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    Buy Any Keysight Big5 Bench Instrument, Get A Complimentary Handheld!
    Empower your engineers with a handy, reliable tool for carrying out measurements and tests on the go – whenever, wherever.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2017-09-30

    Complimentary DSOX2002A Oscilloscope With the Purchase of a B2900 Precision Instrument
    Now for a limited time, when you purchase an eligible B2900 precision instrument, you will receive a DSOX2002A oscilliscope for free!

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2017-06-30

    U2741A USB Modular Digital Multimeter - Data Sheet
    This is the datasheet for the Keysight U2741A USB Modular Digital Multimeter which is a 5.5-digit resolution digital multimeter that is able to capture up to 100 readings/sec.

    Data Sheet 2017-05-19

    PDF PDF 2.07 MB
    3446x Digital Multimeters IVI and MATLAB Instrument Drivers
    Supported models: 34460A, 34461A, 34465A, 34470A
    Previous Versions

    Driver Current Version: | 2017-05-11

    Refresh Your Teaching Lab With Modern Instruments and Software Webcast
    Live broadcast June 13, 2017; 10am PT / 1pm ET


    U3803A IoT Systems Design Applied Courseware, with Training Kit only
    IoT systems design training kit – an education kit that is designed for use in an IoT teaching lab.

    Product/Service 2017-05-05

    U3804A IoT Systems Design Applied Courseware, with Training Kit and Teaching Slides
    IoT systems design applied courseware – a complete education kit that is designed for educators to teach IoT systems design.

    Product/Service 2017-05-05

    PXI Digital Multimeters, 61/2 Digit, High Performance (M9182A, M9183A) - Data Sheet
    These 61/2 digit DMMs offer excellent accuracy & stability with the highest measurement speeds in their class. For Engineers using PXI test systems in A/D, electronic mfg. & the automotive industries.

    Data Sheet 2017-05-03

    34465A Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit, 34410A/34411A replacement, Truevolt DMM
    The Keysight 34465A performance Truevolt DMM offers 6½ digit resolution with 30 ppm DC accuracy and reading rates up to 50,000 per second. Measurement modes include continuous, data logging and digitizing.

    Product/Service 2017-04-28

    34470A Digital Multimeter, 7½ Digit, Truevolt DMM
    The Keysight 34470A performance Truevolt DMM offers 7½ digit resolution with 16 ppm DC accuracy and reading rates up to 50,000 per second. Measurement modes include continuous, data logging and digitizing.

    Product/Service 2017-04-28

    34461A Digital multimeter, 6 ½ digit, 34401A replacement, Truevolt DMM
    The 34461A 6½ digit Truevolt DMM is the Keysight 34401A DMM for the next generation. This DMM offers everything you expect from the industry-standard 34401A and more, including the industry’s only 100% drop-in 34401A compatibility.

    Product/Service 2017-04-28

    34460A Digital multimeter, 6½ digit, basic Truevolt DMM
    The 34460A 6½ digit Truevolt Series digital multimeter (DMM) is Keysight’s most affordable 6½ digit DMM with just the basics you need.

    Product/Service 2017-04-28

    Digital Multimeters 34460A, 34461A, 34465A (6½ digit), 34470A (7½ digit) - Data Sheet
    Performance specifications for the Truevolt Series DMMs.

    Data Sheet 2017-04-28

    Keysight Instrument Control Bundle Download
    IO Libraries Suite 2017, Command Expert 2017, BenchVue 2017
    Previous Versions

    Computer Software Current Version: 4.2017 | 2017-04-26

    Handheld Digital Multimeters, Clamp and Calibrator Meters
    Keysight handheld multimeter and clamp meter products enable you to check more wide measurement ranges and delivers more value than any other in its class.

    Product/Service 2017-04-16

    U1242C Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4 digit, with IP 67
    Designed for handheld users working in various environments, certified to IP 67 and capable to withstand up to 3-meter (10 feet) drop to suit harsh working environments. The U1240C can even work longer for you with up to 400 hours of battery life.

    Product/Service 2017-04-16

    Digital Multimeters (DMM)
    Compare: Digital Multimeter (DMM), Benchtop and System products from 4 to 8 ½ digits. Modular and handheld DMMs up to 100,000 readings per second

    Product/Service 2017-04-16

    Keysight U3800 Series IoT Applied Courseware - Quick Start Guide
    Contains product overview, setup, verification and troubleshooting information.

    Configuration Guide 2017-04-01

    PDF PDF 256 KB
    34460A-04 - Information Only - Service Note
    Specification change in the maximum allowable measured voltage for the Keysight 34460A/34461A/34465A/34470A Digital Multimeter.

    Service Manual 2017-03-31

    PDF PDF 74 KB
    BenchVue Complete Control Collection Download
    Contains a complete collection of all BenchVue instrument control, automation and analysis apps.
    Previous Versions

    Computer Software Current Version: 2017 | 2017-03-31

    BenchVue 2017 Software Platform
    BenchVue software offers multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture from a PC or mobile device with no programming.
    Previous Versions

    Computer Software Current Version: 2017 | 2017-03-29

    BenchVue Digital Multimeter Control and Automation App Download
    Easily control your DMM to quickly build automated tests, log measurements, and save valuable time.
    Previous Versions

    Computer Software Current Version: 2017 | 2017-03-29

    Educate Tomorrow’s IoT Engineers Webcast
    Original broadcast March 14, 2017

    Webcast - recorded

    34450A Firmware Update (Revision: 01.02-01.00)
    Firmware upgrade for Keysight 34450A bench digital multimeter.
    Previous Versions

    Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 0.1.02-01.00 | 2017-03-14

    System Cabling Errors and DC Voltage Measurement Errors in Digital Multimeters (AN 1389-1)
    This application note is one in a series of three, that will help you eliminate potential measurement errors and achieve the greatest accuracy with a DMM. This application note covers system cabling errors and dc voltage measurement errors and more.

    Application Note 2017-03-14

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