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Can I get a temporary license key for my PSA Series, ESA Series, or EMC Series Analyzer?
No. At this time, we do not have temporary licenses. License keys for these instruments are generated based on the serial number, model number, and Host ID.

FAQ 2012-05-28

Where can I find product documentation for MBP, MQA and AMA?
Product documentation for Model Builder Program (MBP) , Model Quality Assurance (MQA) and/or Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) can be found in the Knowledge Center.

FAQ 2012-04-27

How do I renew an expired MBP, MQA or AMA license?
General information on renewing an expired Model Builder Program (MBP), Model Quality Assurance (MQA) or Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) license

FAQ 2012-04-27

Where can I get current and previous software versions as well as updates of MBP, MQA and/or AMA?
Current and previous software versions of Model Builder Program (MBP) , Model Quality Assurance (MQA) and/or Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) can be found in the Knowledge Center.

FAQ 2012-04-27

Why doesn't the Keysight License Manager connect to my ESG?
Your ESG needs firmware revision C.04.84 or above...

FAQ 2012-03-02

What is the frequency range of the N5532A Sensor Module?
100 kHz to 4.2 GHz, 10 MHz to 18 GHz, 30 MHz to 26.5 GHz, and 30 MHz to 50 GHz.

FAQ 2012-02-26

Is Signal Studio software licensed to the PC or signal generator?
Signal Studio software is licensed to the signal generator. More...

FAQ 2012-02-19

How do I register for the Keysight EEsof EDA Knowledge Center?
The Knowledge Center is an enhancement to our existing site that provides additional documents and examples. Registration is required.

FAQ 2011-11-08

Is there a trial license for the ENA software option?
It depends on models...

FAQ 2011-10-16

Why is my N1918A Power Analyzer USB dongle key not detected by Windows7 64bit OS.
You need to upgrade the sentinel USB system(dongle key) driver to support Windows7 64bit OS.

FAQ 2011-09-12

For waveform 5-pack licenses, can a customer purchase a perpetual or time-based Signal Studio license for one MXG/ESG to evaluate waveforms, and th...
Yes, any licensed MXG/ESG can be used to evaluate the waveforms – not just the MXG/ESG with the waveform 5-pack license option.

FAQ 2010-09-24

What are the Signal Studio License options and configurations for the MXG?

FAQ 2010-09-20

For waveform 5-pack licenses, is there any protection against accidentally overwriting a licensed waveform?
No, we recommend keeping a copy of the licensed waveform for archival purposes.

FAQ 2010-09-19

How do I install the license for my Graphical Measurement Application (GMA) N4017A software?
When you redeem your N4017A entitlement certificate at http:///find/softwarelicense, you must decide if you wish to lock the software to an N4010A test set or to a PC.

FAQ 2010-09-15

For waveform 5-pack licenses, can a customer generate a waveform in Signal Studio software not connected to a MXG/ESG, export to a location on thei...
Yes, this method can be used when customers only want to tweak waveform parameters and not evaluate RF performance beforehand.

FAQ 2010-09-08

For waveform 5-pack licenses, can the 30-day license attached to each waveform 5-pack license be activated whenever the customer wants –or– do the ...
The 30-day license for the evaluation of waveforms (Option D01) may be activated at anytime, although they must be used one at a time.

FAQ 2010-09-08

For waveform 5-pack licenses, since a waveform can be copied and renamed, is there protection from a user inadvertently licensing the same signal?
Yes, there is protection against using a license slot on a redundant signal. A unique identifier is associated and stored with each signal created by Signal Studio applications. It is this identifier that is licensed on the MXG or ESG signal gen...

FAQ 2010-09-08

For waveform 5-pack licenses, once a waveform is licensed, can it be copied and stored for archival purposes?
Yes, a licensed waveform can be copied and renamed for archival purposes. Be aware that the waveform can still only played on the ESG or MXG to which it has been licensed.

FAQ 2010-09-08

For waveform 5-pack licenses, is there a way to have password protection against licensing a 5-pack waveform to prevent someone from inadvertently ...
No, this will be considered as an enhancement request for future releases.

FAQ 2010-09-08

For waveform 5-pack licenses, is there a grace-period where I can still revoke/replace a waveform once it has been licensed?
Once the waveform is licensed, that license is permanent and cannot be revoked or replaced.

FAQ 2010-09-08

How is a Signal Studio application license installed?
A Signal Studio license is installed using the License Manager software utility available for download and on the CD shipped with the Signal Studio software.

FAQ 2010-09-08

What should I do when my Power Analyzer (software licensing version) still goes into trial version even though a valid license was installed…
When this situation happens, try the following steps to get this resolved:

FAQ 2010-08-09

Why do the error messages "1105: Could not connect to License Server. Please restart application" and "1003: Failed to connect …
The error messages appear when the N1918A Power Analysis Manager is launched because the Keysight License Service sometimes does not start….

FAQ 2010-08-09

I sent a Keysight 663xx power supply in for service and I received a unit that has a different serial number. How do I transfer my 14565B software...
When receiving a unit back from a service request, write down the model number and the new serial number

FAQ 2010-05-16

Are there separate licenses for 34970A and 34980A instruments?
Yes. Each instrument uses a specific Data Logger Pro product number.

FAQ 2010-05-05

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