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EE Times & Agilent Blog: Tradeoff: Dynamic range and bandwidth in signal analysis
Two different ways of looking at noise figure.

Article 2011-01-23

Latin America: Pushing the Boundaries of Test-Article Reprint
A first-hand stock taking of the EMS scene in Brazil and Mexico from an engineer's road trip.

Article 2011-01-13

Programming In-System versus Offline-Article Reprint
Is offline programming or ISP at in-circuit test better? One key consideration is the cost of each method. This paper looks at pros and cons of these two methods contributing to the overall costing.

Article 2011-01-13

Wideband Radar + SATCOM Measurements
Growing trends in SATCOM and radar systems in the A/D market.

Feature Story 2011-01-12

EE Times & Agilent Blog: The changing face of electronic test instrumentation
The changing face of electronic test instrumentation.

Article 2011-01-12

Education Program Newsletter - Vol 3. September 2008
Education Program Newsletter - Vol 3. September 2008

Newsletter 2011-01-12

Partner article using ADS: Practical Fiber Weave Effect Modeling -- Lamsim Enterprises, Inc.
Partner article using ADS: Practical Fiber Weave Effect Modeling -- Lamsim Enterprises, Inc.

Article 2011-01-11

An Innovative and Integrated Approach to III-V Circuit Design
This article explains how to drive III-V circuit design improvement by unified modeling, Design of Experiments (DOE) simulation, and Pareto Analysis

Article 2011-01-10

Find hints and tips, industry trends, and new product announcements pertaining to the top five most commonly used test and measurement instruments.

Article 2010-12-16

Solutions for Undetected Shorts on IEEE 1149.1 Self-Monitoring Pins
This paper presents the problem of undetected shorts on IEEE 1149.1 compliant self-monitoring pins, and potential mitigating solutions.

Article 2010-12-10

Surviving State Disruptions Caused by Test: the "Lobotomy Problem"
This paper examines some issues and trends that justify adding features to IEEE 1149.1 that will facilitate safe, fast and effective initialization of a board or system, to get it ready for testing. Published with kind permission of the IEEE

Article 2010-12-10

Limited Access Tools Improve Test Coverage - Article Reprint
Smaller test pads and shrinking board sizes are posing new challenges, and driving innovations to overcome limited access with new test solutions. Agilent Boundary Scan, 1149.6, 1149.1, bead probes, cover-extend

Article 2010-10-20

A New Equilibrium - Article Reprint
The EMS and ODM markets are moving to a new equilibrium as they continue to balance cost pressures and technology evolution. This article looks at the trends shaping this new balance.

Article 2010-10-20

The Proposed IEEE Test Standards - Article Reprint
There is a resurgence of interest in Boundary Scan and Built in Self Test (BIST) initiatives to be part of IEEE standards. This article explains the IEEE standard and their benefits to the industry. Agilent Boundary Scan, 1149.6, 1149.1, bead probes, cover-extend

Article 2010-10-20

AMI models: What, why and how?
EE Times Design Article written by Sanjeev Gupta, Jose Luis Pino and Amolak Badesha of Agilent EEsof EDA.

Article 2010-10-18

8PSK Modulation Accuracy Measurement Graphics

Feature Story 2010-10-12

Defining a New Methodology for Radar System Design
Article from Microwave Product Digest, October 2010, discussing the use of analysis suites for the design of advanced digital signal processing techniques.

Feature Story 2010-10-01

Agilent Announces University Grants

Newsletter 2010-09-27

Caution: MIMO Test Challenges Ahead
Article published by Wireless Design & Development on MIMO testing challenges and methods to achieve higher data rates such as two0 and four-channel MIMO.

Article 2010-09-20

Education Program Newsletter - Vol 1. March 2008
Education Program Newsletter - Vol 1. March 2008

Newsletter 2010-09-19

Access Secured Information on our Agilent.com Customer Website
In this issue, we would like to start by providing information for you to access the reserved resources we have on the Agilent Customer website, which is accessible only to our support agreement customers.

Newsletter 2010-09-19

What every engineer needs to know about MIMO operation and measurement
Utilizing MIMO to its fullest potential requires the engineer to have basic knowledge of its operation and measurement. This EP&T article by Agilent boils this knowledge down into 9 fundamental facts.

Article 2010-09-15

Network System DesignLine
Network System DesignLine has published an article in 2 parts in their How-to section of Enterprise Networking: Extend SAN over WDM, SONET/SDH, or IP

Article 2010-09-08

Article in Wireless Design & Development talks about how SIGINT systems adapt to changing threats
Basic performance characteristics needed to detect and collect the most difficult RF signals in the environment.

Article 2010-08-31

Real-World Battery Drain Analysis
Go beyond Talk Time Test! Test the battery life of your data device using realistic user scenarios to ensure real-world operation meets user expectations with the 8960, 14565B and IFT software.

Feature Story 2010-08-30

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