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Press Releases | About Keysight
Keysight news and resources - Press Releases

Dossier de presse 2017-10-24

Case Study ROHM Develops Additional Product Families to Promote CXPI Leveraging Keysight’s CXPI Bus

Brochure 2017-10-23

Why Modernize your Keysight Signal Analyzer? - Migration Guide
Now is the time to trade in your signal analyzer to get the latest technology.

Brochure 2017-10-23

InfiniiMax III/III+ Probing System - Data Sheet
The InfiniiMax III/III+ is the world's highest performing probe system. Learn more about the unmatched performance with the industry's lowest probe/scope system noise and highest fidelity and accuracy

Fiche signalétique 2017-10-23

LoRaWAN Test Challenges - Application Brief
A summary of the challenges in LoRaWAN testing, along with hardware and software solutions.

Notes d’application 2017-10-23

Special Offer: Buy One Oscilloscope, Get One Free!
For a limited time, when you buy one great oscilloscope, you can get an additional oscilloscope at no cost!

Brochure 2017-10-23

B4661A ONFi Analysis Window User Guide
This guide describes how to use the ONFi Analysis window in the Logic and Protocol Analyzer GUI to analyze the captured ONFi data.

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2017-10-22

Bluetooth® 5: Improvements and Test Challenges - Application Brief
A summary of the improvements made in Bluetooth 5, along with test solutions.

Notes d’application 2017-10-22

N2790A 100 MHz, N2791A 25 MHz and N2891A 70 MHz High-voltage Differential Probes - Data Sheet
Oscilloscope users often need to make floating measurements where neither point of the measurement is at earth ground. Use the N2790A or N2791A high-voltage differential probe to make safe and accurate floating measurements with an oscilloscope.

Fiche signalétique 2017-10-20

10 Hints for Making Successful Noise Figure Measurements (AN 57-3) - Application Note
This document will help minimize the uncertainties in your noise figure measurements. Key topics include minimizing extraneous signals, mismatch uncertainties, nonlinearities, and path losses.

Notes d’application 2017-10-20

Automotive Ethernet Solutions - Brochure
This brochure provides a brief overview of Keysight Automotive Ethernet measurement solutions.

Brochure 2017-10-20

N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer - Configuration Guide
Configure your N9322C basic spectrum analyzer (BSA) for more measurement capabilities and enhanced performance.

Guide de configuration 2017-10-19

N6700 Modular Power System Family - Data Sheet
The N6700 MPS gives test system designers the flexibility to mix and match from over 30 different DC power modules to create a 1- to 4-channel DC power system optimized to meet specific test requirements.

Fiche signalétique 2017-10-19

N9344C/N9343C/N9342C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA) - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes standard configurations, options, accessories and peripherals for the N9342C/N9343C/N9344C handheld spectrum analyzers.

Guide de configuration 2017-10-19

Get Better RF Measurements in the Field
Download FieldFox Application Note, Getting Better Measurements on the Go with a FieldFox Handheld Analyzer

Matériel de promotion 2017-10-18

M9290A CXA-m PXIe Signal Analyzer - Data Sheet
This data sheet is a summary of the complete specifications of M9290A CXA-m PXIe X-Series signal analyzer.

Fiche signalétique 2017-10-17

M9037A PXIe Embedded Controller - Data Sheet
The Keysight Technologies M9037A is a PXIe Embedded Controller - 2.4 GHz Quad Core, 16 GB

Fiche signalétique 2017-10-17

Accelerate Technology Adoption. Lower Costs.
Keysight Services has assembled an industry-leading array of people, processes and tools focused on helping you implement new technologies and engineer improved processes that lower costs. Please complete the form below and we will ship you the posters of your choice, while supplies last.

Matériel de promotion 2017-10-17

Test and Measurement Basics - DAQ
Test and Measurement Basics DAQ video series demonstrates how quick and easy it is to use Keysight DAQ. Click away and find out the tips and tricks to make the most out of your measurements.

Démonstration de base 2017-10-16

M9383A PXIe Vector Signal Generator Startup Guide
Includes procedures to help you unpack, inspect, install (software and hardware), perform instrument connections, verify operability, and troubleshoot your product.

Guide de démarrage rapide 2017-10-16

M9537A AXIe Embedded Controller - Data Sheet
This document provides technical specifications and other information for the M9537A AXIe Embedded PC Controller.

Fiche signalétique 2017-10-16

M9036A PXIe Embedded Controller - Data Sheet
The Keysight M9036A PXIe embedded controller data sheet provides specifications and product ordering information.

Fiche signalétique 2017-10-16

Interface Modules and Adapters for PXI and AXIe Systems - Data Sheet
This document provides technical specifications, characteristics and other information about the series of PCIe host desktop adapters and PXI chassis system and cable modules

Fiche signalétique 2017-10-16

PXI Avionics Bus Interface Cards - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes PXI modules and cables available to interface to the aviation LRU to meet your avionics test solution needs.

Guide de configuration 2017-10-12

IO Libraries Minimum System Requirements - Technical Overview
Computer hardware and operating system minimum requirements for using Keysight IO Libraries Suite.

Présentation technique 2017-10-11

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