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N9322C Spectrum Analyzer Firmware
Firmware file available for download...
Previous Versions

Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: A.06.21 | 2016-12-25

Simplifying LTE-A eNB MeasurementsWebcast
Original broadcast July 26, 2016

Webcast - recorded

Practical Approach for Signal Integrity Analysis of High Data Rate Channels Webcast
Original broadcast July 28, 2016

Webcast - recorded

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® 2016
Pennsylvania Convention Center; September 27-29, 2016


All US and Canada Events - Trade Shows, Seminars, Webcasts
Calendar of upcoming events


Infiniium Oscilloscope Software
Infiniium oscilloscope software.

FAQ 2016-07-27

N8900A Infiniium Offline Oscilloscope Analysis Software and 30-Day Trial License
This application lets you analyze oscilloscope data offline on your PC.
Previous Versions

Computer Software Current Version: 05.60.00804 | 2016-07-27

Infiniium 5.60 System Software for Windows 7
System software for the Infiniium 9000 Series, S-Series, 90000 Series, V-Series, and Z-Series oscilloscopes with the Windows 7 operating system.
Previous Versions

Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 05.60.00804 | 2016-07-27

Advanced Material and Device Parametric Characterization Workshop
Various dates and locations for 2016


Avoid the 34401A Apocalypse Webcast
Original broadcast July 20, 2016

Webcast - recorded

Demo: Waveform generation and amplitude correction using M8190A with IQTools utility application
View the demo


What is the Keysight EEsof EDA Knowledge Center?
The Knowledge Center is an enhancement to our existing site that provides additional documents and examples.

FAQ 2016-07-26

Video - Glitch free changing of timing parameters
How to change timing parameters in real time and without glitches with the new 81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator


Debugging Serial Buses with InfiniiVision Oscillloscopes Webcast
Live broadcast August 30, 2016; 10am PT / 1pm ET


Oscilloscope Measurements Webcast Series
Live and on-demand broadcasts that will teach you how to make precise measurements with its Infiniium line of real-time and sampling oscilloscopes.


Sample Project Files for Automated NFC Test Software
Sample project files for the Automated NFC Test Software. To view: (1) extract files on the controller PC, (2) run the NFC Test App, (3) open the extracted .proj file.

Programming Example 2016-07-25

Create a Curve Tracer with BenchVue Webcast
Live broadcast August 18, 2016; 10am PT / 1pm ET


N6462A/B DDR4 Compliance Test Application Software and 30-Day Trial License
Keysight N6462A/B DDR4 compliance test application software for Infiniium Series oscilloscopes.
Previous Versions

Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 01.16.9062 | 2016-07-22

RF Back to Basics Seminar - 2016
Various cities in the US


Scientific Nanoindentation e-Seminars (aka webcasts)
Orignaly broadcasts in May, 2011

Webcast - recorded

Making Your Most Accurate Signal Integrity Measurements using a High-Speed Oscilloscope Seminar
Santa Clara, CA; September 7, 2016


Digital Modulated Fundamentals
This course is designed to provide theoretical fundamentals and in-depth hands-on experience to solve practical measurement problems in digital communication systems.

Classroom Training

Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2016
San Fransisco, CA; August 16-18, 2016


Keysight EEsof EDA Customer Education and Services
Brief overview of Keysight EDA Customer Education and Services.

Training Materials 2016-07-20

Techniques for Troubleshooting with a Logic Analyzer Webcast Series
Live Broadcasts various dates 2011

Webcast - recorded

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