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E1962B cdma2000/IS-95/AMPS Mobile Test Application - Technical Overivew
This technical overview covers the technical specifications/features of E1962B cdma2000 mobile test application, E6702C cdma2000 lab application, and E5515C mainframe

Descripción técnica 2014-05-19

E1966A 1xEV-DO Terminal Test Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides the specifications for the E1966A 1xEV-DO test application to verify and ensure the quality of RF performance of these devices.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-19

N9342C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) 7 GHz - Data Sheet
N9342C HSA data sheet lists key technical specifications for the N9342C handheld spectrum analyzer.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-19

E1968A GSM/GPRS/EGPRS Test Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview for the E1968A test application highlights key benefits, functionality, operating modes, and technical specifications.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-19

E6701J GSM/GPRS and E6704A EGPRS Lab Applications - Technical Overview
This technical overview highlights the key capabilities and general specifications for the E6701J GSM/GPRS and E6704A EGPRS lab applications.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-19

Signal Studio for W-CDMA/HSPA+ N7600B - Technical Overview
Simplify W-CDMA HSPA/HSPA+ signal creation with Signal Studio’s performance-optimized reference signals—validated by Keysight and reduce the time you spend on signal simulation.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-16

N7649B Test Case Manager - Technical Overview
Keysight Test Case Manager provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface and works with the Keysight Signal Studio software to perform standard-required conformance tests.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-16

U1450A/U1460A Insulation Resistance Testers - Data Sheet
U1450A/U1460A series Insulation Resistance Testers which outlines the key features, specifications and options.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-15

89600 WLA Software - Technical Overview
The 89600 WLA software provides wireless link analysis that decodes higher layer control messages and correlates them with the PHY-layer signals they manage.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-15

EasyEXPERT & Desktop EasyEXPERT - Technical Overview
Desktop EasyEXPERT is free PC-based software that works with the Keysight B1500A, B1505A, 4155/56B or 4155/56C.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-14

89601B/BN-200 Basic VSA, 89601B/BN-300 Hardware Connectivity - Technical Overview
Basic vector signal analysis is the foundation of the tools and user interface that make up the 89600 VSA software. Hardware connectivity allows the 89600 VSA software to link to over 40 instruments.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-14

LTE & LTE-Advanced FDD & TDD Modulation Analysis 89600 VSA Software - Technical Overview
The 89600 VSA software has the capability to analyze LTE-Advanced as well as LTE signals in both FDD and TDD formats.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-14

Waveguide Power Sensors - Data Sheet
Make accurate and reliable measurements in the 50 to 110 GHz frequency range. This data sheet details key features, specifications and ordering information for Keysight waveguide power sensors.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-09

7500 ILM Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) - Data Sheet
The 7500 inverted light microscope (ILM) system combines the power of a high-resolution atomic force microscope (AFM) with the direct optical viewing capability of an inverted optical microscope.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-07

E4991B Impedance Analyzer - Data Sheet
This is the technical specification for the E4991B The E4991B impedance analyzer supports accurate impedance measurement and analysis of a wide variety of electronic.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-07

E8486A Option 201 Product Note
This product note shows the typical performance of the E84886A-201 with an extended frequency from 54 GHz to 95 GHz.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-07

InfiniiVision Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Selection Guide Data Sheet
The right probes and accessories for your particular application--The 54600-series scopes combine three critical features; 2 MB of MegaZoom deep memory on each channel, are volutionary high-definition display, and flexible triggering CAN triggering. This combination of capabilities is tailored togive you the measurement power you need to get your mixed analog and digital job done faster.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-05

N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer - Data Sheet
Configure your N9322C basic spectrum analyzer (BSA) for more measurement capabilities and enhanced performance.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-05

N9063A & W9063A Analog Demodulation X-Series Measurement Application - Technical Overview
The analog demod measurement application transforms an X-Series signal analyzer into an easy-to-use transmitter tester for analog modulated signals.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-02

AC6800 Series Basic AC Power Sources - Data Sheet
This data sheet describes product specifications and benefits of the new Keysight AC6800 Series basic AC Power sources.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-02

InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes redefine the oscilloscope experience with a 1 million wfms/s update rate, 12.1-in capacitive touch screen, InfiniiScan Zone triggering and upgradability.

Hoja de datos 2014-05-02

InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
The 6000 X-Series deliver the ultimate price performance!

Hoja de datos 2014-05-02

N9010A EXA Signal Analyzer Specifications Guide
Specification information for the N9010A EXA signal analyzer.

Descripción técnica 2014-05-01

Next-Generation Infiniium User Interface - Data Sheet
The next-generation Infiniium user interface delivers personalized viewing; better, faster documentation; and best usability, including touch.

Hoja de datos 2014-04-30

InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes 3D Model, Step Format
This is a Step format 3D model of the 6000 X-Series oscilloscope and rack mount kit for inclusion in your 3D models for rack mounting solutions, etc.

Descripción técnica 2014-04-29


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