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M9709A AXIe High-Speed Digitizer - Data Sheet
This datasheet presents the M9709A AXIe high-speed digitizer, 32 channels, 8-bit, up to 2 GS/s, DC to 500 MHz bandwidth

Data Sheet 2015-04-29

U5303A PCIe High-Speed Digitizer with On-Board Processing - Data Sheet
Datasheet of the U5303A PCIe high-speed digitizer with on-board processing which explain the FDK implemented in the FPGA.

Data Sheet 2015-04-14

M9502A and M9505A 2 and 5-Slot AXIe Chassis - Data Sheet
The Keysight M9502A 2-slot and M9505A 5-slot AXIe chassis data sheet provides preliminary specifications and product ordering information.

Data Sheet 2015-02-24

U5309A PCIe High Speed Digitizer with On-Board Processing - Data Sheet
Datasheet of the U5309A PCIe high-speed digitizer with on-board processing which explain the FDK implemented into the FPGA.

Data Sheet 2015-01-10

M9703A AXIe High-Speed Digitizer/Wideband Digital Receiver - Data Sheet
The M9703A is a single-slot 9U 8 channel 12-bit AXIe wideband digitizer running at 1.6 GS/s per channel, with DC-1 GHz instantaneous analog bandwidth and providing a large 4 Gbytes DDR3 memory.

Data Sheet 2014-12-10

U2500A Series USB Modular Simultaneous Sampling Multifunction DAQ - Data Sheet
This is the datasheet for the U2500A Series USB modular simultaneous sampling multifunction data acquisition devices which has up to four channels with resolutions of 14-bit and 16-bit.

Data Sheet 2014-08-03

M9352A PXI Amplifier Attenuator - Data Sheet
The Keysight M9352A is a one-slot, 4-channel, PXI Hybrid IF Amplifier/Attenuator with 1 GHz analog bandwidth providing excellent IF signal conditioning for use in multi-channel modular solutions.

Data Sheet 2014-08-02

M9392A PXI Vector Signal Analyzer - Data Sheet
M9392A PXI Microwave Vector Signal Analyzer data sheet provides specifications at an “instrument level” for the combination of five modules collectively known as M9392A.

Data Sheet 2013-12-06

M9210A PXI-H Digitizing Scope: 10-bit, 2-4 GS/s Data Sheet
The M9210A is a one-slot 3U PXI-Hybrid high-speed Digitizing Scope featuring 2 channels with 1.4 GHz analog bandwidth and up to 4 GS/s real-time sampling rate.

Data Sheet 2013-11-30

M9211A PXI-H UWB IF Digitizer: 10-bit, 4 GS/s, 3 GHz Data Sheet
The M9211A is a one-slot 3U PXI-Hybrid single-channel Ultra-wideband IF digitizer able to capture signals at up to 3 GHz and running at up to 4 GS/s.

Data Sheet 2013-11-30

M9202A PXI-Express Wideband IF Digitizer - Data Sheet
The M9202A is a one-slot 3U PXIe wideband IF digitizer running at 2 GS/s, with up to 1 GHz instantaneous analog bandwidth.

Data Sheet 2013-11-29

U4301A PCI Express® 3.0 Analyzer Module - Data Sheet
Keysight's U4301A PCI Express® 3.0 analyzer module is a protocol analyzer supporting all PCIe applications from Gen1 - Gen3 and speeds from 2.5 GT/s (Gen1) - PCI 8 GT/s (Gen3), link widths X1-X16.

Data Sheet 2013-09-04

E2960B Series for PCI Express 2.0 - Data Sheet
The Protocol Test Series encompasses the industry's most complete and integrated x1 through x16 protocol analyzer and LTSSM (Link Training and Status State Machine) exerciser for superior midbus and solid slot probing. This data sheet supports Windows 7.

Data Sheet 2011-11-03

L4532A & L4534A High Resolution LXI Digitizers
Technical specifications for L4532A and L4534A 20 MS/s LXI digitizer.

Data Sheet 2011-06-09