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Measuring Frequency Response with E5061B LF Network Analyzer
This application note describes fundamentals on low frequency network analysis by featuring the E5061B LF-RF network analyzer. Here we mainly discuss simple low frequency 2-port device measurements and associated topics.

Application Note 2014-12-05

Scanning Microwave Microscope Mode - Application Note

Application Note 2014-12-04

How to Select Your Next Oscilloscope: 12 Tips on What to Consider Before you Buy - Application Note
You rely on your oscilloscope every day, so selecting the right one to meet your specific measurement needs and budget is an important task.

Application Note 2014-11-26

Triggering on Infrequent Anomalies and Complex Signals using InfiniiScan Zone - Application Note
Learn how Keysight's exclusive InfiniiScan Zone touch trigger helps you trigger on infrequent anomalies and complex signals with ease.

Application Note 2014-11-21

Speed Time to Market with Consistent Measurements from R&D Through Manufacturing - Application Note
This white paper describes the benefits of having a choice of bench top or modular instruments that are supported by common software applications.

Application Note 2014-11-17

Low-Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator Evaluation - Product Fact Sheet
This 2-pager describes "Quick Bench-top Evaluation" of an LDO linear regulator and shows real measurement results made by B2900A series.

Application Note 2014-11-10

Generating Multi-Dimensional Signals to Test Radar/EW Systems
This application note describes how to use SystemVue to generate multi-dimensional signals for testing Radar and modern Electronic Warfare (EW) systems.

Application Note 2014-11-09

Rapid Characterization of Elastic Modulus - Application Note
Overview of Express Test Option for G200 NanoIndenter and how it increases instrument productivity by more than two orders of magnitude with ultra-fast indentation.

Application Note 2014-11-07

Preamplifiers and System Noise Figure
Learn how to reduce the noise figure of RF & MW test systems using a low noise amplifier

Application Note 2014-11-07

Materials Measurement: Soil Materials - Application Brief
Soil materials such as rocks or clay also have electrical properties in addition to the mechanical properties as with other substances.

Application Note 2014-11-05

Using Oscilloscope Time-Gated FFTs for Time Correlated Mixed Domain Analysis - Application Note
When debugging in both the time and frequency domain, time correlation between these signals is important and challenging. See how time-gated FFT’s provide insight into time and frequency signals.

Application Note 2014-11-03

Method of Implementation (MOI) for HEAC Cable Assembly Test
Method of Implementation (MOI) for HEAC Cable Assembly Test Using Keysight E5071C ENA Network Analyzer Option TDR.

Application Note 2014-10-20

The Impact of Electro-Thermal Coupling on HBT Power Amplifiers
This paper describes the use of electrothermal simulation to understand, predict, and account for cross-circuit thermal coupling in a commercial HBT power amplifier.

Application Note 2014-10-19

Method of Implementation(MOI) for MIPI D-PHY Interface S-Parameter and Impedance Conformance Tests
Keysight Method of Implementation (MOI) for MIPI D-PHY Interface S-Parameter and Impedance Conformance Tests Using Keysight E5071C ENA Network Analyzer Option TDR

Application Note 2014-10-10

Precise Evaluation of Input,Output, and Reverse Transfer Capacitances of Power Devices - White Paper
Accurate characterization of power device capacitance parameter becomes important for power circuit design. This paper introduces a solution to characterize Ciss, Coss, Crss and Rg automatically.

Application Note 2014-10-10

Analysis of a transmission mode scanning microwave microscope for subsurface imaging at nanoscale
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 105, 133112 (2014) - EMPro is used to characterize a SMM, a tool for calibrated capacitance measurements and dopant profiling in the semiconductor industry, as well as for many other diverse applications in biology, medicine and materials science.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Generating a Waveform with Many Points – Application Brief
Learn how Trueform waveform generators can help you output long or complex waveforms using a number of unique features not found in other commercially available solutions with this 4-page application brief.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Using a Waveform Generator to Generate a Pseudo Random Binary Sequence (PRBS) Signal – App Brief
PRBS signals are commonly used to test networks. Trueform waveform generators can easily generate CCITT standard PRBS signals. With less than 1 ps of jitter, see why Trueform is the ideal answer for your test needs with this 4-page application brief.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Creating a Differential Signal with a Waveform Generator – Application Brief
Learn how Trueform waveform generators can be used to help you create differential signals, while also reducing your development cost with this 4-page application brief.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Electronic Warfare Signal Generation: Technologies and Methods - Application Note
This application note provides an overview of multi-emitter simulations. Vital to accurate testing, however, when performed with large, custom test systems in the verification stage, problems can remain undiscovered until later in the design phase. Leading to delays, design rework, and solutions that are not well-optimized.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Be More Efficient Designing and Using your Arbitrary Waveforms – Application Brief
Learn how Trueform generators can help you reuse, re-sort or trigger your arb waveforms to build a whole new signal with this 4-page application brief.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Overcome Your Test Challenges with the 33600A Series Trueform Waveform Generators - Application Note
Compendium of six 33600A Series Trueform waveform generator test challenge application briefs.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Effortlessly Couple or Synchronize Two Signals on a Waveform Generator – Application Brief
Learn how Trueform waveform generators make it easy to couple the amplitude or frequency between channels with this 4-page application brief. You can even have both channels output the same signal.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Using Wider, Deeper Views to Characterize Complex Systems and Environments - Application Note
This application note provides an overview of signal-identification techniques for monitoring electronic warfare (EW) scenarios and outlines several analysis options that support typical requirements in dynamic range and bandwidth.

Application Note 2014-10-02

Measuring High Impedance Sources Using the U8903B Audio Analyzer - Application Note
Considerations for measuring high impedance sources. A method of using an impedance matching attenuator to overcome high impedance measurement problems is described. Methods for aligning matching attenuator and compensating for its loss are shown alongside the ease with which frequency response measurements can be made.

Application Note 2014-09-30


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