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Understanding RF/Microwave Solid State Switches and their Applications
This note explains FET, PIN diode and hybrid solid state switches. It discusses benefits/disadvantages of each type of switch, which specifications to consider and why, and gives application examples.

Notes d’application 2016-06-03

Physical Layer Testing of the USB 2.0 Serial Bus - Application Note
This application note discussed measurement requirements for the USB 2.0 serial bus and how both Keysight’s 6000 X-Series and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes address those challenges.

Notes d’application 2016-05-27

New Pulse Analysis Techniques for Radar and EW
Learn about the best tools for different types of pulse analysis, along with display and analysis techniques for various signals and measurement goals.

Notes d’application 2016-05-26

Wavelength and Polarization Dependence of 100G-LR4 Components - Application Note
This application note describes our solution based on the new 81606A or 81608A tunable lasers, for measuring the wavelength and polarization dependence of components for 100G optical links that multiplex multiple wavelengths. Both passive fiber optic components and receiver optical subassemblies are addressed.

Notes d’application 2016-05-24

Examining the Challenges in Implementing and Testing Massive MIMO for 5G - Application Note
Get a quick review of the MIMO process, noteworthy challenges in the implementation of MIMO, a summary of challenges & current solutions in the simulation, design, and testing of massive MIMO systems.

Notes d’application 2016-05-24

9500 AFM Applications in Polymer Materials - Application Note
Application note describing the use of the 9500 AFM in Polymer research

Notes d’application 2016-05-23

Maximizing Dynamic Range on the U8903B Audio Analyzer - Application Note
Presents a method of maximizing the dynamic range of the U8903B Audio Analyzer for any particular measurement using an external attenuator and the U8903-109 BNC kit.

Notes d’application 2016-05-20

View PAM-4 Seminar and Application Notes
Cut through the challenges of gigabit digital designs with these useful tools, app notes, and seminars. Keysight - insights for your best design.

Notes d’application 2016-05-16

Testing Automotive DC-DC converter with Keysight TS-8989 - Application Note
This paper discusses emulation of input signals, load simulations and measurements for testing high-power automotive DC-DC converter electronic control units and the TS-8989 functional tester.

Notes d’application 2016-05-15

Enhancing Efficiency of EMI Pre-Compliance Testing with Advanced Software Capabilities - App Note
This application note describes the benefits of implementing EMC pre-compliance techniques using advanced software developed for that purpose.

Notes d’application 2016-05-12

Measuring Radar Signals with Vector Signal Analyzers and Wideband Instruments - Application Note
This application note provides insights into measuring radar signals with vector signal analyzers and wideband instruments and is part 4 in a series of radar application notes.

Notes d’application 2016-05-04

Characterizing Inrush Currents to Ensure Properly Sized Fuses - Application Note
An I2t test measures the energy delivered by an inrush current pulse. The resulting number can be used to size or verify fuses to ensure a device is protected and that it will not blow the fuse every time the device is turned on. This test can be done manually, but it is much easier to user a modern power analyzer for an easy and accurate way to measure I2t.

Notes d’application 2016-05-03

Using Oscilloscopes to Test and Debug Analog HDTV Signals - Application Brief
Keysight’s InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes with DSOX4VID option provide trigger and display features ideal for debugging and characterizing analog HDTV signals.

Notes d’application 2016-05-01

Characterizing Rechargeable Batteries - Application Note
The increasingly widespread use of rechargeable batteries makes it increasingly important to fully understand their characteristics. Power analyzers and programmable DC loads can help provide the insight you need to optimize product design.

Notes d’application 2016-04-29

How to Test USB Type-C Alt Mode and the Standards Running Across It - Application Note
This application note discusses how Alt mode works with power delivery circuitry to transmit/receive unique data signals/more power, so Type-C can be used for many USB & non-USB, device connections/control.

Notes d’application 2016-04-29

Infiniium Oscilloscopes Used for Wideband RF Measurements - Application Note
This application note will outline how the Infiniium oscilloscopes can be used to make a variety of FFT and wideband RF measurements to speed designs to market.

Notes d’application 2016-04-28

Low-Frequency Noise Measurements with the E4727A and Their Applications
This application note covers noise basics (1/f and white), applications of noise measurements and analysis, and how noise measurement challenges are addressed by the E4727A A-LFNA.

Notes d’application 2016-04-28

How to Test USB Power Delivery (PD) Over Type-C - Application Note
USB Type-C power delivery creates possibilities for USB connected devices with higher, bi-directional power and power for non-USB devices with ALT mode. Learn more about verification/compliance.

Notes d’application 2016-04-26

Magnetic Force Microscopy Using the 9500 AFM - Application Note
Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) is an Atomic Force Microscopy mode that enables researchers to probe the magnetic properties of a material. This note explores the characterization of magnetic samples.

Notes d’application 2016-04-25

Technology Refresh: X-Series Signal Analyzers
Save money by upgrading your current assets or get a 50-percent credit when you trade-in your current analyzer to an X-Series signal analyzer with multi-touch.

Notes d’application 2016-04-08

Overcoming the Challenges in Satellite Testing and Interference Detection - Application Note
With a streamlined multi-touch UI, wider bandwidth and application software, the Keysight PXA offers the tools you need to design, test and deliver your next breakthrough in satellite communications.

Notes d’application 2016-04-07

Isolating Problems and Optimizing Wireless Designs with Digital Demodulation and EVM
This application brief covers techniques for isolating problems and optimizing wireless designs using comprehensive, high performance modulation analysis and troubleshooting beyond pass/fail testing.

Notes d’application 2016-04-06

Simplifying Wideband Pulsed Signal Characterization - Application Brief
To help developers appropriately identify and measure performance, a test solution with high resolution, excellent dynamic range and wide analysis bandwidth is required.

Notes d’application 2016-04-04

Defining the Pulsed Radar Signal and the Essential Measurements of Signal Power - Application Note
This application note defines that nature of actual radar signals and describes practical ways to measure power in those signals.

Notes d’application 2016-03-30

Four Hints for Making Successful Noise Figure Measurements - Application Brief
This brief provides 4 hints for improving measurement uncertainty, increasing yield, and lowering cost when measuring noise figure performance of low-noise amplifiers, mixers & frequency converters.

Notes d’application 2016-03-30


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