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What is the accuracy of ENA time domain measurements?
The TDR/TDT measurement uncertainty is provided in the following table.

FAQ 2014-02-01

Can you use EXA to run enhanced factory calibration or does it only work with PXA, MXA and PSA?
No, the EXA has not been qualified.

FAQ 2013-03-12

Is 4-port calibration using the 2-port ECal module supported on ENA Option TDR?

FAQ 2012-02-02

What is the availability for the ISO 17025 and ANSI-Z540 compliant calibrations for the N9030A Signal Analyzers that have Option 543, 544 or 550?
The N7800A, Calibration & Adjustment software is used by the Keysight Service Centers, factory and self-maintaining customers.

FAQ 2011-10-18

When I perform both the calibration with frequency offset off and the scalar-mixer calibration with frequency offset on, which one is valid?
If the frequency offset function is turned on, the scalar mixer calibration data is used.

FAQ 2011-10-17

Can the ENA perform Vector Mixer Calibration (VMC) with Fixed RF or Fixed IF measurement?
No. It is not possible to perform Fixed RF measurements (RF: Fixed, LO and IF: Swept) with VMC.

FAQ 2011-10-17

Can I measure a dual conversion mixer on the ENA?
If the LO frequencies are fixed, dual conversion mixers can be measured with option 008 (Frequency-Offset Mode).

FAQ 2011-10-17

Does the operator need to force the auto alignment to ensure the X-Series (PXA/MXA/EXA/CXA) Signal Analyzer is meeting published specifications?
No, the factory power on configuration has the auto-alignment process turned on...

FAQ 2011-03-24

Is it possible to make a vector measurement of a balanced-mixer using ENA?

FAQ 2009-06-08

With the Vector Mixer Calibration (VMC) technique, is it possible to characterize mixers below the lowest operating frequency of the ENA?

FAQ 2009-02-23