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Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Analyzer - Selection Guide
Keysight offers a wide range of spectrum and signal analyzers, from DC to 325 GHz and beyond, designed to accurately measure frequency, amplitude, and modulation.

Selection Guide 2015-02-25

E5052B Signal Source Analyzer - Brochure
This 16-page brochure describes the features and benefits of the E5052B (10 MHz to 7 GHz, 26.5 GHz, or 110 GHz) Signal Source Analyzer. The E5052B is a single-instrument solution that offers an indispensable set of measurement functions for evaluating RF & microwave signal sources such as VCOs, crystal oscillators, SAW oscillators, dielectric resonator oscillators, YIG oscillators, PLL synthesizers, RFICs, and L.O. circuits.

Brochure 2015-02-25

DDR, DDR2, DDR3, & DDR4 Design and Test Solutions
See Keysight's specific DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 memory design and test solutions for simulation through compliance.

Reference Guide 2015-02-25

GDDR5 and UFS Design and Test Solutions
See Keysight's specific GDDR5 and UFS memory design and test solutions for simulation through compliance.

Reference Guide 2015-02-25

E5061B Replacement Parts List
This file contains the replacement parts information for the E5061B Network Analyzer.

Service Manual 2015-02-25

New Satellite Signal Monitoring Reference Solution
Keysight Technologies Speeds Monitoring, Validation of Satellite Signals with the New Satellite Signal Monitoring, Reference Solution

Press Materials 2015-02-25

Charging Mitigation Strategies in Imaging Insulating Polymer Spheres via Low Voltage Field Emission

Application Note 2015-02-24

N8828A 40GBASE-CR4/100GBASE-CR10 Compliance Test Application Methods of Implementation
The N8828A 40GBASE-CR4/100GBASE-CR10 Compliance Test Application is an Ethernet test solution that covers the electrical timing parameters for 40GBASE-CR4 and 100GBASE- CR10 specification (IEEE 802.3).

Reference Guide 2015-02-24

Different Contrast Mechanisms in SEM Imaging of Graphene - Application Note

Application Note 2015-02-24

Remote Programmer's Reference, N8828A 40GBASE-CR4 and 100GBASE-CR10 Compliance Test Application
Describes the test names and IDs and the configuration variable names used when writing programs to remotely control the Keysight N8828A 40GBASE-CR4 and 100GBASE-CR10 compliance test application software.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2015-02-24

N8828A 40G/100GBASE-CR4/CR10 Ethernet Electrical Compliance Application Rel. Notes (Version 02.00)
Release notes for the N8828A 40G/100GBASE-CR4/CR10 Ethernet electrical compliance application software.

Release Notes 2015-02-24

86100_N1010A Firmware Release Notes A.04.50
Firmware release notes for 86100 family mainframes and N1010A FlexDCA Software

Release Notes 2015-02-24

M9502A and M9505A 2 and 5-Slot AXIe Chassis - Data Sheet
The Keysight M9502A 2-slot and M9505A 5-slot AXIe chassis data sheet provides preliminary specifications and product ordering information.

Data Sheet 2015-02-24

64 Synchronous Multi-channel Data Acquisition System with Unique Phase Coherency - Press Release
64 Synchronous Multi-channel Data Acquisition System with Unique Phase Coherency for satellite telecommunication systems.

Press Materials 2015-02-24

Increase Power Amplifier Test Throughput with the Keysight PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer and Generator
This application note overview provides an overview of the challenges and recommended solutions to increase the speed of power amplifier test.

Application Note 2015-02-23

UXA X-Series Signal Analyzer Multi-Touch User Interface Training Videos

Demo 2015-02-23

BenchVue Software v2.5 (BV0000A) - Data Sheet
Keysight BenchVue software for the PC accelerates your testing by providing multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture with no programming necessary.

Data Sheet 2015-02-23

N1414A High Resistance Measurement Universal Adapter Simplifies High Resistance Measurement Cabling
This application brief introduces the benefit of the N1414A High resistance measurement universal adapter to be used with the B2985A/87A Electrometers/High resistance meters.

Application Note 2015-02-23

T4020S LTE RRM Test System - Technical Overview
This technical overview explains the key features, system components, user interface, technical specifications for the T4020S LTE RRM conformance test system.

Technical Overview 2015-02-23

Infoline Services, Quick Reference Guide
Keysight Infoline Services − free. A customer's personalized and secure window into Keysight calibration and repair services.

Brochure 2015-02-23

N8900 Series Prewired Rack Systems Up to 90 kW - Product Fact Sheet
Flyer describing Keysight's N8900 Rack Series for customers designing or implementing high-power systems that require up to 90 kW for design, debugging and safety challenges associated with high voltages.

Data Sheet 2015-02-23

L Series Multiport Electromechanical Coaxial Switches - Technical Overview
This technical overview of the economically-priced L7104A/BC and L7106A/B/C terminated and L7204A/BC and L7206A/B/C unterminated multiport coaxial switches, DC to 26.5 GHz, provides a product overview, description, applications, specifications and ordering information.

Technical Overview 2015-02-23

Infiniium Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Data Sheet
Infiniium oscilloscopes have a wide selection of high-quality probes and accessories for your particular applications to help you get the most out of your scope.

Data Sheet 2015-02-23

ENA Series: Service & Support Home Page (Manual, Firmware)
ENA manual, firmware, upgrade and service support portal page.

User Manual 2015-02-23

N7608B Signal Studio for Custom Modulation - Technical Overview
N7608B Signal Studio for custom modulation enables quick and easy signal generation for component, transmitter, and receiver test of emerging standards and 5G applications.

Technical Overview 2015-02-23


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