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On the Keysight E4980A, what is the "DC Source Option 001 (±10 VDC Max)" and how is it utilized?
A summary description of the enhancements provided by E4980A option 001 - 'Power and DC Bias Enhancement Option'

FAQ 2012-12-02

What are the implications of swapping test heads between different Keysight 4287A Impedance Analyzers?
The Keysight 4287A Impedance Analyzer must be used with the furnished test head as a set because it is an indivisible portion of the calibrated 4287A.

FAQ 2012-01-16

Is there an outline for configuring my HP Basic to communicate with the Keysight ENA analyzer via SCPI-LAN?

FAQ 2011-10-07

Does the ENA-L support a built-in web page similar to the 871x family?

FAQ 2011-10-07

Why is the "Failed to Capture State from Instrument" displayed on PC when the IntuiLink software for the 4294A is run?
The error message as shown below is displayed when the version of the 4294A firmware is lower than Rev 1.11.

FAQ 2011-06-12

What is the interface cable or adapter required to control external GPIB equipment by using VBA macro function of the E4991A?
The 10833A/B/C/D, 82357A or 82357B is required depending on the OS version of the E4991A.

FAQ 2011-06-07

Why isn't calibration option (UK6) available for the 42941A?
The 42941A does not have calibration option because the 4294A specifies total measurement accuracy including the 4294A accuracy.

FAQ 2010-07-12

Is it possible to separate the test head from the E4991A and interconnect them with cables?
Yes. It is possible with option E4991A-010 or option E4991A-007 only.

FAQ 2010-07-02

Is the E4991A option 010 needed only when a specific probe station is used with the E4991A?
No, the E4991A-010 is generally needed when a probe station is used with the E4991A.

FAQ 2010-05-12

Can the E4991A option 002 measure permittivity or permeability without being used with the 16453A or 16454A?
No. The 16453A or 16454A is required when the E4991A option 002 is used to measure permittivity or permeability.

FAQ 2010-04-29

Is there any option or accessory available for extending the test port of the E4991A?
Except for the E4991A-007 temperature characteristic test kit, neither option nor accessory for extending the test port of the E4991A has been set up.

FAQ 2010-04-29

Can the 41951A Impedance Test Kit be used with the 4395A/ 4396B?
No, the 41951A cannot be used with the 4395A or 4396B.

FAQ 2010-04-13

Anomalies connecting Keysight Intuilink 4395A to the 4395A, 4396B Analyzers

FAQ 2009-11-02

Is calibration report included in the 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit which adds the 10 µF standard capacitor to the 16380C?
Yes, the 16380V-001 Upgrade Kit includes the 10 µF standard capacitor and its calibration report.

FAQ 2009-06-23

How do I connect the 16048G 1m BNC connector leads to the 16452A?
You need four BNC(m) to BNC(m) adapters (Keysight part number 1250-0216) to connect the 16048G to the 16452A.

FAQ 2009-01-12

Does the E4980A have 2 m / 4 m cable length option?
No option is required because the standard model of the E4980A has the cable length correction function for 0 m, 1 m, 2 m and 4 m test leads.

FAQ 2008-11-12

Are there any restrictions on the selection of the E4980A options?
The E4980A-001 "Power and DC Bias Enhancement" and E4980A-002 "Bias Current Interface" can be installed in the same unit but cannot be operated simultaneously.

FAQ 2008-11-12

Can the E4980A with option E4980A-005 be upgraded to standard model?
Yes. The E4980A-005 can be upgraded to the standard model by ordering the E4980AU-007 Upgrade Kit. The upgrade can be performed at Keysight service center only.

FAQ 2008-11-12

Can I integrate the 4287A into a semiconductor probe station?
The 4287A can be integrated in a semiconductor probe station, but is not suitable for C-V and high impedance measurement applications for the following reasons:

FAQ 2008-06-11

Can I use the 16048A/D/E with the 4294A?
No, the 4294A adapter setup function only supports 16048G/H cables to extend calibration plane. The 16048A/D/E are not available for the adapter setup and cannot provide accurate and specified measurements.

FAQ 2008-05-26

Can I order brand-new 16380C with ANSI Z540 accredited calibration?
Yes, the 16380C with the ANSI Z540 calibration can be ordered. Order the 16380C with R1295A.

FAQ 2008-05-22

Can I order brand-new 16380A with ANSI Z540 accredited calibration?
Yes, the 16380A with the ANSI Z540 calibration can be ordered. Order the 16380A with R1295A.

FAQ 2008-05-22

Can I use the 16454A with an LCR meter or Impedance Analyzer other than the E4991A-002 or 4291A/B-002?
Yes, basically, it is recommended to use an Impedance Analyzer with I-Basic programming function in order to automate the permeability calculation.

FAQ 2008-05-20

Is calibration report furnished to the 16380A?
Yes, the COC and the calibration report for all 4 standard capacitors are furnished. No option is required for the calibration report furnished.

FAQ 2008-05-20

Can I order each standard resistor of the 42030A independently?
No, each standard resistor of the 42030A cannot be ordered to purchase independently.

FAQ 2008-05-20

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