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Oscilloscope high voltage differential active probes

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Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Selection Guide
To get the most out of your oscilloscope, you need the right probes and accessories for your particular applications.

Selection Guide 2014-11-05

N2804/5A Differential Probes User’s Guide
Contains information on using the N2804A and N2805A differential probes and describes probe specifications and characteristics.

User Manual 2014-11-01

N2804A and N2805A High Voltage Differential Probes - Data Sheet
N2804A, N2805A differential probes provide superior general-purpose differential signal measurements for high-speed power measurements, vehicle bus measurements, and high-speed digital system designs.

Data Sheet 2014-10-09

N2792A and N2793A Differential Probes User's Guide
This user's guide contains user and characterization information for the N2792A and N2793A differential probes.

User Manual 2014-09-01

USB 2.0 Compliance Testing with Infiniium Oscilloscopes - Application Note
This Application Note discusses the solution for the USB 2.0 test suite. The Keysight solution is the only one-box solution that uses the official USB-IF scripts for precompliance ans compliance testing.

Application Note 2014-08-03

N2790A 100 MHz, N2791A 25 MHz and N2891A 70 MHz High-voltage Differential Probes - Data Sheet
Oscilloscope users often need to make floating measurements where neither point of the measurement is at earth ground. Use the N2790A or N2791A high-voltage differential probe to make safe and accurate floating measurements with an oscilloscope.

Data Sheet 2014-08-02

InfiniiVision Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Selection Guide Data Sheet
The right probes and accessories for your particular application--The 54600-series scopes combine three critical features; 2 MB of MegaZoom deep memory on each channel, are volutionary high-definition display, and flexible triggering CAN triggering. This combination of capabilities is tailored togive you the measurement power you need to get your mixed analog and digital job done faster.

Data Sheet 2014-08-02

N2791A / N2891A High-Voltage Differential Probes User's Guide
This User's Guide contains information on specifications, characteristic plots, and handling instructions for the N2791A and N2891A probes.

User Manual 2014-08-01

User’s Guide for N2818/9A Differential Probes
Shows how to use the N2818A and N2819A differential probes.

User Manual 2014-08-01

Probes and Accessories for Keysight Oscilloscopes - Selection Guide
Probes and accessories for Keysight oscilloscopes, Reliable measurements start with the probe. Active differential probes, single-ended active probes, Passive probes, Current probes.

Selection Guide 2014-07-31

Infiniium Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Data Sheet
Infiniium oscilloscopes have a wide selection of high-quality probes and accessories for your particular applications to help you get the most out of your scope.

Data Sheet 2014-04-24

Eight Hints for Better Scope Probing - Application Note
In this application note, you will find eight useful hints for selecting the right probe for your application and for making your oscilloscope probing better.

Application Note 2013-10-28

N2792A/N2818A 200 MHz and N2793A/N2819A 800 MHz Differential Probes- Data Sheet
The N2792A and N2793A differential probes provide the superior general-purpose differential signal measurements required for today’s high-speed power measurements, vehicle bus measurements and digital system designs

Data Sheet 2013-08-17

N2790A Differential Voltage Probe User's Guide
This manual contains user information for the N2790A Differential Voltage Probe.

User Manual 2010-12-01

N2791A / N2792A / N2793A / N2891A Probes Declaration of Conformity
The Declaration of Conformity for the N2791A, N2792A, N2793A, and N2891A probes.

Reference Guide 2010-02-01

Extending the Range of Keysight InfiniiMax Probes
This application note describes how to extend the operating range of Keysight InfiniiMax probes in voltage, temperature, and distance (reach between probe amplifiers and heads

Application Note 2009-06-26

N2790A Probe Declaration of Conformity
The Declaration of Conformity for the N2790A probe.

Reference Guide 2009-02-01

Oscilloscope probing for high-speed signals
The probe is the dominant factor in determining the noise floor and response of your measurement system. Probe loading effects on the circuit under test are also a critical consideration.

Application Note 2008-09-03

Restoring Confidence in Your High-Bandwidth Probe Measurements (AN 1419-01)
Understanding and verifying performance trade-offs/issues in high-bandwidth probe measurements using simple probe configuration methods.

Application Note 2008-06-20

Infiniium DSO80000B Series Oscilloscopes and InfiniiMax Series Probes
The signal integrity advantages of DSO80000B Series scopes and the InfiniiMax probing system include the industrys lowest noise floor, lowest jitter measurement floor, lowest trigger jitter and flattest frequency response.

Technical Overview 2007-07-25

1141A and 1142A User and Service Guide
1141A Differential Probe and 1142A Probe Control and Power Module User and Service Guide

User Manual 2004-07-01

PDF PDF 10.15 MB
1153A 200 MHz Differential Probe
1153A 200 MHz Differential Probe for Infiniium Oscilloscopes has a high-bandwidth for probing differential signals.

User Manual 2004-07-01

Side-by-Side Comparison of Keysight and Tektronix Probing Measurements
When you make signal-integrity measurements on high-speed signals, the oscilloscope and probe you use can have a big impact on the accuracy of your measurements. Compare different manufacturers to find the best ones for your application.

Application Note 2004-06-17

Understanding and Using Offset in InfiniiMax Active Probes (AN 1451)
This application note explains how offset is applied in the Keysight InfiniiMax Active Probes and how to use offset for various applications.

Application Note 2003-03-31

Performance Comparison of Differential and Single-Ended Active Voltage Probes (AN 1419-03)
Explore performance and usability trade-offs for differential and single-ended probes.

Application Note 2003-02-14