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ADS 2014.01 Hotfix 3 Installation Instructions
ADS 2014.01 Hotfix 3 Installation Instructions

Installation Manual 2014-08-28

ADS 2014.01 Hotfix 3 Release Notes
ADS 2014.01 Hotfix 3 Release Notes

Release Notes 2014-08-28

HeatWave Technical Papers
Links to various technical papers related to HeatWave Electro-Thermal analysis software.

Article 2014-08-27

U2040 X-Series Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensors - Product Fact Sheet
This product fact sheet details the key features, specifications and ordering information for the U2040 X-Series wide dynamic range power sensors, which includes USB and LAN models.

Brochure 2014-08-27

Designing Automated Tests Using Powerful Digital Acquisition Systems - Application Brief
Learn how the 34970A/34972A DAQ system offers the versatility and powerful functionality you need to solve your most pressing test challenges.

Application Note 2014-08-27

U8903B Performance Audio Analyzer - Product Fact Sheet
This product fact sheet gives a quick summary of U8903B audio analyzer's key features and ordering information.

Promotional Materials 2014-08-27

89601B/BN-AYA Vector Modulation Analysis, 89600B VSA - Technical Overview
Use Option AYA to analyze digital modulations and standards including types as simple as BPSK or as complex as 4096QAM, with presets for many cellular, wireless networking, and digital video standards

Technical Overview 2014-08-27

HeatWave Videos on YouTube
HeatWave Electro-Thermal Simulator Video Library playlist in Keysight EEsof EDA's Channel on YouTube

Demo 2014-08-27

RF Device on YouTube

Demo 2014-08-27

Materials Measurement: PCB Materials - Application Brief
This application brief provides the solutions for measuring PCB materials.

Application Note 2014-08-27

Manage Licensing for Keysight EEsof Products
The new Keysight Software Manager licensing system (ASM) enables you to handle many of your licensing needs via the web, such as redeeming and upgrading licenses and viewing your available downloads and support details.

Reference Guide 2014-08-27

PicoLITH, Keysight Lithography and Nanomanipulation Package – Data Sheet
Lithography and nanomanipulation software that provides for scanning probe microscopy (SPM) researchers. It allows users to sketch various shapes on a canvas (including lines, poly-lines, circles) that can then be mapped to a real sample surface.

Data Sheet 2014-08-27

Temperature Effects in Integrated Circuits
Thermal effects have a significant impact on IC performance and reliability. This video shows how these effects can be analyzed with electrothermal simulation, allowing IC designers to address thermal problems before it’s too late.

Demo 2014-08-27

86100_N1010A Firmware Release Notes A.04.00
Firmware release notes for 86100 family mainframes and N1010A FlexDCA Software

Release Notes 2014-08-26

N9020A MXA X-Series Signal Analyzer - Data Sheet
This MXA signal analyzer data sheet is a summary of the complete specifications and conditions for the N9020A MXA signal analyzer.

Data Sheet 2014-08-26

86100D Online Help A.04.00
Online help file for 86100D legacy and FlexDCA in compiled HTML format (zipped)

Help File 2014-08-26

ZIP ZIP 34.29 MB
N4962A Serial BERT 12.5 Gb/s - Data Sheet
The N4962A is a low cost 0.5 to 12.5 Gb/s pseudo-random bit sequence generator and bit error rate tester designed for automated production-line testing, manufacturing, and R&D use.

Data Sheet 2014-08-25

B4623B LPDDR Bus Decoder User Guide
This guide describes how to use the Keysight B4623B LPDDR Bus Decoder to decode and view transactions, commands, and data from a LPDDR1, LPDDR2, or LPDDR3 SDRAM memory bus in your device under test.

User Manual 2014-08-25

PXI / AXIe / DAQ & Modular Solutions on YouTube

Demo 2014-08-25

DDR Post Process Compliance Tool User Guide
This guide describes how to use the DDR Post Process Compliance tool to evaluate the captured DDR/LPDDR data against a set of user- defined limits. This guide covers only the DDR Post Process Compliance tool. The Online Help for the other tools included in the Keysight B4622B toolset are available on installing the product.

User Manual 2014-08-25

B4621B DDR Bus Decoder User Guide
This guide describes how to use the Keysight B4621B DDR memory bus decoder to view transactions, commands, and data from a DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4 memory bus.

User Manual 2014-08-25

DDR/LPDDR Custom Configuration Creator Tool User Guide
This guide describes how to use the DDR/LPDDR Custom Configuration Creator tool to define the footprints layout as per your custom probing solution used in the DDR/LPDDR setup and then create an XML configuration file based on this footprint information.

User Manual 2014-08-25

Modular for LTE Applications

Demo 2014-08-25

Specific Solutions for Double Data Rate (DDR) needs
See Measurement Solution Examples to discover specific solutions for your DDR and memory needs.

Reference Guide 2014-08-24

N1810/1/2 Coaxial Switches - Technical Overview
This technical overview describes the N181X coaxial switch series. It includes a description of the many different options available that make the series very versatile. Also included are detailed line drawings and specification tables for each switch.

Technical Overview 2014-08-23

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