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In-Circuit Test Channel Partner Interview Series: Solution Sources Programming, Inc.
Agilent’s ICT has been around for decades and has a variety of sponsorship. As a way to provide educational information to our install base, a series of interviews with our programming house partners are in progress. Solution Sources Programming, Inc. is discussed herein.

Feature Story 2008-08-14

Analyze Antenna Approaches for LTE Wireless Systems
Multiple-antenna techniques are a large part of improved performance in LTE wireless systems, but they must be properly understood in order to be properly tested.

Article 2008-08-13

LTE ARQ and Re-segmentation
Link to August 2008 Microwave Journal Article

Article 2008-08-08

Signal Generation & Analysis for W-i-d-e-b-a-n-d Aerospace/Defense Systems
This article discusses how to choose the right broadband measurement solution for signal generation and analysis of your wideband aerospace and defense system.

Article 2008-07-01

Acqiris Digitizers Become an Integral Part, in the Quest for Nuclear Waste
Researchers at CERN have been investigating transmutation processes involving neutron capture for the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

Article 2008-06-13

Practical and affordable home automation: The next frontier
Automation is often considered the “Next Frontier” for homeowners.

Feature Story 2008-06-04

NEW Agilent semiconductor device analyzer offers integrated IV and CV measurement
Learn how the Agilent B1500A meets today’s parametric device measurement challenges while increasing measurement speed and accuracy and lowering cost of test. Its new Agilent EasyEXPERT software makes every user a test expert.

Feature Story 2008-06-04

Practical and affordable home automation: Part two – system design
Welcome to Part Two of a three-part series chronicling a real-world home automation example. Last month, Part One focused on overall design of the automation system.

Feature Story 2008-06-04

The Keysight ASI protocol analyzer (E2980A) named as one of EDN’s hot new products
The Keysight ASI protocol analyzer (E2980A) has been named as one of EDN’s hot new products of the year!!

Case Study 2008-06-04

Practical and affordable home automation: Part three – Putting it all together
Welcome to the final part of a three-part series chronicling a real-world home automation example. Previous articles covered overall design of the automation system and 3design of the control system.

Feature Story 2008-06-04

Keith Barnes named new Verigy CEO
Agilent recently announced the new CEO for Verigy, its semiconductor test subsidiary. Learn more about the experience and leadership Keith Barnes brings to the job.

Feature Story 2008-06-04

Asia news
Stay abreast of current news from Asia, on topics that affect you. What’s happening with tariffs? IPOs in China? How’s capacity in Taiwan’s NAND market? Read on for details.

Feature Story 2008-06-04

Analysts see modest growth outlook for chip equipment manufacturers
Despite variations in actual forecast numbers, the group of industry panelists gathered at the SEMI ISS 2006 conference in early January agreed that the outlook for growth through 2008 is positive.

Feature Story 2008-06-04

Three new laboratories at Northumbria University equipped with the latest Keysight equipment
Three new laboratories at Northumbria University equipped with the latest Keysight equipment

Case Study 2008-06-04

Supply chain trends, changes and challenges
John Cheng, Director of Supply Chain Management for Agilent Technologies Semiconductor Test business, participated in a panel at Globalpress 2006 Summit entitled “Manufacturing – Providing a Reliable Silicon Design Chain.”

Feature Story 2008-06-04

Designing and Simulating a Wireless LAN Antenna
3rd party (Microwave Engineering Europe) hosted article on Designing and Simulating a Wireless LAN Antenna. This article shows how EM-Simulation techniques provide a powerful toolset for this purpose.

Journal 2008-06-01

A Constant Mismatch Analysis of Power RF Transistors using EDA tools
This Article wirtten by John Pritiskutch and Craig Rotay (STMicroelectronics) describes a Constant Mismatch Analysis of Power RF Transistors using EDA tools.

Article 2008-06-01

Acoustic Tomographs Powered by Agilent Acqiris High-Speed PCI Digitizers ...
Japan’s number one designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic inspection systems has incorporated Agilent Acqiris technology in its powerful series of scanning acoustic tomographs.

Article 2008-05-29

Next Generation ICT Solutions for Limited Access Boards
Newer, more complex printed circuit boards are creating new challenges in test accessibility. Published with kind permission of Electronic Manufacturing

Article 2008-05-29

Results from 2007 Industry Defect Level and Test Effectiveness Studies
To select an optimal test strategy, good knowledge of defect levels and test effectiveness are two very important factors to include. This paper presents data from a 2007 study of 3.7 billion solder joints. Reprinted with permission from IPC.

Article 2008-05-21

A New Measurement of the Half-Life of the Superallowed -decay of 26mAl
This short article reprint was prepared by Rebecca Scott from the University of Melbourne. It discusses the use of Agilent Acqiris digitizers for digital signal processing in nuclear physics.

Article 2008-05-20

MMIC Design: Speed to Market with the Lowest Cost and Highest Yield
This Article by Jack Sifri (Agilent Tech.) brings out the five important steps that are key elements of a successful MMIC Design process, in order to satisfy the speed to market at the lowest cost.

Article 2008-05-15

The Colorful World of Noise
The Colorful World of Noise – Read the Evaluation Engineering Article

Article 2008-05-15

Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Using Agilent Acqiris U1067A High-Speed PCI

Article 2008-05-15

NASA Chooses Acqiris Products from Agilent - Customer Article
The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA selected Agilent Acqiris digitizers for key data acquisition requirements in advanced propulsion research.

Article 2008-05-09


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