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Quickly Validate Designs for DOCSIS 3.1 Compliance - Application Brief
This “DOCSIS 3.1 Test Solution" app brief gives insight into Keysight solutions that can be used for testing DOCSIS 3.1 transmitters, receivers and components.

Application Note 2014-06-24

Signal generation enables cost-effective testing

Application Note 2014-04-07

High-speed ADC chipsets benefit from optimized components

Application Note 2013-05-07

FPGA-based averaging can improve measurement results

Application Note 2013-05-07

Data acquisition can be easily synchronized across multiple channels

Application Note 2013-05-07

PC oscilloscope systems leverage turnkey acquisition software

Application Note 2013-05-07

Using high-speed digitizers for Test and Measurement applications

Application Note 2013-05-07

Using high-speed digitizers for Embedded OEM applications

Application Note 2013-05-07

Signal processing can reduce data bandwidth through peak detection

Application Note 2013-04-16

High-speed digitizer modules capture details from single-shot events

Application Note 2013-04-16

High-speed ADC chipsets set the pace in real-time monitoring and control

Application Note 2013-04-16

High-speed digitizer selection depends on more than banner specifications

Application Note 2013-03-13

U1051A Time to Digital Converter
Application Note - Absolute Time Recovery

Application Note 2012-07-01

Capturing Events of Long Duration or High Data Volume
This application note describes four system configurations on Keysight digitizers that support data streaming, the potential bottlenecks, and possible solutions to the bottlenecks.

Application Note 2011-05-20

Revealing Waveform Characteristics up to a Digitizer's Full Bandwidth App Note
When working with fast repetitive signals, TTI-enabled RIS can reveal waveform characteristics up to the full analog bandwidth limit of the digitizer.

Application Note 2011-04-27

Monitoring and Controlling Particle Beams in Real Time - Application Note
This Application Note explains how High-performance digitizers enhance beam quality in advanced applications.

Application Note 2009-01-04

Acqiris Broadband High-Speed Digitizers using 89600 VSA Software Application Note
This application note describes the characteristics, setup, and operation of a broadband vector signal analyzer comprised of a Keysight Acqiris U1066A (DC440, DC438) or U1065A (DC282, DC252, DC222) high-speed digitizer and the 89600 VSA software.

Application Note 2008-09-10