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Introduction to the Fixture Simulator Function of the ENA Series RF Network Analyzers
This product note describes what the fixture simulator of the ENA Series is, and how it helps customers in various network measurement applications. The fixture simulator function includes de-embedding, embedding, and balanced measurements.

Application Note 2006-03-13

Calibrating Standards for In-Fixture Device Characterization

Application Note 2005-06-17

8 Hints for Making and Interpreting EVM Measurements Application Note
This document provides tips on error vector magnitude (EVM) measurements. EVM provides insight into the performance of digital communications transmitters and receivers. EVM can pinpoint signal degradations.

Application Note 2005-05-20

ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer Performance Guide Using 89600 VSA Software
This application note characterizes the performance of the ESA-E series spectrum analyzers and the 89600 vector signal analysis software.

Application Note 2005-05-09

Investigating Microvia Technology for 10 Gbps Higher Telecommunications Systems

Application Note 2005-04-05

Correlation of Simulation vs. Measurement in Frequency and Time Domain
For multi-gigahertz serial data link.

Application Note 2004-12-10

Wideband RF and BB Transmitter Modulation Analysis Using the 89600 VSA Software Application Note

Application Note 2004-12-10

Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series: Swept and FFT Analysis Application Note
This Product Note covers the measurement speed and other benefits of advanced signal processing in the new PSA Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series.

Application Note 2004-10-19

81100 Family of Pulse/Pattern Generators the Dual Clock Gbit Chip Test (PN 2) - Application Note
In this Product Note the principle is to deliver a variable clock to feed either your device(s), board(s) or instrument(s). Due to the two channel capability it is also possible to generate clocks which ...

Application Note 2004-10-18

81100 Family of Pulse Pattern/Generators Radar Distance Test to Airborne Planes (PN 1) - App Note
This Product Note describes how a trigger pulse train of double pulses is sent from the control tower's radar system to an airplane.

Application Note 2004-10-12

89441A Vector Signal Analyzer Phase Noise Measurements
The procedure takes you step-by-step through a phase noise measurement on the 89441A using two methods: direct spectrum and PM demodulation. No options are required to make this measurement.

Application Note 2004-07-26

Network Analysis - De-embedding and Embedding S-Parameter Networks (1364-1)
At RF and microwave frequencies, it becomes difficult to directly measure devices with nonstandard connectors (for example, devices using surface-mount packaging).

Application Note 2004-06-01

PSA Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series: Measurement Innovations and Benefits
Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series. This Note is a general overview of all of the major new technologies used in the PSA series, with a focus on the measurement benefits they provide...

Application Note 2004-02-27

Diagnosing and Solving Resonance Problems
One of the most common reasons for high vibration of plant equipment is some form of resonance of the equipment components or support structure. Every mechanical system has resonant frequencies (damped natural frequencies). If the system is exposed to vibration at these frequencies, it will...

Application Note 2004-02-20

PNA - Pulsed Measurement Accuracy (1408-11)

Application Note 2004-02-17

Noise Figure Measurements of Frequency Converting Devices, AN 1487
"This application note provides details and examples about how the Keysight NFA Series noise figure analyzer (NFA) performs measurements in amplifier, downconverter and upconverter measurement mode".

Application Note 2004-02-06

Non-Zero Noise Figure After Calibration (AN 1484)
This Application Note attempts to explain the reasons behind the zero-error and shows with examples that it does not have a compromising effect on instrument accuracy in a measurement situation.

Application Note 2004-01-20

Optimized Impedance Standard Substrate Designs for Dual and Differential Applications
by Cascade Microtech

Application Note 2003-12-09

In-Fixture Characterization Using the ENA Series RF Network Analyzer with Cascade Microtech...
This product note explains a new approach for in-fixture characterization, using the Keysight ENA Series RF network analyzer with Cascade Microtech's probing system.

Application Note 2003-10-13

Creating Measurement-Based Amplifier Behavioral Models
This Application Note describes a behavioral model used in circuit and system simulations to verify performance of the amplifier within a circuit or system.

Application Note 2003-10-01

Evaluation of MOS Capacitor Gate Oxide C-V Characteristics Using the Keysight 4294A(PN4294-3)
As a result of extremely high integration of logic LSIs, MOS FETs with gate lengths of 0.1 mm or less have been produced recently. A consequence of this miniaturization has been the need for very thin gate oxide layers.

Application Note 2003-06-26

Five Emerging Technologies that Will Revolutionize High Speed Systems
by Gigatest Labs. Offers three important challenges common to all high-speed systems and what we believe will be five important technology based solutions.

Application Note 2003-06-20

Using Advanced Design System to Design an MMIC Amplifier
This AN illustrates the design of a MMIC amplifier, problems faced in designing, simulating, and producing a physical layout of an MMIC circuit, validation steps needed to verify that the physical layout.

Application Note 2003-06-17

Network Analysis Solutions Advanced Filter Tuning Using Time Domain Transforms (AN 1287-10)
Tuning multi-stage, coupled-resonator band-pass filters is difficult due to interactions between resonator and coupling tuning. To achieve the proper pass-band response and to get low return loss you must precisely tune the frequency of each resonator and precisely set each coupling between the...

Application Note 2003-05-25

Obtain Flat-Port Power with Keysight's PSG User Flatness Correction or External Leveling Functions
The PSG series is ideally suited for design and test systems with high frequencies, wide bandwidths and complex modulation formats. This Product Note explains how to obtain flat...

Application Note 2003-02-04

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