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Why should I use Amplitude Offset?
Use the Amplitude Offset feature to account for any external gain or loss that is greater than 10 dB.

FAQ 2012-12-28

Why do I want to mirror the spectrum?
Mirror Spectrum reverses the spectrum of the waveform when it is downloaded. This is useful for systems with external upconversion and downconversion where the signal spectrum is mirrored by the conversion process.

FAQ 2012-12-28

What system configurations support ALC Hold?
Systems using the Internal Arb, Systems configured with the PSG and Option 016 and systems composed of the synthetic upconverter, N8212A...

FAQ 2012-12-28

How can I get 1 GHz modulation bandwidth below 3.2 GHz?
There is a special option that down converts the wideband signal. It is: E8267D Option H1S PSG with 1 GHz out for use by the Z5623AK92 down converter, 500 MHz – 3.2 GHz.

FAQ 2012-12-28

Which USB power sensors are supported on the X-Series signal generators?
All Keysight U200xx USB power sensors are supported. in the future, ...

FAQ 2012-12-26

Is the performance of 0.4% EVM for 160 MHz 802.11ac best test result or average performance for N5182B MXG or N5172B EXG X-Series signal generators?
0.4% EVM is characteristic data of a small sample of N5182B MXG signal generators using the PXA and VSA 89601B.

FAQ 2012-12-26

Is the channel correction a new feature?
No, it has been available on the MXG since 2009. However, the functionality in the X-Series signal generators has been significantly improved since the first-generation MXG implementation.

FAQ 2012-12-26

Are there any S1 S2 measurements with power sensors on the X-Series signal generators?
No, however, the “User” channel correction routine in X-Series vector signal generators measures DUT channel response in phase and amplitude with power sensor.

FAQ 2012-12-26

Is there SCPI code compatibility from the 8662A or 8663A to the X-Series signal generators?

FAQ 2012-12-26

Is it possible to programmatically receive the displayed low/high stimulus values when using the "CALC1:MARK:BWID:DATA?" bandwidth query results?
When manually configuring the ENA network analyzer via the Marker – Marker Search – Bandwidth ON, the manual process results in low and high stimulus values as displayed on the analyzer’s front panel.

FAQ 2012-12-20

Is it possible on the Keysight ENA series Network Analyzers to over-ride the output source blanking at every sweep end?
Yes, the output source blanking on sweep retrace can be prevented by turning off the Initial Source Port Control function.

FAQ 2012-12-18

What is embedded software versus Signal Studio software?
View table with descriptions

FAQ 2012-12-14

On the ENA 6 series, can I use swept sweep mode?
No. The ENA 6 series always sweeps in step.

FAQ 2012-12-11

What is the difference between the ENA 6 series opt.100 (fault location) and the ENA opt.010 (time domain)?
Both options are aim to do time domain conversion. The ENA 6 series opt.100 focuses on to analyze the cable characteristics...

FAQ 2012-12-11

How often does the system user alignment for the PSA EMI Measurement Receiver need to be run?
30 days or 3° C temperature change. See contents for details...

FAQ 2012-12-11

On the ENA 6 series, can I use Supr Avoid ON/OFF function like the 871x?
No. It is always ON.

FAQ 2012-12-11

What is the process to capture a trace image to the floppy disk on the Keysight 8712ES/ET and 8714ES/ET Vector Network Analyzers?
The 8712ES/ET and 8714ES/ET Vector Network Analyzers support HPGL, PCX, PCL5, and GIF image saves via the floppy drive.

FAQ 2012-12-11

What features are different between the ENA 7 series and the ENA 6 series?
Followings are the difference between the ENA 7 series and the ENA 6 series.

FAQ 2012-12-11

Do I need to perform a periodic front panel instrument alignment on my N9039A RF Preselector?
No, but there is a system alignment that needs to be periodically run. See FAQ content for details...

FAQ 2012-12-11

Are mixed mode S-parameter measurements possible on the 2-port ENA?
Yes. The equation editor function allows for the real-time calculation of mixed mode S-parameters on the 2-port ENA.

FAQ 2012-12-10

Does the ENA 6 series support direct sampler measurements and user ratio measurements?

FAQ 2012-12-10

What Configuration issues are there with option AYQ, Quasi Peak Detector in the ESA-E Series of Spectrum Analyzers?
View the compatibility issues here....

FAQ 2012-12-05

On the Keysight E4980A, what is the "DC Source Option 001 (±10 VDC Max)" and how is it utilized?
A summary description of the enhancements provided by E4980A option 001 - 'Power and DC Bias Enhancement Option'

FAQ 2012-12-02

What you need to know about Advanced DGN Reporting?
Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced DGN Reporting.

FAQ 2012-11-28

How to debug the 3 differences that are encountered on the new hybrid pin cards (P/N: E4000-66562 and E4000-66563)?
Follow the guideline to debug your test when you start using the new bybrid pin cards: • E4000-66562 for 6MPs (standard hybrid pin card) • E4000-66563 for 12MPs (advanced hybrid pin card)

FAQ 2012-11-12

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