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AOI Upgrade Kits
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Older Agilent SJ10 and SJ50 AOI systems can now be upgraded to the functionality of an Agilent SJ50 Series II with a hardware/software upgrade kit that goes beyond previously available software-only upgrades.

Feature Story 2003-06-20

Bottom Line: Support Contracts Save Money
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: You can avoid costly shutdowns, improve mean-time-to-repair, and get other provable bottom-line benefits with a support contract from Agilent. These contracts save money and improve profitability.

Feature Story 2003-06-20

Painless Conversion to Windows-Based ICT
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: The future of the Agilent 3070 rests with Windows-based controllers. Whenever you're ready to make the switch, Agilent Professional Services are here to help.

Feature Story 2003-06-20

Vectorless Test: New and Improved
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Vectorless test just got better. Vectorless Test EP delivers dramatic unpowered test coverage improvements for BGAs, micro-BGAs and SMT connectors, and fully automates the test debug process.

Feature Story 2003-06-20

AXI versus AOI: When, Where, Why
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: When should you use AOI, when should you use AXI, and when should you use both? There's no universal answer, but a new paper by Agilent Senior Test Strategy Consultant Stig Oresjo explores some of the guiding principles.

Feature Story 2003-06-20

NEMI Test Strategy Project Shows Results
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: The National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI) Test Strategy project produced a new Test Strategy Cost Model and presented the results of a Test Coverage Analysis Study at APEX 2003.

Feature Story 2003-06-20

High availability for CompactPCI servers
Applied Computing Technologies article about CompactPCI

Feature Story 2001-03-19

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