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    Save on a New 86xxx or N10x5A
    Trade in eligible Keysight or competitor sampling scopes and receive a credit towards a new 86xxx or N10x5A.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2015-12-31

    Save up to 50% on new Keysight Infiniium V- and Z-Series oscilloscopes
    Trade-in your current oscilloscope (Agilent or competitor) and receive up to 50% off a new Keysight Infiniium V- and Z-Series oscilloscope

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2015-12-31

    Save up to 50% on a New Infiniium Oscilloscope
    Trade in eligible Keysight or competitor oscilloscopes and receive up to 50% off a new Infiniium oscilloscope.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2015-12-31

    Save Up to 50% on the Most Versatile BERT Test Platform
    Get a whole system or additional parts of the most versatile and flexible BERT test platform 81250 and/or an N4903B high-performance serial BERT with complete jitter tolerance for up to 50% less.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2015-09-30

    Save up to 25% on a New 811xxA
    Trade in your current pulse pattern generator and receive up to 25% off a new pulse pattern generator.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2015-09-30

    Save on a New M8020A J-BERT
    Trade in eligible Keysight or competitor J-BERT models and receive a credit towards a new M8020A J-BERT.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2015-09-30

    World's Deepest Memory, Now Free
    For a limited time, you can receive up to 1 Gpt of memory for free with the purchase of an Infiniium oscilloscope.

    Special Offer Offer ends: 2015-09-30

    N1090A DCA-M High Accuracy, Low Cost Solution for Optical Waveform Analysis
    Designed specifically for high-volume manufacturing test applications, the N1090A provides the measurement accuracy of the 86100 oscilloscope without the extra cost associated with an R&D test solution.

    Product/Service 2015-07-30

    Probe Resource Center
    Visit the Probe Resource Center for probe manuals, data sheets, SPICE models, videos, application notes, and more.

    Help File 2015-07-30

    MIPI – Overcome Test Challenges to Ensure Interoperability for your PHY Webcast
    Original broadcast June 23, 2015

    Webcast - recorded

    Insight Seminar Series – Core Bench Lab
    Various locations in 2015


    86122C Multi-Wavelength Meter
    Keysight's new 86122C Multi-Wavelength Meter is best suited to efficiently develop, manufacture and verify tunable transmitter lasers and optical subsystems for today's and tomorrow’s high-speed applications.

    Product/Service 2015-07-29

    N1090A Software Download
    N1090A Software Download
    Previous Versions

    Computer Software Current Version: A.05.00 | 2015-07-29

    86100_N1010A Firmware Release Notes A.05.00
    Firmware release notes for 86100 family mainframes and N1010A FlexDCA Software

    Release Notes 2015-07-29

    86100D Infiniium DCA-X Firmware Upgrade
    86100D Firmware includes FlexDCA plus legacy UI
    Previous Versions

    Instrument Firmware/Software Current Version: A.05.00 | 2015-07-27

    M8195A 65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    The Keysight M8195A is a high-speed AWG with up to 65 GSa/s sample rate and 20 GHz bandwidth on up to 4 channels per module

    Product/Service 2015-07-24

    Software Initiative - Brochure
    Keysight software is downloadable expertise. From first simulation through first customer shipment, we deliver the tools your team needs to accelerate from data to information to actionable insight.

    Brochure 2015-07-22

    PDF PDF 1.35 MB
    N1055A 35/50 GHz 2/4 Port TDR/TDT Remote Sampling Head for the 86100D DCA-X
    N1055A 35/50-GHz (8-ps) time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and time-domain transmission (TDT) module for the Keysight 86100D DCA-X platform provides fast, accurate impedance and S-parameter measurements on high-speed designs that have up to 16 ports.

    Product/Service 2015-07-21

    Precise Radar Signal Generation for Electronic Warfare Receiver Testing Webcast
    Original broadcast July 15, 2015

    Webcast - recorded

    Oscilloscope Measurements Webcast Series
    Live and on-demand broadcasts that will teach you how to make precise measurements with its Infiniium line of real-time and sampling oscilloscopes.


    100G Optical and Electrical Stressed Eye Testing
    Learn about 100G optical and electrical stressed eye testing. From the set up revolving around the M8000 J-BERT, 81600B Tunable Laser and 81600 digital communication analyzer. To the software automation tools available, allow Keysight to offer industry leading signal performance as well as the repeatability customers are looking for in this industry.

    Demo 2015-07-15

    Generating PAM-4 Signals using an M8195A AWG
    Learn about using the M8195A Arbitrary Waveform Generator in conjunction with a 33 GHz real time scope to generate PAM-4 signals. As well as how to calibrate the set up for optimal frequency response. And some capabilities of the M8195A in terms of modifying and changing the characteristics of the PAM-4 signal.

    Demo 2015-07-14

    81600B Tunable Laser Source Family
    The Keysight 81600B Tunable Laser Source Family consists of seven products: options 201, 160, 150, 140, 142, 130, and 132.

    Product/Service 2015-07-14

    AWG MATLAB® Examples
    Example MATLAB scripts to generate multi-tone signals, pulsed radar signals and multi-carrier modulated waveforms using AWG - standalone or in conjunction with a Vector PSG.

    Programming Example 2015-07-12

    Infiniium Oscilloscope Software
    Infiniium oscilloscope software.

    FAQ 2015-07-09

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