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Frost & Sullivan 2014 Global Instrumentation Software Market Leadership Award – Article Reprint

Article 2014-11-14

Keysight EEsof EDA Newsletter - Product and Application News
Keep tabs on the latest product and application news and review the archives of the Keysight EEsof EDA Newsletter.

Bulletin d'information 2014-11-05

Engineering Students in Brazil Learn with Hands-on Projects
Engineering Students in Brazil Learn with Hands-on Projects

Article 2014-10-28

IRCICA Creates a Telecommunications Test Platform for Industrial and Academic Research
IRCICA Creates a Telecommunications Test Platform for Industrial and Academic Research

Article 2014-10-16

AWG article - MWJ product feature
AWG article - MWJ product feature

Article 2014-10-14

MIT Lives Up to its Motto: Mind and Hand
MIT Lives Up to its Motto: Mind and Hand

Article 2014-09-21

HeatWave Case Studies
HeatWave Electro-Thermal simulation case studies.

Étude de cas 2014-09-18

HeatWave Technical Papers
Links to various technical papers related to HeatWave Electro-Thermal analysis software.

Article 2014-08-27

How Product Innovation Happens: Customer Frustrations Spark Oscilloscope Triggering Idea - Article
This article is about how zone touch trigger came about, it first appeared in the March 2014 issue of Modern Test & Measure.

Article 2014-08-08

Modeling, Extraction and Verification of VCSEL Model for Optical IBIS AMI
A technique of modeling and extraction of VCSEL devices for IBIS-AMI has been proposed.

Article 2014-08-04

In-Circuit Test (ICT): The King Is Dead; Long Live the King!
Reports of the demise of in-circuit testing have been exaggerated for at least 20 years. Despite this, ICT is still here and kicking. This paper discusses various reasons why the King lives on.

Article 2014-08-01

Surviving State Disruptions Caused by Test: A Case Study - Article Reprint
This paper discusses new instructions for IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan tests that can remove "lobotomy problems" during tests.

Article 2014-08-01

Comparing Boundary Scan Methods White Paper
The need for reusable tests is driving standalone boundary scan-ICT integration. This article first appeared in the September 2009 issue of Circuits Assembly and is reprinted with kind permission.

Article 2014-07-31

Intellectual property and copyright protection on Agilent ICT products
This letter advises areas of intellectual property and copyright protection to look out for when customers elect to purchase Agilent in-circuit test products from third party vendors.

Dossier 2014-07-31

2014 Global PXI Instrumentation Growth Excellence Leadership Award - Article Reprint
Frost & Sullivan honors Agilent as a growth leader in the PXI modular instrumentation market in 2014.

Article 2014-05-22

Lightwave Tutorial Series on Complex Optical Modulation - Article
Keysight offers a tutorial series on complex optical modulation featured in Lightwave magazine, featuring for example the challenges of coherent signal detection.

Article 2014-05-22

NYU Wireless e-Pulse Newsletter
NYU WIRELESS researchers have been invited to publish recent RF propagation results on 5G millimeter wave cellular communications in New York City.

Journal 2014-04-16

5G-Rethinking Wireless Infrastructure Interactive IWPC Workshop
With fourth generation LTE (4G) now beginning to be deployed widely around the world, Fifth generation (5G) mobile and wireless communication technologies are emerging into research fields.

Journal 2014-04-14

METIS 2020
Welcome to the EU project METIS which stands for Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society. The main objective of the project is lay the foundation of 5G, the next generation mobile and wireless communications system.

Bulletin d'information 2014-04-14

LXI Instrumentation applied to bioanalytical electrical characterization

Article 2014-04-07

ECN article: Remote Wireless Test With LXI
Article reprinted with approval from ECN magazine.

Article 2014-04-07

Software, Connectivity Solutions
Agilent provides software that complements and augments the measurement hardware. The hardware solutions typically come with free software utilities to help simplify instrument operation. Agilent provides software for your entire design and test cycle – from simulation up to analysis and display of the data.

Article 2014-04-07

The LXI System You Didn’t Know You Were Using
The Evaluation Engineering article talks about the strength and stealth of LXI and Ethernet connectivity.

Article 2014-04-07

Dayalbagh University in India develops ON-DEMAND Remote Laboratories

Article 2014-04-07

System-Level Modelers Race The Design Cycle
Microwaves & RF article by Jean-Jacques DeLisle describes how effective system-level modeling and analysis is becoming more critical in virtually every RF system.

Article 2014-04-02

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