up only 300MB of memory?
Keysight VEE's could not support such a large memory of usage in a single object or interface.

FAQ 2009-11-08

Are there any programming commands for the U1701A Handheld Capacitance Meter?
No, it only offers datalogging with Keysight U1701A GUI Data Logger Software…

FAQ 2009-10-22

Can I perform real time measurement with Keysight U1731A & U1732A Data Logger Software?
The Data Logger Software is to provide an indicative check on the unit and not intended for high timing accuracy measurement…

FAQ 2009-10-20

How can I use a computer to monitor when the power meter is done with a Secure Erase?
The “*OPC?” command can be used with a long IO timeout.

FAQ 2009-10-20

Where to find the USB modular scopes IVI-COM programming guide?
download the programming guide.

FAQ 2009-09-29

How much of data points from my data acquired can I save into one file?
What we observed is that if you log your file into *.csv file, the most no. of points you will be capturing is 65536 points. However, if you are saving into *.txt file, it will depend on the type of...

FAQ 2009-09-29

IO Libraries Suite: Is there any other software that needs to be installed when I am using an application that utilizes NI-488.2 and Keysight IO Lib...
It depends if there is third party connectivity hardware or software installed.

FAQ 2009-08-25

IO Libraries Suite: What programming languages are supported with Keysight IO Libraries version 15.1?
It depends on the API you are using.

FAQ 2009-08-25

Can the E4980A make a list sweep measurement at regular time intervals and save the measurement data with time stamp?
Yes. You can make a List Sweep measurement and save the measurement result with time data using Time Stamp function.

FAQ 2009-08-19

How can I save comma separated variable (CSV) data to my USB thumb drive?
Set this up in Utility -> Print Config.

FAQ 2009-08-17

What are the trace data names available for LTE-FDD with the release of 89600 version 11.00?
Due to many new traces in option BHD the traces have been restrucured and renamed. Here you will find a list of those changes.

FAQ 2009-08-07

Can the power meter’s rear panel USB port save data files to a USB drive or USB thumb drive?

FAQ 2009-08-06

The 34405A Programmer’s Reference file downloaded from the website shown no content in the .chm file when opened. What can I do?
...When prompted, save the .chm file to a location on your PC. Clear the checkmark if a security warning appears...

FAQ 2009-08-06

How do I transfer files to and from my 1660/1670-series logic analyzer using FTP?
To transfer files to and from 166xE and 167xA/D/E/G logic analyzers using FTP, follow these steps.

FAQ 2009-07-16

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