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Be generous with tests (Slösa med testerna)
Written by Stig Oresjo, Agilent Technologies. This article discusses the use of AOI for success in lead-free since the lead-free process is less forgiving, than tin-lead. Note that the article is in Swedish.

Article 2005-08-31

CAMCAD V4.5 designed by users
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: CAMCAD V4.5, the newest release of RSI's popular data preparation and analysis software, includes 74 customer-driven enhancements.

Feature Story 2005-06-27

4 reasons to choose Agilent support
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: There are many reasons to choose Agilent Support Solutions after the warranty period ends on your Agilent test system. Here are four important ones.

Feature Story 2005-06-27

Agilent visits your neighborhood
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Agilent technical experts are on the road and may be visiting a location near you.

Feature Story 2005-06-27

AXI characterizes lead-free processes
Processes and alloys must be fully characterized if you're transitioning to lead-free manufacturing. Agilent's automated X-ray inspection (AXI) technology is up to the task.

Feature Story 2005-06-27

VEE Pro Used to Automate Tests of Climactic Chambers
Using VEE Pro, ISSeP (Belgium) developed an automated system to characterize climatic chambers, incubators and refrigeration devices.

Case Study 2005-05-09

VEE Pro Used to Characterize Materials
Using an automated test setup written in VEE Pro, ONERA (France) characterizes EM absorption and reflection of space-defense material.

Case Study 2005-05-09

Simple Steps for 3070 Codeword-to-License Conversion
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Agilent has transitioned from a codeword-only to license-based model for software activation. Here's what you need to know to make the conversion.

Feature Story 2005-04-18

AOI at Home in a Lead-Free World
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Lead-free manufacturing means new defect types. AOI and SPI are a particularly good fit for detecting and preventing defects in a lead-free world.

Feature Story 2005-04-18

PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Some important changes are in the air with RSI's CAMCAD Professional software. Here’s an overview.

Feature Story 2005-04-18

5DX Conquers Hidden Joint Defects
An article in the February 2005 issue of SMT Magazine explores how AXI can analyze hard-to-test solder joints, including those hidden under area array packages.

Feature Story 2005-04-18

60 Improvements in 60 Seconds
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Take a minute to install 4.10 on your SJ50 and you’ll get over 60 user-inspired improvements.

Feature Story 2005-04-18

Perfect Match: Medalist Quality Tool and SP50
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: The Medalist Quality Tool is now available on the SP50. It’s a powerful combination for preventing defects before they happen.

Feature Story 2005-04-18

Medalist i5000: Big News in ICT
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: The new Agilent Medalist i5000 is the biggest news to hit ICT in a decade, and people around the world are getting a close look.

Feature Story 2005-04-18

Six Paths to Success with SP50
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: The SP50 is designed specifically to increase real-world success for electronics manufacturers. The latest software proves the point.

Feature Story 2005-04-18

An Innovative Approach to Faster RFIC Transmitter Design
This Article by Andy Howard presents a number of simulation techniques; including HB, circuit envelope, EM, & wireless test benches applied to the integrated RFIC transceiver for WLANs/ IEEE 802.11b.

Article 2005-04-01

Making Every Engineer a Test Expert
Agilent's parameter analyzer teaches engineers to test

Feature Story 2005-04-01

A Model-Based Automated Debug Process by Cisco Systems, Inc. and Agilent Technologies

Article 2005-03-22

Selcom Testimonial
Customer testimonial which discusses the advantages gained from using the Keysight Medalist Family of test and inspection systems.

Case Study 2005-03-14

WMF WMF 19.21 MB
Agilent Technologies introduces industry-first ASI protocol analyzer & exerciser
Test solution provides comprehensive design verification for new high-speed data plane standard

Newsletter 2005-03-02

AXI Conquers Hidden Joint Defects
Written by Jeremy Jessen, Agilent Technologies. Published In SMT magazine, February 2005.

Article 2005-02-01

European Manufacturers Discuss Lead-Free Issues
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Industry professionals across Europe met on neutral ground in September and October to share ideas and best practices in lead-free test and manufacturing.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

AOI Training and Documentation CD
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: If you're an Agilent AOI customer, you should have received a free CD containing updated materials for your AOI system.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

Poly to Flash in Minutes
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: Manufacturers using older versions of CAMCAD Professional will see significant time savings with the new CAMCAD Pro 4.4.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

Lead-Free Impacts, Economics and Resources
PCB PULSE ARTICLE: New lead-free alloys mean new defect types, new costs, and new challenges in the manufacturing process, but Agilent can help.

Feature Story 2004-12-13

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