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U1610/20A Handheld Digital Oscilloscope User’s Guide
This User's Guide contains a getting started guide, characteristics and specifications, and description of the features and functions offered by U1610/20A Handheld Digital Oscilloscope.

User Manual 2015-06-26

E9300 E-Series Power Sensors Operating and Service Guide
The Keysight E9300 E-Series power sensors Operating and Service Guide is for use with the E9300 series power sensors.

Operation Manual 2015-06-26

N1923/4A Wideband Power Sensor User’s Guide
This reference guide leads you through the general functions, maintenance, specification and characteristic of the power sensors.

User Manual 2015-06-26

N1923/4A Wideband Power Sensor Service Guide
This Guide contains the specifications and maintenance information, the theory of operation and procedures, and repair guide for the N1923/4A Wideband Power Sensor.

Service Manual 2015-06-26

M9389A PXIe Vector Network Analyzer Source - Data Sheet
PXI vector network analyzer, PXI VNA, PXI source, m9485a

Data Sheet 2015-06-26

U2000 Series USB Power Sensor Operating And Service Guide
U2000 Series USB Power Sensor Operating And Service Guide

Operation Manual 2015-06-26

N8480 Operating and Service Guide
This document consists of overview of N8480 Series power sensors. It describes the principle of operation, specifications, characteristic as well as the troubleshooting and repair of the N8480 Series power sensors.

Operation Manual 2015-06-26

Challenges and Solutions for Power Testing in Automotive Applications - Technical Overview
This technical overview provides a synopsis of automotive electronic systems, the challenges they face and what tools automotive electronics engineers need to meet them. It concludes with a discussion of Keysight’s solutions to these challenges.

Technical Overview 2015-06-25

N1500A Materials Measurement Suite - Technical Overview
With Keysight N1500A materials measurement software suite, you can determine the intrinsic electromagnetic properties of many dielectric and magnetic materials.

Technical Overview 2015-06-25

Advanced Nanomeasurement Solutions

Brochure 2015-06-24

N7610B Signal Studio for Short Range Communications Online Documentation (webhelp)
Viewable online documentation that includes technical overview, release notes, tutorials, installation information, and more.

Help File 2015-06-24

N7605B Signal Studio for Real-time Fading - Technical Overview
The N7605B Signal Studio for real-time fading software, with a vector signal generator, provides a comprehensive diagnostic toolset for designing and verifying wireless signal processing devices.

Technical Overview 2015-06-24

N7610B Signal Studio for Short Range Communications Online Documentation (.chm file)
Downloadable online documentation that includes technical overview, release notes, tutorials, installation information, and more.

Help File 2015-06-24

Z9070B Wideband Signal Analysis Solution - Technical Overview
Wideband commercial, satellite or radar signals can now be analyzed with commercial test equipment at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional solutions using the Z9070B wideband SA solution.

Technical Overview 2015-06-24

N9069C Noise Figure X-Series Measurement Application - Technical Overview
The N9069C noise figure measurement application together with a Keysight UXA signal analzyer offers engineers a simple tool to make accurate and repeatable noise figure measurements.

Technical Overview 2015-06-24

N9040B UXA X-Series Signal Analyzer - Configuration Guide
The UXA configuration guide will help you determine which performance options, measurement applications, accessories and services to include with a new UXA or to add as upgrades to an existing UXA.

Configuration Guide 2015-06-24

Using Calibration to Optimize Performance in Crucial Measurements - Application Note
This application covers two goals: help you ensure that you get the calibration you expect (and deserve), and help you improve effective measurement performance through innovative use of calibration.

Application Note 2015-06-24

Backgrounders | About Keysight
Recent communications, electronics test and measurement focused news releases.

Press Materials 2015-06-23

E6650A EXF Wireless Test Set for Femtocell | Keysight Technologies
See how the E6650A EXF wireless one-box test set addresses these issues by delivering the speed, performance and scalability you need while lowering cost of test in femtocell manufacturing.

Demo 2015-06-23

LTE/LTE-Advanced Multi-Channel, Reference Solution Startup Guide
Startup Guide for the Keysight LTE/LTE-Advanced Multi-Channel, Reference Solution. Guides users to unpack, inspect, install (software and hardware), program and perform instrument measurements.

Quick Start Guide 2015-06-23

PDF PDF 43.47 MB
N7649B Test Case Manager - Technical Overview
Keysight Test Case Manager provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface and works with the Keysight Signal Studio software to perform standard-required conformance tests.

Technical Overview 2015-06-22

U7236A 10GBASE-T Ethernet Electrical Conformance Application - Data Sheet
The U7236A 10GBASE-T Ethernet electrical conformance application for Infiniium oscilloscopes provides you with a fast and accurate way to verify and debug your 10GBASE-T Ethernet designs.

Data Sheet 2015-06-22

Measurement of Capacitance Characteristics of Liquid Crystal Cell - Application Note
This short application note describes how to take best advantage of the 4284A's powerful features when measuring capacitance while varying an AC signal voltage applied tothe liquid crystal material under test.

Application Note 2015-06-22

Asygn & Kalray use Keysight Simulation Tool Suite to Validate PCI Express® Gen3 Serial Links
Keysight Technologies announces it will exhibit its PCI Express® (PCIe®) solutions at the PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2015, Booth 7, Santa Clara Convention Center, June 23-24.

Press Materials 2015-06-19

B1530A Waveform Generator/Fast Measurement Unit User's Guide
Covers product overview and installation information for Keysight B1530A. Also covers programming examples and reference information of Instrument Library for B1530A.

User Manual 2015-06-19


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