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N2X to Support Leading Carrier Ethernet Vendors at Major Interoperability Demonstration
Agilent Offers First-to-Market Synchronization Solution to Ensure Service Quality for Ethernet Networks; Tools to Simulate, Test Ethernet Operations, Maintenance

Bulletin d'information 2009-09-29

Test Systems Using Agilent´s USB Modular Instruments
Article published in IEEE Latin America and the Caribbean Newsletter Issue Number 63 on June 2009.

Article 2009-09-07

Agilent USB Modular Instruments – allies for educators and students
Article published in IEEE Latin America and the Caribbean Newsletter Issue Number 64 on August 2009.

Article 2009-09-07

Transforming MIMO Test With Fast, Accurate Signal Creation, Signal Analysis, and Protocol Developmen
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) is one of several forms of multiple antenna techniques available today designed to significantly improve communication performance.

Bulletin d'information 2009-08-26

Accessing Service Notes for your Automated Test Systems Agilent Service Notes

Bulletin d'information 2009-08-18

Agilent Awards $1.275M Foundation Grants

Bulletin d'information 2009-08-04

Agilent Announces Winner of Early Career Professor Award

Bulletin d'information 2009-08-04

Security in the LTE-SAE Network

Article 2009-07-23

Microwaves and RF Cover Article: Nonlinear VNAs Extend to 50 GHz

Article 2009-07-23

Overcoming Limited Access with Cover-Extend Technology at In-Circuit Test
This case study illustrates how Keysight's Cover-Extend Technology can help to enable test access for situations where test access becomes increasingly limited with usage of high complexity components on computer motherboards.

Étude de cas 2009-07-22

Agilent Technologies, Mu Dynamics Integrate Solutions to Accelerate Deployment

Bulletin d'information 2009-07-16

Using a design-to-test capability for LTE MIMO
Article written for RF DesignLine by Keysight experts explains how system-level simulation helps engineers gain valuable insight into design sensitivities of LTE MIMO systems.

Étude de cas 2009-07-10

Agilent Technologies' Solutions for Engineering
Electronics Educators Integrated into PSG College of Technology's Curriculum

Bulletin d'information 2009-07-02

Dual Channel MIMO Measurements for WiMAX™ Wave 2
In WiMAX Wave 2 systems, a variety of dual-channel measurements can provide essential insight into their operation and performance. Article written by Ben Zarlingo and linked with permission from Wireless Design and Development.

Article 2009-06-26

Effects of Physical Layer Impairments on OFDM Systems
Published in RF Design, May 2002.

Article 2009-06-26

Amphenol RF adds E8361A PNA to its test lab
"This brand new, state of the art addition to our test lab ensures that we remain competitive in an increasingly competitive industry."

Article 2009-06-26

Article by Greg Jue in Wireless Design and Development
A new modeling methodology combines FPGAs.

Article 2009-06-25

DAQ with Matlab for Medical Science - Case Study
Keysight data acquisition (DAQ) units can now work with MATLAB in medical research, as illustrated by the case study. This helps users to understand the basics of MATLAB programming in Keysight USB DAQ.

Étude de cas 2009-06-16

3D EM Simulator is Integrated with ADS to Lower the Cost of Design
With EMPro 2009, high performance time domain (FDTD) and frequency domain (FEM) EM analysis is integrated with all the other Advanced Design System (ADS) capabilities

Article 2009-06-14

PDF PDF 195.40 KB
New Solutions Put Wireless To The Test
Pulbished with kind permission of Mobile Dev & Design

Dossier 2009-06-11

New Solutions Put Wireless To The Test
Recent advances have made it possible for test vendors to provide off-the-shelf chipset-specific solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and WiMAX RF test. Linked with permission from Mobile Dev & design.

Article 2009-06-11

Hit Minimum SAR With EM Software
The use of finite-difference-time-domain (FDTD) electromagnetic (EM) software can predict specific absorption rate (SAR) levels for cellular telephone antennas under different conditions.

Étude de cas 2009-05-19

TD-LTE Technology And Its Measurements

Dossier 2009-05-14

Modern Tools for Today’s Radio
Article discusses the versatility in today’s test tools and how that versatility contributes to the design and test needs of the modern radio.

Article 2009-05-07

Understanding the Impact of Channel Effects on MIMO System Performance
Link to article published in the March 2009 issue of Microwave Product Digest discusses unique test and measurement challenges of implementing MIMO in a wireless system

Article 2009-04-28

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