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Frost & Sullivan recognizes Agilent
with the 2011 Award for Market Share Leadership for emerging as the leader in the global wireless test equipment market through a range of products, market-focused approach and customer-oriented solutions.

Dossier de presse 2011-05-26

Agilent Technologies Acknowledged for Leadership in Wireless Test Market
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) has received this year's Frost & Sullivan award for market-share leadership in global wireless test equipment.

Dossier de presse 2011-05-25

WIN Semiconductors and Agilent Technologies Significantly Expand Design Kit Offering using ADS 2011
WIN Semiconductors today announced the availability of over a dozen process design kits (PDKs) for their popular process technologies that were developed for use with Agilent Technologies’ recently released Advanced Design System (ADS) 2011 EDA software.

Dossier de presse 2011-05-23

Agilent Technologies to Demonstrate Newest RF/Microwave Design and Test Products at IMS
Agilent Technologies Inc. will demonstrate its newest design and test products for advanced RF and microwave research, development and manufacturing at the 2011 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS), June 7-9, at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Dossier de presse 2011-05-23

TriQuint Semiconductor, Agilent Technologies Collaborate on Next-Generation Wireless Design Flow
Work Leads to Enhanced PDKs, Integrated RFIC/MMIC and RF Module Design Flows and Development of RF Module PDK

Dossier de presse 2011-05-18

Agilent Technologies Ships Latest IC-CAP Platform for DC and RF Device Characterization and Modeling
Software improves modeling flow with link between measurement and extraction

Dossier de presse 2011-05-10

Agilent Technologies to Showcase Latest Digital Video Test Solutions at IBC2010 Exhibition

Dossier de presse 2011-05-09

Agilent Attend 2011 CCBN Seminar (Chinese)

Dossier de presse 2011-05-09

Agilent Technologies’ SystemVue Smashes Validation Barriers for Emerging Wireless Circuit Designs
Agilent announces the release of SystemVue 2011.03, a leading system-level communications design environment.

Dossier de presse 2011-04-28

Agilent Announces the Industry's Highest Performance Millimeter-Wave Signal Analyzer

Dossier de presse 2011-04-05

Agilent Ships Latest Advanced Design System Platform for RF and Microwave Design and Simulation
Agilent announces shipment of the latest release of its flagship RF and microwave design and simulation platform, Advanced Design System 2011.

Dossier de presse 2011-03-30

Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry's Fastest Logic Analyzer
New Instrument Offers Reliable Data Capture Rates up to 4 Gb/s on Industry's Smallest Eye Openings

Dossier de presse 2011-03-28

Time-domain Simulations of High-speed Links with X parameters

Dossier de presse 2011-03-24

TDK RF Solutions Announces Integration of Agilent MXE EMI Receiver

Dossier de presse 2011-03-18

TILE! Software Supports New Agilent MXE EMI Receiver

Dossier de presse 2011-03-18

Agilent Extends Wireless Leadership with First-To-Market Support for 802.11ac Design and Analysis
Agilent Technologies announces that its 89600B vector signal analysis software is now able to test 802.11ac signals. This is the first dedicated 802.11ac signal analysis solution on the market.

Dossier de presse 2011-03-17

Agilent Technologies Introduces EMI Receiver

Dossier de presse 2011-03-15

Agilent's Latest GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software Raises the Bar on Performance and Usability
Agilent Technologies announces GoldenGate 2011

Dossier de presse 2011-03-10

Agilent Technologies Makes Field Testing Easier with New 20-GHz Microwave Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Dossier de presse 2011-03-04

Agilent Introduces Industry's First Digital Radio Frequency V4 Test Solution with Simultaneous Stimu
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the industry's first digital radio frequency (DigRF) V4 test solution with dual-capture capability.

Dossier de presse 2011-03-02

Agilent Technologies' Advanced Design System 2011 EDA Platform to Debut via YouTube and Webcast
ADS 2011 debuts on YouTube and Webcast.

Dossier de presse 2011-02-22

New Geolocation Methods Using RF Sensor Networks

Dossier de presse 2011-02-22

Agilent Announces Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) 2011.02
Agilent Technologies’ Latest 3-D EM Simulation Platform Provides Faster, More Accurate Modeling of RF, High-Speed Components

Dossier de presse 2011-02-16

Agilent Technologies Announces LTE Wireless Communications Test Set for Manufacturing
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the Agilent EXT wireless communications test set for wireless device manufacturing. The new Agilent EXT includes X-Series Measurement Applications and Sequence Studio software along with enhanced Signal Studio software to support the required testing of existing and emerging communication technologies such as LTE.

Dossier de presse 2011-02-14

Agilent Technologies Introduces Three New LTE Design Verification and Conformance Systems
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced its new design verification and conformance systems for LTE. The three systems extend Agilent's GS-8800 series for cellular design verification and conformance and are intended for engineers testing LTE devices to meet the TS 36.521-1 standard. All three use the Agilent E6621A PXT wireless communications test set as their core signalling engine.

Dossier de presse 2011-02-14

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