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How do I upgrade my E6650A EXF Wireless Test Set?
Find Information on Hardware Options, Measurement Applications, etc....

FAQ 2014-11-10

How do I find my Host ID when I run software on a PC?
For the PSA model, when requesting an N9051A trial

FAQ 2014-10-31

Where do I find E6651A Mobile WiMAX™ Test Set Software and Firmware
Links to N64xxA and E665xA software and the neccessary firmware.

FAQ 2014-10-28

VVM measurement with E5061B for replacing 8508A vector voltmeter

FAQ 2014-10-22

If I have N9051A Pulse Measurement Software, how do I upgrade to N9051B?
Order N9051B Option A2B to receive a user-installed software license, which causes any existing N9051A licenses to be recognized as N9051B licenses. The N9051B-2FP license is required, while all others are optional and independent of each other.

FAQ 2014-10-21

When I redeem a license certificate for a final license for the N9051B Pulse software, I need my HostID. Where do I find this?
On the X-Series signal analyzer, press System > Show > System. In the table, around the 10th row, you will find “HostID”, this is composed of the model and serial number.

FAQ 2014-10-21

What does the “Deep Capture” option give me in the N9051B Pulse Measurement Software?
The N9051B software operates in “batch” mode: digitizing the RF signal into IQ samples, captured a time-segment into memory, and then analyze it. Review the entire FAQ for full details.

FAQ 2014-10-21

How does the N9051B Pulse Measurement Software GUI work?
The GUI is standard MS Windows type: pull-down menus, dialogs, on-screen buttons, etc. A USB mouse and keyboard are required. The PC-ststandard keys of the X-SA front panel are recognized: numbers (digits 0-9, decimal point, minus, BkSp); plus Enter, Select, Escape, Ctrl, Alt, Del, and Tab; and the Mode key.

FAQ 2014-10-21

I ordered the N9051A, but it is no longer installed on the signal analyzer. The N9051B is installed, but my N9051A licenses don’t work. What shou
The N9051B is the recommended replacement for N9051A. The N9051A license can be upgraded by adding a low-cost N9051B-A2B license.

FAQ 2014-10-21

What are key differences between N9051A and N9051B Pulse Software?
See the table in this FAQ for details.

FAQ 2014-10-21

How is the N9051B Pulse Measurement Software delivered, installed and licensed?
Important: N9051B runs only on the CPU inside an X-Series signal analyzer, which must be Windows 7 and 64-bit. See the FAQ for further details.

FAQ 2014-10-21

How do I upgrade to “Deep Capture” for the N9051B Pulse Measurement Software?
Deep Capture is a software license upgrade performed by the end-user. This is only available for the N9051B version, order N9051B Option 5FP.

FAQ 2014-10-21

Are trial licenses available for the N9051B Pulse Measurement Software?
Yes, a trial license is available to let you explore the N9051B free of charge for 30 days. The trial has all features enabled.

FAQ 2014-10-21

How do I upgrade my N5172B EXG X-Series RF Vector Signal Generator?
Find Information on hardware upgrades, instrument firmware and more.

FAQ 2014-10-14

How can I determine what CPU shipped with my PXA, MXA, or EXA?
CPU install details can be found here...

FAQ 2014-10-13

How does the Microsoft end of support for Windows XP affect my M9036A?
In Keysight’s ongoing efforts and commitment to provide the best possible product quality and improve the overall customer experience with our M9036A PXIe Embedded Controller, we would like to inform you that we have made the conscious decision to not migrate the XP version of the M9036A to Windows 7.

FAQ 2014-10-12

What is the size, resolution, and aspect ratio of the N9040B UXA signal analyzer's display?
Details can be found here.

FAQ 2014-10-06

What options are included standard in the N9040B UXA signal analyzer?
See the list of included options in the base product

FAQ 2014-10-06

What will the sweep rates of the N9040B UXA signal analyzer be?
Similar to the N9030A PXA signal analyzer with Option FS1.

FAQ 2014-10-06

Is the N9040B UXA signal analyzer SCPI compatible with other X-Series signal analyzers?
Yes, it is SCPI compatible

FAQ 2014-10-06

With the new N9040B, UXA signal analyzer user interface how can I record signals?
The 89600 VSA software may be used to record signals, but users may also do their own I/Q time captures using IQ Analyzer mode over the remote interface.

FAQ 2014-10-06

What will be the maximum SA-mode RBW setting in the N9040B UXA signal analyzer?
The maximum RBW setting in SA-mode will be 8 MHz, the same as the other X-Series signal analyzers. When using the 89600 VSA software, it will still be possible to select wider RBW settings. Additionally, real-time spectrum analysis has >8 MHz depending on span.

FAQ 2014-10-06

What are the dimensions and weight of the N9040B UXA signal analyzer?
Dimensions and weight information can be found here.

FAQ 2014-10-06

Which external mixers are compatible with the N9040B UXA signal analyzer?
The same external mixers as the other X-Series signal analyzers.

FAQ 2014-10-06

How do I upgrade my N9040B UXA Signal Analyzer?
Find Information on Hardware Upgrades, Instrument Software and Measurement Applications, etc....

FAQ 2014-10-06

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