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M9381A, M9380A, M9300A and M9391A Security Guide
This guide provides instructions for protecting and removing classified, proprietary information stored in the M9381A, M9380A, M9300, and M9391A instruments.

User Manual 2015-04-30

PDF PDF 482.65 KB
In Situ Young’s Modulus and Strain-Rate Sensitivity of Lead Free SAC 105 Solder - Application Note
Overview of how to improve the mechanical reliability of solder joints in integrated circuits, by instrumented indentation to measure the Young’s modulus (E) and strain-rate sensitivity (m) of a common lead-free solder alloy.

Application Note 2015-04-30

8473D Planar-Doped Barrier Detector Data Sheet

Data Sheet 2015-04-30

Explore 5G YouTube videos
Explore 5G YouTube videos

Demo 2015-04-30

SystemVue Videos on YouTube
SystemVue Video Library playlist in Keysight EEsof EDA's Channel on YouTube

Demo 2015-04-30

M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer 1 MHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz - Data Sheet
This data sheet contains specifications and other technical information related to the M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer.

Data Sheet 2015-04-29

M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator - Data Sheet
The Keysight M9381A is the modular signal generator that provides Keysight quality and performance in the PXI form factor. It accelerates throughput by delivering new levels of speed in signal generation—the fastest RF tuning, Keysight proprietary innovative baseband tuning, versatile list mode, and more. Add the M9381A to your system—and break the speed barrier.

Data Sheet 2015-04-29

Keysight Tips to Prevent Unnecessary Repairs - Application Brief
Brief document to prevent instrument damage and avoid unnecessary repairs with techniques on proper grounding, cable and connector care, electro discharge precautions, transit instructions and more.

Application Note 2015-04-29

L Series Multiport Electromechanical Coaxial Switches - Technical Overview
This technical overview of the economically-priced L7104A/BC and L7106A/B/C terminated and L7204A/BC and L7206A/B/C unterminated multiport coaxial switches, DC to 26.5 GHz, provides a product overview, description, applications, specifications and ordering information.

Technical Overview 2015-04-29

M9709A AXIe High-Speed Digitizer - Data Sheet
This datasheet presents the M9709A AXIe high-speed digitizer, 32 channels, 8-bit, up to 2 GS/s, DC to 500 MHz bandwidth

Data Sheet 2015-04-29

87204/87206A, B, C Multiport Coaxial Switches - Technical Overview
This document contains product description, top line specs, and ordering information for high performance multiport switches for microwave and RF instrumentation and systems. Additional model# 70611A Products: 87206B, 87204A, 87204B, 87204C, 87206A, 87206B, 87206C

Technical Overview 2015-04-29

Impedance Matching in the Laboratory - Application Note
Teaching Lab #4:Impedance Matching in the Laboratory University Engineering Lab Series - Lab 4

Application Note 2015-04-29

Transmission Lines and Reflected Signals - Application Note
Teaching Lab #3:Transmission Lines and Reflected Signals University Engineering Lab Series - Lab 3

Application Note 2015-04-29

Infoline Instrument Management Security, Reliability and Privacy - Product Fact Sheet
Trust in the security, reliability and privacy of Keysight Infoline Instrument Management application.

Brochure 2015-04-29

Two-port Measurements and S-Parameters - Application Note
Teaching Lab # 5: Two-port Measurements and S-Parameters, University Engineering Lab Series - Lab 5

Application Note 2015-04-29

Making Simpler DC Power Measurements with a Digital Multimeter - Application Brief
Learn what techniques are available to Truevolt Series DMM users for making simpler DC power measurements with a DMM.

Application Note 2015-04-29

Boost signals for test and measurement with the right RF and microwave amplifier - Application Note
This application note focuses on RF and microwave amplifiers that are well suited for use in test and measurement applications.

Application Note 2015-04-28

Keysight RF & Microwave Test Accessories - Catalog

Catalog 2015-04-28

PDF PDF 31.42 MB
Probe Resource Center
Visit the Probe Resource Center for probe manuals, data sheets, SPICE models, videos, application notes, and more.

Help File 2015-04-28

Performance and Control of the Keysight Nano Indenter DCM - Application Note
Overview of the DCM performance and control on the G200

Application Note 2015-04-28

Mechanical Testing of Carbon Nanotube Arrays - Application Note
Application note explores the mechanical Testing of Carbon Nanotube Arrays and shows the mode deformation and unusal features in the force displacement data.

Application Note 2015-04-28

ENA Series: Service & Support Home Page (Manual, Firmware)
ENA manual, firmware, upgrade and service support portal page.

User Manual 2015-04-28

Probe Resource Center CHM file for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or iPod
Contains oscilloscope probe documentation (PRC_iOS.chm file).

Help File 2015-04-28

CHM CHM 197.62 MB
Probe Resource Center Adobe AIR File
Contains oscilloscope probe documentation (PRC.air file).

Help File 2015-04-28

Keysight Technologies Unveils WaferPro Express 2015 Platform for Wafer-Level Device Characterization
Keysight announces WaferPro Express 2015, a measurement software platform for the automated characterization of wafer-level devices and circuit components.

Press Materials 2015-04-28

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