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Genesys Workspaces Companion and Sample Chapters for Microwave and RF Engineering Text Book
Get the Genesys workspaces download and sample chapters for Ali Behagi and Steven Turner's text book, "Microwave and RF Engineering: An Eletronic Design Automation Approach".

Training Materials 2014-09-30

Genesys Workspaces Companion for Randall Rhea's Book, Discrete Oscillator Design
This page contains access to over 70 different Genesys workspaces that are used as examples in Randy Rhea's book, Discrete Oscillator Design. Also includes links to its pre-recorded webinar and presentation.

Training Materials 2014-09-23

Temperature Effects in Integrated Circuits: What's Real?
Thermal effects have a significant impact on IC performance and reliability. This video shows how these effects can be analyzed with electrothermal simulation, allowing IC designers to address thermal problems before it’s too late.

Training Materials 2014-08-27

EMPro Evaluation Resources
For users that want to evaluate EMPro, here are some resources to help you quickly learn how to use the product.

Training Materials 2014-04-15

Automated Test / Board Test User Groups

Training Materials 2014-04-07

S-Parameter Measurements Basics for High Speed Digital Engineers - Slides
S-Parameter Measurements Basics for High Speed Digital Engineers

Training Materials 2014-01-22

Boundary Scan for Testing On-Board DDRs Webcast

Training Materials 2013-09-27

AFM Bibliography

Training Materials 2013-04-16

Using RF Recording Techniques to Resolve Interference Problems

Training Materials 2013-02-22

Sample Lab Assignments
Agilent EEsof EDA Sample Lab Assignments

Training Materials 2012-10-31

DesignCon 2011 Technical Paper Presentations
DesignCon 2011 Technical Paper Presentations

Training Materials 2012-08-22

View the recorded webcast - Coherent Detection of Polarization Multiplexed Amplitude

Training Materials 2012-03-16

Design and Test Challenges in Next Generation High-Speed Serial Standards
Attend this FREE education workshop at DesignCon 2012, brought to you by Agilent Technologies, Official Host Sponsor of the conference.

Training Materials 2011-11-29

View the recorded webcast - Introduction to MIPI device test
Introduction to MIPI device test

Training Materials 2011-11-08

View the recorded webcast - How to handle USB 3.0 physical layer test requirements
How to handle USB 3.0 physical layer test requirements.

Training Materials 2011-11-08

Nanoindenter Bibliography

Training Materials 2011-10-24

Agilent RF Interference Analysis Training Data Sheet
Hands-on training for RF engineers who install and maintain RF communications infrastructure using Agilent handheld RF instruments: N9340B spectrum analyzer and N9912A FieldFox RF analyzer.

Training Materials 2011-08-23

The AFM training video is available to all of our AFM users. Please click to register.

Training Materials 2011-07-25

Register for Agilent VEE e-Learning Courses (LearnVEE) Today at No Cost
LearnVEE is series of intuitive e-learning modules that cover Agilent VEE programming basics.

Training Materials 2011-05-26

Comparison of Simulation Results Using Quadrangles Versus Triangles
An ADS Momentum example showing a comparison of using quadrangle versus trianle mesh elements.

Training Materials 2011-05-25

Comparison of Momentum Simulation Results Using Quadrangle versus Triangle Mesh Elements
An ADS Momentum example showing a comparison of using quadrangle versus trianle mesh elements.

Training Materials 2011-05-25

View on demand webinar
Optimizing PXI Module Functional Test System Throughput

Training Materials 2011-05-06

Advanced Agilent VEE Pro
Training course overview

Training Materials 2011-04-18

Boundary Scan Test Methods for DDR Memories
In-circuit testing of DDR Memories has become increasingly difficult. This webcast discusses methods of DDR test development and debug.

Training Materials 2011-03-28

e-Seminars on Nanoindentation and Atomic Force Microscopy

Training Materials 2011-03-02

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