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Why doesn't the 16195B have calibration data?
The 16195B contains Open, Short, 50 Ω Load and Low-loss Capacitor terminations for calibrating the 4287A, E4982A, E4991A and E4991B.

FAQ 2016-03-31

What is the calibration password to unlock the instrument?
The security code is "AT3446XA"...

FAQ 2015-09-21

Does FieldFox support data-based cal kits?
FAQ for FieldFox support of Cal Kits

FAQ 2015-09-09

FieldFox Manuals, Firmware, Software and Product Support
Manuals, firmware upgrade, software trials & upgrade and support page for FieldFox analyzers

FAQ 2015-09-09

How should I set the "Adapter Setting" of the 4294A when using the 16089A/B/C/D/E?
Please set to "NONE".

FAQ 2015-06-09

Industry Primary Impedance Measurement System (iPIMMS) – What is it?
In 2005 Keysight Technologies' facility at South Queensferry in the United Kingdom was the first calibration laboratory to be granted ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for an internet-enabled technology to make measurements of complex reflection and transmission coefficient parameters.

FAQ 2015-03-16

How can I make 75 Ω measurements using the ENA?
You can make 75 Ω measurements with the ENA by shifting system characteristic impedance to 75 Ω.

FAQ 2015-03-09

Certificates (Certification) for Calibration
Search and download calibration certificates for your Keysight instruments by model and serial number.

FAQ 2014-09-10

Where is my Calibration Certificate for the E6650A EXF?
The E6650A (EXF) does not have a calibration certificate because of its flexible TRX configuration. Only the M9300A Reference and M9440A TRX modules installed inside the E6650A chassis have a calibration certificate

FAQ 2014-09-09

What is the certification (and recertification) process for calibration kit torque wrenches?

FAQ 2014-03-24

What is included with Option UK6?
Beginning December 19, 2013, the list below describes what will be included with Option UK6:

FAQ 2014-02-27

Keysight Accreditation Milestones: Australia and Great Britain
Keysight’s Melbourne service center was first accredited by NATA in August 1974; the Winnersh service center was accredited by the BCS in August 1984.

FAQ 2014-02-14

What is the accuracy of ENA time domain measurements?
The TDR/TDT measurement uncertainty is provided in the following table.

FAQ 2014-02-01

Are there any calibration options available for the U1251A/U1252A Handheld Digital Multimeter?
Yes, there are a variety of calibration options available for the U1251A and U1252A Handheld Digital Multimeter…

FAQ 2013-11-17

What calibrations are available on X-Series, PSA, ESA analyzers and X-Series, ESG-C, PSG Signal Generators at time of initial sale from the factory?
Details regarding time of sale calibrations can be found here...

FAQ 2013-10-15

ISO 17025 and Accreditation
Keysight provides ISO 17025 compliant services. Get more information and learn how to meet ISO 17025 requirements for electronic test equipment.

FAQ 2013-07-10

How can I perform the calibration/compensation when I use the 16094A with a 7-mm connector extension cable?
It is recommended to perform the following compensation procedure...

FAQ 2013-06-05

Can you use EXA to run enhanced factory calibration or does it only work with PXA, MXA and PSA?
No, the EXA has not been qualified.

FAQ 2013-03-12

How does DC calibration affect channel corrections?
If a DC calibration is run with channel corrections applied, this may or may not degrade performance slightly.

FAQ 2013-02-26

Can running user correction calibration over a narrower range improve calibration?
No, the number of points is always fixed at a 5 MHz interval

FAQ 2013-02-26

For User channel correction calibration, when frequency is tuned out of “user” correction frequency range, is factory correction applied?
Yes, we apply smoothing between cal arrays to ensure no discontinuity.

FAQ 2013-02-26

Do temperature changes affect the factory channel correction calibration?
temperature changes, channel correction calibration, factory correction calibration,x-series signal generators

FAQ 2013-02-26

When you perform the User channel correction routine, do you need to compensate for the cable between spectrum analyzer or power meter and source?
No, the cable error has been calibrated.

FAQ 2013-02-26

For User channel correction calibration, is it better to do a spot user cal or over an overlapping range?
Overlapping is good idea, but not required.

FAQ 2013-02-26

For User channel correction, how many unique calibration files are supported?
We can support thousands on internal solid state drive.

FAQ 2013-02-26

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