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Morgan State Strives to Make Engineering Education More Accessible

Article 2013-05-27

Evaluating Oscilloscope Fundamentals - Application Note
We will discuss oscilloscope applications and give you an overview of basic measurements and performance characteristics.

Application Note 2013-03-06

Monitoring and Controlling Particle Collisions at Nanometer Scale and with Picosecond Duration
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is the world's most powerful particle accelerator. Keysight digitizers are used to perform wideband beam monitoring and to monitor Forward & Rerverse RF signals.

Application Note 2012-09-10

Keysight Education and Research Resources DVD 2012
Order your Keysight Resource CD for Educators and Researchers

Promotional Materials 2012-08-07

M9703A 12-bit High-Speed Digitizer - Unprecedented speed, resolution and channel density Print Ad
Print ad for Physics applications: The new Keysight M9703A 12-bit high-speed digitizer module provides unprecedented measurement fidelity and channel density for GHz speed.

Brochure 2012-07-09

Get your "RF Design Process and Parameters" Poster
Get your "RF Design Process and Parameters" Poster

Promotional Materials 2012-06-14

Research Papers: Academic publications on use of Keysight high-speed digitizers
Summary of scientific papers which provide a wide range of data on where and how Keysight high-speed digitizers are used in the advanced research experiments.

Selection Guide 2012-06-11

Keysight & Academia Electronic Measurement Solutions for Teaching Labs brochure
This is a selection guide for engineering educators. It contains suggested lab setups for an electronic measurements lab, RF circuits lab, digital modulation lab, and a wireless communications lab.

Brochure 2012-04-02

Simplify Complex High-speed Multichannel Acquisition Systems in Big Physics Experiments-Application
This application note overview describes the use of Keysight modular products for high-speed multichannel acquisition systems in big physics experiments.

Application Note 2012-03-19

Low-Cost Test Solution for ASK/FSK Wireless Devices - Application Note
Use Keysight’s basic RF instruments to measure and analyze ASK/FSK modulated signals commonly used in a variety of products and systems, ranging from personal consumer electronics and automatic meter reading, to giant industrial devices.

Application Note 2011-10-25

Order Your “Today’s Oscilloscope”, Poster
Perfect for hanging in a lab or at your desk, use this poster to see the key components and functions of an oscilloscope. This poster uses the Keysight 2000 X-Series oscilloscope as an example.

Promotional Materials 2011-09-08

Keysight University Teaching Solutions – Product Fact Sheet
Keysight's university teaching solution for the education market, comprising instruments, software, training kit, teaching material, experiments and assignments.

Brochure 2011-08-11

The Advantages Of Remote Labs In Engineering Education
This paper will examine technologies that enable remote engineering labs in education.

Application Note 2011-04-12

A Flexible Virtual Instrument for Hall Effect Measurements

Application Note 2011-04-04

FieldFox RF Analyzer University Applications - Flyer
For educators, this flyer briefly describes how the N9912A FieldFox RF analyzer with seven functions is a low cost tool for the classroom

Brochure 2011-02-09

Find hints and tips, industry trends, and new product announcements pertaining to the top five most commonly used test and measurement instruments.

Article 2010-12-16

Digital Multimeter Resources Page for Educators
Learn more about DMM key features and benefits, technical specifications and applications.

Selection Guide 2010-10-18

Multipurpose Lab Station
A cost-effective solution for learning and teaching basic electronics and instrumentation.

Promotional Materials 2010-09-08

Keysight Education Discounts & Promotions
Find out more for education promotion

Promotional Materials 2010-09-08

Education News
Learn how Agilent works with Universities and Academia around the world.

Article 2010-07-08

Agilent Awards $1.275M Foundation Grants

Newsletter 2009-08-04

Monitoring and Controlling Particle Beams in Real Time - Application Note
This Application Note explains how High-performance digitizers enhance beam quality in advanced applications.

Application Note 2009-01-04

Mobile WiMAX™ PHY Layer (RF) Operation and Measurement
This application note describes the operation and physical layer measurements of 802.16e OFDMA Mobile WiMAX devices.

Application Note 2008-07-17

Acqiris Digitizers Become an Integral Part, in the Quest for Nuclear Waste
Researchers at CERN have been investigating transmutation processes involving neutron capture for the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

Article 2008-06-13

Three new laboratories at Northumbria University equipped with the latest Keysight equipment
Three new laboratories at Northumbria University equipped with the latest Keysight equipment

Case Study 2008-06-04

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