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Infiniium 90000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

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Using Equalization Techniques on Your Infiniium 90000A Series Oscilloscope
A transmitter sends a serial signal over a transmission channel (examples: backplane, cable) to a receiver. As the signal rate increases, the channel the signal travels through distorts the signal at the receiver.

Application Note 2009-02-17

A Time-Saving Method for Analyzing Signal Integrity in DDR Memory Buses
This application note covers new tools and measurement techniques for characterizing and validating signal integrity of DDR (double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) signals.

Application Note 2008-09-10

The Truth About The Fidelity of High Bandwidth Voltage Probes, AN 1404
An analysis of high-bandwidth voltage probes that reveals a fundamental tradeoff between fidelity and ease of use that exists with all high-bandwidth probes.

Application Note 2008-06-20

Demystifying Deep Memory Oscilloscopes
Let’s start with a simple question. In which of today’s technologies is only kBytes (kB) of memory acceptable? The RAM capacity of your new 3GHz Pentium D computer? The storage capacity of your MP3 player? Your oscilloscope?

Application Note 2008-01-30

Integrated Debugging-A New Approach to Troubleshooting Your Designs with Real-Time Oscilloscopes
Traditional debugging can be time consuming and inefficient. With Keysight Infiniium oscilloscopes, “integrated debugging” is a reality, and it leads you directly to the root cause of problems.

Application Note 2008-01-30

Using Clock Jitter Analysis to Reduce BER in Serial Data Applications
This Application Note emphasizes on the emerging techniques for reference clock jitter analysis from the perspective of oscillator physics, phase noise theory, and serial data technology.

Application Note 2006-12-01

Debugging USB 2.0: It's Not Just A Digital World (AN 1382-3)
Debugging USB 2.0 Systems

Application Note 2006-10-05

Analyzing Jitter Using Keysight EZJIT Plus Software
EZJIT Plus is an optional jitter analysis software package that supports Infiniium DSO80000 real-time oscilloscopes from Keysight Technologies, Inc., and it performs RJ/DJ analysis. EZJIT

Application Note 2005-09-15

Finding Sources of Jitter with Real-Time Jitter Analysis (AN 1448-2) - Application Note
This application note describes how to use a real-time oscilloscope with jitter analysis, along with the stimulus-response techniques, to meet the critical time-correlation requirement to relate jitter trend measurement results to measured signals.

Application Note 2003-06-30

Performance Comparison of Differential and Single-Ended Active Voltage Probes (AN 1419-03)
Explore performance and usability trade-offs for differential and single-ended probes.

Application Note 2003-02-14

Improving Usability and Performance in High-Bandwidth Active Oscilloscope Probes (AN 1419-02)
Understand how to get minimal probe loading and highest-possible-performance representation of your signal.

Application Note 2002-11-01

Low Voltage Differential Signaling, (AN 1382-6)
Using LVDS for High Speed Data Transmission

Application Note 2001-12-17

Spectral Analysis Using a Deep Memory Oscilloscope FFT (AN 1383-1))
Many of today's digital oscilloscopes include a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for frequency-domain analysis. This feature is especially valuable for oscilloscope users who have limited or no access to a spectrum analyzer yet occasionally need frequency-domain analysis capability. An integrated...

Application Note 2001-11-15

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