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E4981A Capacitance Meter Programming Manual

Programming and Syntax Guide 2008-12-01

Wide-Range DC Current Biased Inductance Measurement (AN 369-8)
This application note describes DC current biased inductance measurements that are more accurate and made over a wider frequency range than was previously possible.

Application Note 2008-11-21

4395A, 4396B Technical Overview
Take an innovative approach to evaluating electronic components and circuits. The Keysight combination analyzers family combines three analyzer functions in one powerful instrument. Now you can use one analyzer for multiple needs.

Technical Overview 2008-11-20

E4991A Technical Overview
This describes the E4991A 3GHz RF impedance/material analyzer and new 3 GHz test fixtures. It provides information for high frequency device evaluation such as chip inductor, chip capacitor and EMI filters.

Technical Overview 2008-11-20

Effective Transformer/LF Coil Testing (AN 1305-3)
Transformers/LF coils have gradually become miniaturized and are used in power supply circuits and digital networks(for example, ISDN), and are manufactured in increasing volume. QA and manufacturing have to improve evaluation of transformers/LF coils, but they are faced with big measurement...

Application Note 2008-11-20

Measurement of Capacitance Characteristics of Liquid Crystal Cell (AN 369-7)
This application note describes how to take best advantage of the 4284A's powerful features when measurin gcapacitance while varying an AC signal voltage applied tothe liquid crystal material under test.

Application Note 2008-11-20

New Technologies for Accurate Impedance Measurement (40Hz to 110MHz)
Auto-balancing bridge method is the best technique to make an accurate impedance measurement in LF frequency. The recent technical innovation successfully expanded its upper frequency limitation from 40MHz to 110MHz. This Product Note discusses how its made and other new technologies included in...

Application Note 2008-11-20

4294A Technical Overview
The 4294A precision impedance analyzer provides accurate impedance measurement and analysis of a wide variety of electronic devices as well as electronic and non-electronic material.

Technical Overview 2008-11-13

MEMS On-wafer Evaluation in Mass Production
This application note describes how to evaluate MEMS elements in the on-wafer stage in order to lower the total production cost in mass production.

Application Note 2008-11-12

4285A Data Sheet
This document provides technical specifications for the 4285A Precision LCR Meter.

Data Sheet 2008-11-12

4396B RF Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes standard configurations, options, accessories and upgrades information for the 4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer

Configuration Guide 2008-11-05

16334A Test Fixture Operation and Service Manual
This manual describes basic information needed to use the 16334A. It provides a product overview, specifications, typical characteristics, operation, and service information.

User Manual 2008-09-01

Total Analysis Environment for Modeling
Keysight IC-CAP is flexible and high-performance software that is capable of accurate device characterization, analysis, and easy measurement, and these capabilities take on importance for today's semiconductor modeling.

Application Note 2008-08-21

High Speed Modeling System with IC-CAP
Keysight has new modeling system configurations that meet the needs of advanced semiconductor processes.

Application Note 2008-08-21

E4980A Precision LCR Meter Service Guide

Service Manual 2008-08-01

PDF PDF 14.49 MB
Dielectric Constant Evaluation of Rough Surfaced Materials (PN 4291-5)
This product note describes the technologies and features in the 4291B RF Impedance/Material Analyzer to extend accurate impedance measurements to 1.8 GHz. Advantage of the new V-I impedance technique for direct impedance measurement, cable...

Application Note 2008-06-02

4263B LCR Meter Firmware Revision History

Release Notes 2008-05-14

4285A Precision LCR Meter Firmware Revision History

Release Notes 2008-05-14

4268A Capacitance Meter Firmware Revision History

Release Notes 2008-05-14

4339B High Resistance Meter Firmware Revision History

Release Notes 2008-05-14

4268A Technical Overview
High speed testing of high-value ceramic capacitors at constant test signal levels

Technical Overview 2008-04-16

4339B/4349B High Resistance Meters - Technical Overview
This technical overview describes the 4339B/49B high resistance meter. The 4339B and 4349B are the enhanced models of the 4339A and 4349A. The B models provide clear and bright displays on a back-lit LCD panel for ease of use.

Data Sheet 2008-04-15

4263B Technical Overview
This technical overview describes the 4263B LCR meter. The 4263B provides a clear and bright display on a back-lit LCD panel for easy use and has new additional features such as 5 mV step test signal resolution and V & I monitoring function.

Technical Overview 2008-04-15

ADSL Copper Loop Measurements (PN 4395-1)
This product note provides a practical guidance for the copper loop measurement for ADSL by using the 4395A.

Application Note 2008-04-15

4284A/4285A Precision LCR Meter Family
A new standard for precise component, semiconductor and material measurements

Technical Overview 2008-04-10

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