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Agilent Technologies Introduces Innovative Multi-Measurement Signal Analyzer Capability for Wireless
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) today announced that an innovative, new multi-measurement capability is being added to its 89600 VSA software, enabling simultaneous signal analysis of multiple carriers and signal formats for more efficient testing and deeper signal insight in wireless test.

Press Materials 2011-11-15

Agilent Technologies to Demonstrate Solutions at MILCOM
Agilent announces it will demonstrate its latest military communications test technologies and tools at MILCOM, Nov. 7-10, at the Baltimore Convention Center (Booth 1201) in Baltimore.

Press Materials 2011-11-01

World’s First WiGig Technology Plugfest - Press Material
Ron Nersesian, President of Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group, shares Agilent’s product contributions to support the first annual WiGig Technology Plugest with baseband, RF and mmWave signal generation and analysis capability.

Press Materials 2011-10-24

Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry's First 3GPP Release 9 Compliant MSR Signal
Ideal for engineers manufacturing base stations and base-station components, the MSR measurement application enables one-button, standards-based testing per the RF requirements defined in the TR 37 series of the 3GPP Release 9 standard. It is the first and only 3GPP-compliant one-button measurement application on the market today to quickly and easily manufacture MSR base stations and base-station components.

Press Materials 2011-10-19

Enhancements for Ease of Use, Wider Functionality on Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Press Materials 2011-10-19

Agilent Technologies Introduces 2.8-Gb/sec Entry-Level Option for Industry's Fastest Logic Analyzer
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced a new lower-priced entry-level 1.4-Gb/sec state mode option for the industry's fastest logic analyzer, the Agilent U4154A.

Press Materials 2011-10-18

Agilent Technologies Introduces World's First 67-GHz Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer
Using this hardware, designers can easily characterize and model components accurately up to frequencies of 67 GHz. In addition, X-parameters can be measured up to 67 GHz, providing an accurate model of linear and nonlinear component behavior at very high frequencies and wide bandwidth.

Press Materials 2011-10-17

Agilent Technologies Introduces First Complete and Compliant 60-GHz Wireless Test Solution
Agilent Technologies Introduces First Complete and Compliant 60-GHz Wireless Test Solution

Press Materials 2011-10-10

Agilent Technologies Introduces First Complete and Compliant 60 GHz Wireless Test Solution
Agilent announces the first complete and compliant test solution for 60-GHz wireless devices, including WiGig, WirelessHD and IEEE 802.11ad devices.

Press Materials 2011-10-10

Agilent Technologies Introduces Wireless Link Analysis Software Accelerates Troubleshooting

Press Materials 2011-10-10

Latest RF Design and 3-D EM Simulation Platforms Enhance Multi-technology Design, Speed Simulation
Agilent announces new versions of Advanced Design System (ADS) and Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) software.

Press Materials 2011-10-10

TowerJazz Expands its High Speed SiGe, SOI and RF CMOS Design Kits for use with ADS 2011
TowerJazz Press Release

Press Materials 2011-10-06

Agilent Technologies' All-in-One MIPI D-PHY Test Platform Selected by ST Microelectronics

Press Materials 2011-10-04

Agilent Introduces First-to-Market Functional Test Solution for MIPI D-PHY Standard Interconnects

Press Materials 2011-10-04

Agilent Launches Industry's First Complete MIPI M-PHY Test Suite

Press Materials 2011-10-04

Agilent Technologies Announces Industry's First MIPI M-PHY Transmitter Compliance Test Software
Agilent today announced the industry's first MIPI M-PHY compliance test software package for transmitter validation.

Press Materials 2011-09-28

Agilent Technologies Expands PXI Digital Multimeter Offering with Low-Cost PXI Digital Multimeter

Press Materials 2011-09-27

Agilent to Demonstrate Newest Test Solutions for MW, RF, Wireless, Radar at European Microwave Week
Agilent announces that it will show its newest test and measurement solutions in microwave, RF, wireless and radar for telecommunications, transportation and medical markets at European Microwave Week.

Press Materials 2011-09-27

Agilent Technologies Debuts PXI-Based Digital Multimeters

Press Materials 2011-09-27

N6700 Modular Power System Adds Application-Specific Modules for Battery Test, Mobile Device Mfg

Press Materials 2011-09-27

Agilent’s PXA Signal Analyzer Now Enables Wideband Measurement with up to 900 MHz of Bandwidth

Press Materials 2011-09-21

Agilent Technologies' PXA Signal Analyzer Now Enables Wideband Measurement with up to 900
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) today announced that its high-performance PXA signal analyzer now supports up to 900 MHz of intermediate-frequency bandwidth, enabling it to act as a broadband down converter for analysis of wideband communications and radar signals in aerospace and defense applications.

Press Materials 2011-09-20

IHP Expands its SiGe Process Design Kit Offerings for Use with ADS 2011 Software Release
Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics (IHP) announces the availability of leading-edge ADS PDKs for its 0.25 μm SiGe process (SG25H3) and 0.13 μm SiGe process (SG13S).

Press Materials 2011-09-20

Agilent Introduces Tunable Laser Module and Measurement Engine for Fast Spectral Loss Test

Press Materials 2011-09-19

Agilent Announces Industry's First 160-MHz Signal Analyzer for Wide Bandwidth Signal Analysis

Press Materials 2011-09-19

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