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Where can I find FieldFox Firmware, Software and Product Support information?
A central FieldFox website that includes links to: Upgrades, Firmware, Data Link software, User's Guides, Programming Guide, Secured environment operation, supported Calibration kits and more.

FAQ 2015-09-09

Which currently available power meters are compatible with the 8753E network analyzer?
In order to work with the 8753E network analyzer, your power meter must emulate either the 436A, 437B, 438A E4418A or the E4419A power meter. Keysight is no longer selling those power meters. However, the E4418B (formerly named the EPM-441A) and E4...

FAQ 2013-11-17

Is it possible to disable or enable the Automatic Logon for Windows on the ENA?
Yes. To disable or enable the Automatic logon for Windows in a Non-Domain System, perform the following:

FAQ 2012-12-18

What are the CPU clock speed and the memory size of the ENA?
Refer to following data. (as of July 2012)

FAQ 2012-12-11

How Do Recalibrate the FieldFox Battery Pack?
Use N9910X-872 to recalibrate the battery pack.

FAQ 2012-08-17

Why are N9910X Accessories Packed with the Original Supplier Packaging and Labels?
It allows customers to purchase common accessories easier.

FAQ 2012-08-17

How can the memory in the ENA be erased for security purposes?

FAQ 2012-04-17

What types of interfaces are available on the ENA?
Please refer to the manuals.

FAQ 2012-04-17

Which Connector Types Can Be Safely Connected, and Which Types May Cause Damage to the Interface?

FAQ 2012-04-05

What is the Port Reference Impedance Conversion? Is this function available on the ENA / ENA-L?
The Port Reference Impedance Conversion is one of a feature of the Fixture Simulator. This function is only available on the ENA.

FAQ 2011-10-16

Is it possible to change the font size of softkey menu on ENA?
Yes. The font size of softkey menu can be changed with following procedure...

FAQ 2011-10-07

What Adapters are Used to Adapt Between 1.85 mm Connectors and Other RF Connectors?

FAQ 2011-05-25

On the ENA can I use the embedded GPIB Interface to control and perform a power meter calibration?
A Keysight 82357A/B USB/GPIB interface is required.

FAQ 2009-08-16

Can State Files saved on the 4396A be recalled on the 4396B, and vice versa?
4396B can recall State Files saved on the 4396A.

FAQ 2008-11-17

Is there any requirement for the monitor display that can be used as an external monitor of the 4395A / 4396B?
Color monitors supporting VGA can be used as an external monitor of the 4395A / 4396B.

FAQ 2008-11-17

How do I change Daylight Saving Time Settings on the ENA?
Keysight confirmed that Daylight Saving Time Setting can be changed with following procedure...

FAQ 2007-10-05

What hard copy manuals are included with option ABA for the ENA 6 series?

FAQ 2007-07-12

What Torque Wrenches and Open-Ended Wrenches Does Keysight Recommend for Connecting RF Connectors?

FAQ 2006-09-19

HP 8753B Network Analyzer CRT Display Replacement

FAQ 2005-04-12

RF Connector: Frequency Ranges, Coupling Torques, and Connector Grades

FAQ 2003-11-04

Why Did Keysight Add a 3/4" Hex Feature to the Standard Type-N Coupling Nut?

FAQ 2002-06-27

8510: Checking the Keysight 8510C Firmware Revision

FAQ 2002-06-27

8753: What Is the Part Number of the Microwave DC Block?

FAQ 2002-06-27

What Are the Frequency Ranges, Coupling Torques and Connector Grades Available for RF Connectors?

FAQ 2002-06-27

What Are the RF Connector Interface Specifications?

FAQ 2002-06-27

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