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Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) - Case Study
Electronic Functional Test of the Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS)

Case Study 2004-07-29

Keysight E2920 PCI Series: Verification Tools help Altera - Case Study
See how Keysight's E2920 Verification Tools, PCI Series helped Altera Cooperation get a competitive advantage

Case Study 2004-07-15

Keysight E2920 PCI Series: HP NSD stabilizes Server Designs quickly and completely with the...
One method NSD uses to accelerate development is to apply the Keysight E2920 PCI Series of Verification Tools to bring up, debug, and validate its PCI-based designs early in the process.

Case Study 2004-07-14

Keysight E2920 PCI Series: HP HSTC speeds High End Server Testing and reduces Engineering Costs
HP HSTC speeds High End Server Testing and reduces Engineering Costs with Keysight E2920 PCI Series

Case Study 2004-07-14

In-System Device Programming for 3070
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: The Agilent MCU Programming Package allows you to program parts at ultra-high speeds right on your Agilent 3070.

Feature Story 2004-06-18

Solutions Knowledge Base Online
Have you ever wished you could tap a colleagues brain to solve a specific test problem on your Agilent system? Here's your chance.

Feature Story 2004-06-18

New AOI Software 4.09 Now Available
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Agilent AOI software version 4.09 includes a number of new programming tools and algorithms to enhance performance of Agilent AOI systems while simplifying set-up and test program tuning.

Feature Story 2004-06-18

3070 Dual Controller Service
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Your 3070 can now speak two languages - UNIX and Windows - making the transition to Windows-based test easier than ever.

Feature Story 2004-06-18

Utilizing VEE for Data Collection in Surface and Undersea Research
Utilizing VEE for Data Collection in Surface and Undersea Research

Case Study 2004-05-27

Pins Test Detects Bondwire Failures
Recently, a high volume 3070 user came across a batch of devices with bad bondwires from the chip vendor. The symptom at ICT was failing "pins" tests (sometimes known as "Chek-Point").

Case Study 2004-05-26

Characterizing an OEM power supply using a 34970A Demo
This 2:30 minute video demonstrates a 34970A Data Acquisition / Switch Unit characterizing an OEM power supply.

Case Study 2004-05-06

3D SPI takes shape with SSM
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: A picture is worth a thousand words. It's especially true when using 3D Solid Shape Modeling (SSM) technology to get a clear visual representation of defects on surface mount assemblies.

Feature Story 2004-04-16

CAMCAD Professional 4.3.x now available
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: If you use CAMCAD Professional software and you're on a software update service contract with Agilent, you can now upgrade to version 4.3.x.

Feature Story 2004-04-16

Instant Help, Fast Resolution
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Flexible support has long been a selling point for Agilent customers. A prime example is Remote Assisted Support Using WebEx.

Feature Story 2004-04-16

Effective IM2 Estimation for Two-Tone and WCDMA Modulated Blockers in Zero-IF
This Article written by Walid Y. Ali-Ahmad explains effective IM2 estimation for two-tone and WCDMA modulated blockers in zero-IF.

Article 2004-04-01

Broadband Monolithic S-band Class-E power Amplifier Design
This Article written by Reza Tayrani describes broadband monolithic S-band class-E power amplifier design in detail.

Article 2004-04-01

Linearizing PAs using Digital Predistortion, EDA Tools and Test Hardware
This Article describes the process for developing and implementing an effective power amplifier linearization scheme using baseband adaptive digital pre-distortion.

Article 2004-04-01

Serial BERT N4901A nominated for EDN Innovation Award
The N4901A Serial BERT was nominated for the 2003 Innovator/Innovation Program by EDN magazine

Feature Story 2004-03-24

Huawei conducts ground-breaking study
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Huawei produces complex boards for demanding customers. The company knows that its manufacturing processes hold the key to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, so they worked with Agilent to evaluate test effectiveness.

Feature Story 2004-03-12

Support: global reach, local access
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: When you need system uptime support and need it fast, only Agilent brings resources to your door with Worldwide Support Solutions.

Feature Story 2004-03-12

Power of Imaging Seminar Series
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Last year's popular web event--the Power of Imaging Web Seminar Series--was recorded live and is now viewable online. It's never too late to get a valuable primer on the strategies, methods and economics of test using AOI and AXI.

Feature Story 2004-03-12

Get connected with new no-wire interface
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: The path between a tester and the device under test is crucial. That's why Agilent has committed three years and a team of eight engineers to develop new routing software for no-wire fixtures.

Feature Story 2004-03-12

Customer Testimonial for Keysight VEE Pro
Customer Testimonial for Keysight VEE Pro (3-minute video)

Case Study 2004-03-08

Customer Testimonial for Keysight VEE Pro
Listen to what the UC Berkeley 'Blue Team' has to say about using Keysight VEE Pro to model the physical parameters of the control moment gyroscope during development.

Case Study 2004-03-01

Characterizing Camera Batteries
View a streaming video demonstration of digitizing, modifying and generating a current waveform (300 Kbps resolution).

Case Study 2004-02-13

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