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34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit - Data Sheet
Description and technical specifications for the 34980A mainframe and plug-in modules.

Data Sheet 2017-09-11

EPM and EPM-P Series Power Meters E-Series Power Sensors - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes the standard configurations, options, and compatible accessories of EPM Series and EPM-P Series power meters.

Configuration Guide 2017-09-11

Keysight RF Learning Center - RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Advanced Measurements
Keysight RF Learning Center - RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Advanced Measurements

Promotional Materials 2017-09-11

Test and Measurement Basics – DAQ
Spend 2 minutes on each topic ranging from the fundamentals of data acquisition to the more complex configurations of DAQ instruments. Simple and easy solutions to your DAQ related questions.

Demo 2017-09-10

The Menu at the IoT Cafe: A Guide to IoT Wireless Technologies - Application Note
A quick overview of different IoT wireless technologies include short range or long range technologies, licensed or unlicensed operations. Understanding of the IoT landscape helps engineers design and test the new IoT devices and get them to the market quickly with assurance of reliable and compliant operation.

Application Note 2017-09-10

P-Series Power Meters Installation Guide
This reference guide shows you the physical installation of the power meter and also the regulatory information.

Installation Manual 2017-09-08

N6820ES Surveyor 4D Software Release Notes

Release Notes 2017-09-08

11683A Option H01 Operating & Service Manual
This Option H01 manual is a Special Supplement to 11683A Operating & Service Manual.

Operation Manual 2017-09-08

E-series Peak Power Sensor Measurement Uncertainty Calculator - Application Note
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator for the E-series Peak Power Sensors (E9321A, E9322A, E9323A, E9325A, E9326A, E9327A)

Application Note 2017-09-08

EV1003A Hybrid-Electric/Electric Vehicle Power Converter Test Solution - Brochure
Keysight's EV1003A power converter EV test solution for electric vehicles is able to help regenerate power back to the grid efficiently and safely, saving design and test costs while enhancing safety for vehicle electrification tests.

Brochure 2017-09-08

N6841A / N6854A Software Release Notes

Release Notes 2017-09-08

Calibration compliance for IATF 16949:2016 - Flyer
ISO/TS 16949 has recently been released which has changed the requirements for calibration. This document outlines the new requirements and shows how Keysight can meet those requirements.

Brochure 2017-09-08

Average Power Sensor Measurement Uncertainty Calculator - Application Note
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator for the Average Power Sensors (N8481A, N8482A, N8485A, N8481A-CFT, N8482A-CFT, N8485A-CFT, 8481D, 8485D, 8487D, R8486D, Q8486D, E4412A, E4413A, E9300A, E9301A, E9304A, E9300B, E9301B, E9300H, E9301H)

Application Note 2017-09-08

Challenges and Solutions for Power Testing in Automotive Applications - Technical Overview
Engineers are faced with new EV test challenges as vehicle electrification continues to bring added functions and features. Find out what tools and solutions Keysight offers to help them succeed.

Technical Overview 2017-09-08

U2020/40 X-Series USB Sensor Uncertainty Calculator - Application Note
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator for U2020 X-Series.

Application Note 2017-09-07

E36100 Series Programmable DC Power Supplies - Data Sheet
Keysight E36100 Series DC Power Supplies data sheet contains specifications and standard ordering and shipped accessories for the E36102A, E36103A, E36104A and E36105A.

Data Sheet 2017-09-07

Network Analysis Basics - Applying Error Correction To Network Analyzer Measurements (AN 1287-3)
Only perfect test equipment would not need correction. Imperfections exist in even the finest test equipment and cause less than ideal measurement results.

Application Note 2017-09-07

U2000 and U8480 Series USB sensor measurement uncertainty calculator
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator for the U2000 series USB sensors (U2000A, U2001A, U2002A, U2004A, U2000B, U2000H, U2001B, U2001H, U2002H) and U8480 series USB sensors (U8481A, U8485A, U8487A, U8488A)

Application Note 2017-09-07

Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis - Application Note 1287-1
This application note explores the fundamental principles of vector network analysis. The discussion includes the common parameters (S-parameters). RF fundamentals such as transmission lines and the Smith chart will also be reviewed.

Application Note 2017-09-07

N8815A Infiniium 10GBASE-KR 64b/66b and Link Training Decode Software - Data Sheet
Keysight N8815A Infiniium protocol viewer software for 10 Gbase-KR Ethernet is the only 64b/66b protocol analyzer technology available on a real time oscilloscope

Data Sheet 2017-09-07

Network Analysis - De-embedding and Embedding S-Parameter Networks (1364-1)
At RF and microwave frequencies, it becomes difficult to directly measure devices with nonstandard connectors (for example, devices using surface-mount packaging).

Application Note 2017-09-07

U1240 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters - Data Sheet
This is a data sheet describing the Keysight U1240 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters.

Data Sheet 2017-09-06

U1240 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters - Data Sheet
This data sheet is a technical document to describe the U1240 series DMM, its key features, hardware specifications and recommended accessories available for this product.

Data Sheet 2017-09-06

Keysight Technologies 2-port/4-port N522xA to N522xB PNA Model Upgrade Kit
Installation note for 2-port/4-port Panel Upgrade kit. To Upgrade 2-Port/4-Port "A" models to 2-Port/4-Port "B" models for N522xA PNA

Installation Manual 2017-09-06

Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Noise Figure Measurements - Application Note
This 32-page, black-and-white application note providesinformation on RF and Microwave noise figure measurementts. Topics include noise figure and temperature, noise characteristics of two-port networks, and the measurement of noise figure.

Application Note 2017-09-06

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