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Signal and Power Integrity Tutorials
SIPro provides signal integrity (SI) analysis of your high-speed PCBs, enabling you to characterize loss and coupling of signal nets, and ultimately extract an EM-accurate model that can be used in the ADS Transient and Channel Simulators. PIPro provides power integrity analysis of your power distribution network (PDN), including DC IR drop analysis, AC impedance analysis and power plane resonance analysis.

Demo 2016-09-08

Probe Resource Center
Visit the Probe Resource Center for probe manuals, data sheets, SPICE models, videos, application notes, and more.

Help File 2016-09-07

Probe Resource Center Adobe AIR File
Contains oscilloscope probe documentation (PRC.air file).

Help File 2016-09-07

Probe Resource Center CHM file for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or iPod
Contains oscilloscope probe documentation (PRC_iOS.chm file).

Help File 2016-09-07

CHM CHM 250.24 MB
8494A/B, 8495A/B, 8496A/B Attenuators Operating and Service Manual
Contains specifications, physical dimensions, installation and operating instructions.

User Manual 2016-09-07

M9290A CXA-m PXIe X-Series Signal Analyzer - Configuration Guide
The CXA-m PXIe signal analyzer configuration guide contains information to help you configure your M9290A to meet your specific requirements.

Configuration Guide 2016-09-07

8487D Memory Information and Procedures
This document contains detailed internal product memory Information for the Keysight 8487D Diode Power Sensor.

Technical Overview 2016-09-07

M9290A CXA-m PXIe Signal Analyzer - Product Fact Sheet
The CXA-m PXIe signal analyzer offers fully-specified performance up to 26.5 GHz with a rich set of measurement capabilities in a modular format.

Brochure 2016-09-07

Request a 64 GBaud BERT demo
Request a 64 GBaud BERT demo

Brochure 2016-09-07

E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer 30 kHz to 4.5 /8.5 GHz - Data Sheet
This data sheet of the E5072A describes the specification and general information of the E5072A network analyzer.

Data Sheet 2016-09-06

E4990A Impedance Analyzer - Data Sheet
This is the technical specification for the E4990A The E4990A impedance analyzer supports accurate impedance measurement and analysis of a wide variety of electronic.

Data Sheet 2016-09-06

User's Guide for CX1100 Series Accessories for CX3300
Describes accessories for the CX3300 series Device Current Wavefom Analyzer.

User Manual 2016-09-06

Battery Drain Analysis for Low Power IoT Devices - Application Note
Covers several Keysight battery drain analysis solutions. Includes 34470 DMM, N6701 DC power analyzer & N6781 SMU, N2820 current probe, the B2900 SMU, and CX3300 device current waveform analyzer.

Application Note 2016-09-06

9500 AFM - Data Sheet
Data sheet for the new 9500AFM with quick Scan, New Nano Navigator software and New Auto Drive for quick automatic setting off parameters

Data Sheet 2016-09-06

Logic and Protocol Analyzer Online Help Files (Version 06.30)
These are the online help files that come with the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer application software.

Help File 2016-09-06

ZIP ZIP 137.40 MB
Warranty and Calibration Assurance Plans: 7 and 10 Year Covered Instruments - Product Fact Sheet
This document provides a list of the Keysight instruments available for coverage under seven- and ten-year Warranty and Calibration Assurance Plans.

Brochure 2016-09-06

Bulletins | About Keysight
Recent communications, electronics test and measurement focused news releases.

Press Materials 2016-09-06

1GC1-4251 DC - 12 GHz HBT Series-Shunt Amplifier - Data Sheet
The 1GC1-4251 is a packaged DC to 12 GHz, 9.5 dB gain, feedback amplifier designed to be used as a cascadable gain block for a variety of applications.

Data Sheet 2016-09-06

Design and Test Solutions for Advanced Automotive - Brochure
Keysight's range of powerful automotive design and test solutions in RF, millimeter wave, wireless and high-speed digital design and test are geared for the future of automotive electronics test.

Brochure 2016-09-06

PDF PDF 19.68 MB
DC Power Supplies - Youtube
DC Power Supplies - Youtube

Demo 2016-09-06

Logic and Protocol Analyzer Online Help - PDF Version (Version 06.30)
These are PDF versions of the Windows HTML Help files that come with the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer application software.

Help File 2016-09-06

ZIP ZIP 66.26 MB
Photovoltaic (PV) / Solar Array Simulation Solutions for Inverter Test

Demo 2016-09-06

Electronic Calibration (ECal) Modules for Vector Network Analyzers - Technical Overview
This product overview describes the electronic calibration (ECal) module families - N4690 Series (2-port microwave ECal), 85090 Series (2-port RF ECal), and N4431B (4-port RF ECal). It also provides information on their compatibility with various Keysight vector network analyzers, technical specifications, and ordering information.

Technical Overview 2016-09-06

N1923A/4A power sensor measurement uncertainty calculator
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator for the N1923A and N1924A power sensor

Application Note 2016-09-06

Revision history notes for U1253B firmware
This file provides firmware revision history, detailing features, notes and references.

Release Notes 2016-09-05


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