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Digital Baseband and RF Domain Integration Challenges in Radar Systems - Article Reprint
Reconfigurable radar systems employ digital technology in the form of FPGAs and DSPs.That digital technology is combined with RF technology to achieve a high level of flexibility.

Article 2012-11-01

The Ins and Outs of Microwave Signal Capture and Playback - Article Reprint
Looks at capture and playback of microwave signals and the multitude of applications in the evaluation of communications, radar and electronic warfare systems.

Article 2012-11-01

The New Techniques Simplify Military Frequency-Converter Characterization - Article Reprint
This article is about a new technique that simplifies and reduces the cost of the measurement test set up.

Article 2012-11-01

Electronic Manufacturing Test Support eNews - October 2012
Latest information to help you with ICT, 5DX and Automotive Electronics Functional Test Systems Support

Newsletter 2012-10-31

Testing Interference in a Wireless Environment - Article Reprint
Identification and reduction of interference has become essential to the proper operation in all wireless systems.

Article 2012-10-22

Carrying Microwave Precision Into the Field - Article Reprint
Microwave Journal, September 2012 FieldFox product feature.

Article 2012-10-22

Enabling Fast Characterization of PA Performance with Modulated Signals
Microwave Product Digest (MPD) featured article written by Agilent Technologies' Andy Howard.

Journal 2012-10-15

Choose the right system calibration services for your Keysight i3070/3070 In-circuit Test System
Keysight offer a range of new calibration service with and without system calibration license to use for your Keysight i3070/3070 In-circuit Test System

Case Study 2012-09-28

Article: COTS Gear Generates Multi-Emitter Test Signals
This article discusses COTS test hardware and software being used to create multi-emitter test signals using ESL design simulation software and wideband AWGs

Article 2012-09-27

Simplifying the Troubleshooting of Intercity Trains While Enhancing Worker Safety - Case Study
The Keysight Wireless Remote Connectivity Solution simplifies data logging tasks. With the free data-logging application from Keysight, the engineer can view live readings, and switch from point-to-point, or view data from up to three points simultaneously.

Case Study 2012-09-13

Improving Coverage for ECU Outliers - Article Reprint
This article explores how to catch electronic faults that typically escape with traditional serial testing, by using a multiple-channel voltage acquisition method that can enable faster parallel test.

Article 2012-08-24

ICT Total Cost of Ownership - Article Reprint
This article examines how the total cost of ICT ownership continues to change. It discusses the factors that a manufacturer should consider before making an investment.

Article 2012-08-24

Expanding Coverage with Boundary Scan - Article Reprint
Limited access tests can expand or leverage on boundary scan and provide more test coverage for a myriad of devices, beyond just boundary scan device coverage.

Article 2012-08-24

Changes in Test Coverage - Article Reprint
This article discusses challenges behind in-circuit testing on modern-day high speed, high complexity PCBAs, and work-around solutions currently available.

Article 2012-08-24

The Value of the in-Circuit Tester - Article Reprint
This article discusses how in-circuit testers for PCBAs can play a significant role to enhance product value and increase production efficiency for electronics manufacturers.

Article 2012-08-24

Optimize Signal/Spectrum Analyzer Throughput for High-Volume Manufacturing Test
The Microwaves & RF article discusses how to obtain the highest throughput for the analyzers used in manufacturing test by creating a test plan that accounts for speed, repeatability, and dynamic range.

Article 2012-08-20

Design, simulation and measurement automation
Link to Electronic Products and Technology article discussing the marrying of both electronic design automation (EDA) tools and processes with measurement for system level design and verification.

Article 2012-08-10

Electronic Manufacturing Test Support eNews - July 2012
Latest information to help you with ICT, 5DX and Automotive Electronics Functional Test Systems Support

Newsletter 2012-07-31

Comparing In-house and Commercial Load Solutions for Automotive Test

Article 2012-07-17

NASA Tech Brief Article: Software Defined Instruments Address Mixed-Signal Test Challenges of Today
Software Defined Instruments Address Mixed-Signal Test Challenges of Today.

Feature Story 2012-07-13

Microwave Product Digest article: New Techniques Simplify Military Frequency-Converter Characteriza
Covers the transmit and receive chains of all defense systems, ranging from EW, ECM, ESM, ELINT, and SIGINT receivers, to satellite terminals and transponders, and radar systems

Article 2012-07-13

Testing Radar and EW Systems for the Real-World
The solutions described in this Microwave Journal article do more than address a wide range of present and future radar systems: They also help overcome organizational hurdles.

Article 2012-07-12

Techniques for Time Sidelobe Measurements with Pulse Compression Radar
provides enhanced spatial resolution as well as an extended range for a given output power level.

Article 2012-06-14

Product How To: Design a polar frequency discriminator
Polar frequency discriminators (PFD) are widely used in radar and direction-finding applications to determine the unknown frequency of incoming pulses. This article explains how to design the RF portion of a PFD, over a frequency range of 2 to 8 GHz, using Agilent’s ADS software.

Article 2012-06-08

How to design a high-performance scope: One team’s approach
EE Times Design Article on how an Agilent Technologies design team discovers some valuable lessons that could prove useful for any designer or design team looking for success on their next project.

Article 2012-06-07

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