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    Save on a New M8020A J-BERT
    Trade in eligible Keysight or competitor J-BERT models and receive a credit towards a new M8020A J-BERT.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2016-09-30

    Save on a New 86xxx or N10x5A
    Trade in eligible Keysight or competitor sampling scopes and receive a credit towards a new 86xxx or N10x5A.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2016-06-30

    Optical Laser Source Products
    Tunable Laser Source Modules, Compact Tunable Laser Source Modules, Fabry-Perot Laser Source Modules, Distributed Feedback Laser Source Modules

    Product/Service 2016-02-04

    High Speed Digital Seminar Tour 2016
    Various dates and locations in 2016


    U7232D DisplayPort Compliance Test Software and 30-Day Trial License
    Keysight U7232D DisplayPort compliance test software for Infiniium 90000 Series oscilloscopes.
    Previous Versions

    Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: 03.50 | 2016-02-03

    Bit Error Ratio Test (BERT) Solutions
    Serial bit error ratio (BER) series, ParBERT parallel bit error ratio (BER) platform.

    Product/Service 2016-02-01

    81000FI Connector interface FC/PC/SPC

    Product/Service 2016-02-01

    USB 3.x Receiver Testing
    Accurate Characterization and Compliance Testing of USB 3 Receivers with J-BERT N4903B

    Product/Service 2016-02-01

    86100D Infiniium DCA-X Firmware Upgrade
    86100D Firmware includes FlexDCA plus legacy UI
    Previous Versions

    Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: A.05.30 | 2016-01-29

    Probe Resource Center
    Visit the Probe Resource Center for probe manuals, data sheets, SPICE models, videos, application notes, and more.

    Help File 2016-01-29

    Oscilloscope Measurements Webcast Series
    Live and on-demand broadcasts that will teach you how to make precise measurements with its Infiniium line of real-time and sampling oscilloscopes.


    DCA Probes Accessories - Technical Overview
    See recommended DCA probes and accessories for sampling oscilloscopes.

    Technical Overview 2016-01-27

    PDF PDF 4.92 MB
    M8195A 65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    The Keysight M8195A is a high-speed AWG with up to 65 GSa/s sample rate and 25 GHz bandwidth on up to 4 channels per module

    Product/Service 2016-01-26

    OFC 20156- Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition
    March 22-24, 2016; Anaheim, CA


    M8196A 92 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generators
    High speed AWG with up to 92 GSa/s sample rate supporting signals up to 64 GBaud on 4 channels in a 1-slot AXIe module - simultaneously.

    Product/Service 2016-01-26

    N5435A Infiniium Server-Based License for Infiniium Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
    The N5435A Infiniium server-based license allows you to move your oscilloscope application license from one Infiniium oscilloscope to another, using a license server.

    Data Sheet 2016-01-26

    N7700A Photonic Application Suite Software YouTube Videos
    Technical clips for N7700A Photonic Application Suite Software: Installation of the package manager, Insertion Loss (IL) and Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) Setup, Fast Spectral Loss Setup, N77xx Viewer Software and many more.

    Demo 2016-01-26

    81606A Tunable Laser Source, High Power and Lowest SSE, Top-Line
    The 81606A tunable laser source, a new module for the 8164B lightwave measurement system.

    Product/Service 2016-01-26

    Photonic Test & Measurement Products
    Active & passive optical device test, modulation measurements, time-error measurements, accessories...

    Product/Service 2016-01-25

    Optical Component Test Products
    Optical spectrum analyzers, tunable lasers, power meters, optical attenuators, dispersion analysis...

    Product/Service 2016-01-25

    81134A Pulse Pattern Generator, 3.35 GHz, dual-channel
    The Keysight 81134A Pulse Pattern Generator - 3.35 GHz, dual-channel - is the next generation in Keysight's high-speed Pulse Pattern Generators.

    Product/Service 2016-01-25

    Optical Polarization and Dispersion Solutions
    The Keysight N778x Polarization Analysis and Control series offers high speed test instruments for high performance characterization and verification of optical components and sub-systems.

    Product/Service 2016-01-25

    Connectivity Accessories
    Bare Fiber Connection Solutions, Optical Connector Types, Optical Head Accessories, Optical Module Accessories, Advanced Information and Accessories

    Product/Service 2016-01-25

    Keysight Test-Drive 2016
    Various dates and locations in 2016


    Optical Power Measurement Products
    Optical Power Sensor Modules, Optical Heads, Return Loss Modules

    Product/Service 2016-01-25

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