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What are the login and passwords that are used on the Keysight X-Series (PXA/MXA/EXA/CXA) Signal Analyzers?
There are two different login accounts: User account and Administrator account

FAQ 2012-02-24

What is the Task Planner Trial program?
A program offered by Keysight that allows customers to obtain a 90-day trial license.

FAQ 2012-02-22

Can the handheld spectrum analyzers be turned on or off remotely?
There is no SCPI command to turn the HSA on or off remotely.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Can I apply a DC offset voltage to the RF output of ESG/PSG?
No, ESG/PSG (and all our RF/microwave SG) do not have a capability of applying a DC offset to their RF output signal.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Does the N9342C have the same form factor as the N9340B?
Yes, the N9342C has the same form factor as the N9340B with improvements.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Do the handheld spectrum analyzers have a keystroke recorder?
No, the HSAs do have a keystroke recorder.

FAQ 2012-02-20

How long will a handheld spectrum analyzer powered by battery continuously work?
A battery-powered HSA can continuously work for a minimum of 3 hours.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Do the handheld spectrum analyzers have AM/FM demodulation?

FAQ 2012-02-20

Is it possible to operate the power meter option (PWM) remotely using a SCPI command?
No, the power meter option on the HSAs cannot be controlled remotely.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Can I measure VSWR, return loss and DTF with my handheld spectrum analyzer?
The HSAs do not provide a read-out of VSWR or DTF.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Is it possible to load built-in cellular frequency channels onto the handheld spectrum analyzer?
Yes, each HSA model allows the user to load standard frequency channels, like GSM or W-CDMA.

FAQ 2012-02-20

How do I enable the GPS information on the handheld spectrum analyzer?
The steps to enable GPS on the N9342C, N9343C or N9344C are: Press[Shift] -> [System Mode] -> {More 1 of 2} -> {GPS} -> {GPS on} and {GPS Info on}.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Do the handheld spectrum analyzers have record/playback features in the spectrogram and the spectrum mode? Can the signal be recorded on a USB drive?
Option SIM for the HSAs provides record and playback features in the spectrogram and the spectrum mode.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Does the user interface of the handheld spectrum analyzer support multiple languages?
Yes, the user interface for each of the HSA models supports eleven languages.

FAQ 2012-02-20

Is Signal Studio software licensed to the PC or signal generator?
Signal Studio software is licensed to the signal generator. More...

FAQ 2012-02-19

Can I hide the softkey menu when I perform "Dump Screen Image" on the ENA / ENA-L?

FAQ 2012-02-02

Why can’t the U2000 Series USB Power Sensors accurately measure the average power of some pulse modulated signals?
The U2000 Series USB power sensors cannot measure pulse modulated signals where the duty cycle is small or the pulse period is very long....

FAQ 2012-02-02

The Keysight 8761B SPDT Coaxial Switches are not listed in the "Keysight 34945A, L4445A and L4490A/L4491A Configuration Guide". Why?
Due to the 8761B’s internal design the RF path selection is achieved via DC polarity reversal across the coil control terminals. The Keysight 34945A, L4445A and L4490A/L4491A Control Units do not provide a polarity reversal mode. Thus the 8761B cannot be controlled by the 34945A, L4445A and L4490A/L4491A Control Units.

FAQ 2012-01-16

What is an alternative solution to the 87075C / 87050E replacement?
Build your home-made switch box using the L4491A RF/MW switches. Refer to the application note for details.

FAQ 2012-01-11

Does the ENA support 87050E / 87075C series multiport test sets?
Unlike the E5061A and E5062A, the E5061B, E5071C and E5072A (ENA) does NOT support full functions of 87050E / 87075C. But it is possible to change switch state of 87050E-Hxx / 87075C-Hxx via GPIB.

FAQ 2012-01-11

How is trace math implemented within the Keysight Technologies Vector Network Analyzers?

FAQ 2012-01-11

How do I repair the E6621A measurement application if it fails to launch?
A utility is available that will fix the E6621A measurement application. Click on the question above for a fuller description.

FAQ 2011-12-23

Can I recover the E6621A operating system if it fails to start correctly?
Yes, E6621A has a System Software Recovery mode. Click on the question above for a fuller description.

FAQ 2011-12-21

Why does BenchLink DataLogger 3 generate the "MDAC installation failed" error message?
The MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) may be corrupted and needs to be repaired.

FAQ 2011-12-20

Why Do I Get a "VCO Unlock Error" on my N9923A?
The solution is to upgrade firmware to A.05.04 or later.

FAQ 2011-11-14

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