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Modern Tools for Today’s Radio
Article discusses the versatility in today’s test tools and how that versatility contributes to the design and test needs of the modern radio.

Article 2009-05-07

Understanding the Impact of Channel Effects on MIMO System Performance
Link to article published in the March 2009 issue of Microwave Product Digest discusses unique test and measurement challenges of implementing MIMO in a wireless system

Article 2009-04-28

GPS: making a play for femtocells
This article from Microwave Engineering Europe Jan/Feb 2009 discusses the issues that arise when integrating GPS into femtocells and outlines the test and verification requirements that this introduces.

Article 2009-04-16

MIMO and the Battle Between LTE and WiMAX™
Link to April 10, 2009 Microwave Journal executive interview with Andy Botka and Carla Feldman regarding the PXB MIMO Receiver Test and the broader issue of LTE and WiMAX development.

Article 2009-04-10

Test solutions soup up for 4G
Link to April 9, 2009 Microwave Journal editorial. Test equipment manufacturers are providing more capability by relying on the latest hardware and software for feature-rich and easy to use solutions with impressive raw performance.

Article 2009-04-09

A Day in the Life of a Mobile WiMAX™ Handset
April 2009 featured article in Microwave Products Digest

Article 2009-04-01

Fast Multitone Analysis of RF Transceivers
This Article written by George Estep, Pete Johnson and Vladimir Veremey describes Fast Multitone analysis of RF Transceivers in detail.

Article 2009-03-24

Signal Integrity Simulation of PCI Express Gen 2 Channel
Article reprint from XrossTalk Magazine, Janurary 2009, author Jason Boh.

Article 2009-03-23

Achieving a 30 Percent Reduction in Test Time by Migrating to the MXA Signal Analyzer
This article examines Skyworks’ real-world test strategy for characterizing power amplifiers using multi-test platform (MTP) testers.

Article 2009-03-18

Addressing the Design and Verification Challenges of LTE
Wireless Design magazine article on testing LTE.

Article 2009-02-25

The Fifth Harmonic: Tradeoffs Between Sampling and Real-Time Oscilloscopes
When determining the required system bandwidth some vendors will use a “fifth harmonic” rule of thumb; however it is important to understand typical conditions at the receiver to accurately determine the amount of bandwidth you will need.

Article 2009-01-19

Improving DQPSK Receiver Design for Satcom Apps
Reprint of technical article in Comms Design, 1/2003

Article 2009-01-16

Offering Merges Design and Test
Agilent featured in Wireless Systems Design magazine article

Article 2009-01-16

What Every RF Engineer Should Know: Power Amplifiers
Feature story by Janine Love.

Article 2009-01-12

Using Base Station and MIMO Channel Emulators for Mobile WiMAX Devices
This article describes how a channel emulator can be used to characterize the performance of a MIMO receiver. The testing was done in stages of increasing complexity, namely testing under AWGN conditions, MIMO testing with known static channels, and finally testing with channels chosen to represent “real world” behavior.

Article 2009-01-11

Concepts of Orthogonal Frequency Domain Modulation (OFDM)

Article 2009-01-07

Eye-Diagram Analysis Speeds DDR SDRAM Validation

Article 2009-01-06

Validating the Physical and Protocol Layers in DDR Memory Interfaces

Article 2009-01-06

Electronic Products - 2008 Product of the Year Award
Analyzer changes fundamental way communications networks are designed

Article 2009-01-01

Is the 5th Harmonic Still Useful for Predicting Data Signal Bandwidth?
This article, published in High Frequency Electronics, compares using the 5th harmonic to using the system rise/fall times to determine the required bandwidth for your system. The article begins on page 18.

Article 2009-01-01

An Overview of WiMAX™ Radiated Performance Test Requirements
Published with kind permission of Communications Today

Article 2008-12-01

Article - The Evolution of Optical Transceiver Test

Article 2008-12-01

The Value Of Traceable S-Parameter Characterization Of Electro-Optical Components'

Article 2008-12-01

Boundary-Scan Testing of Power/Ground Pins
This paper describes how traditional Boundary Scan usage can be expanded to include testing of open defects on power and ground pins. Reprinted with kind permission from IEEE.

Article 2008-11-26

Creating High-Performance SDR Architectures
How to co-design RF architectures together with baseband signal processing to create high performance and flexible SDR architectures that can achieve the critical performance specifications necessary in the operational environment.

Article 2008-11-25


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