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85070E Dielectric Probe Kit, 200 MHz to 50 GHz - Technical Overview
Keysight's 85070E is a dielectric probe kit that is used to measure the intrinsic electrical properties of materials in the RF and microwave frequency bands. The 85070E software allows you to measure the complex dielectric constant of liquids and semisolids, including the dielectric loss factor or loss tangent. This 12-page, black and white technical overview contains product description, features/benefits, performance characteristics, menu items, and ordering information.

Technical Overview 2012-06-14

85072A 10-GHz Split Cylinder Resonator
This technical overview provides an overview of features, measuring examples, and specification of the 85072A 10 GHz split cylinder resonator.

Technical Overview 2012-05-08

35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzer Product Overview
The Keysight 35670A is a portable two- or four-channel dynamic signal analyzer with the versatility to be several instruments at once.

Technical Overview 2009-01-12