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Where can I find FieldFox Firmware, Software and Product Support information?
A central FieldFox website that includes links to: Upgrades, Firmware, Data Link software, User's Guides, Programming Guide, Secured environment operation, supported Calibration kits and more.

FAQ 2015-09-09

Does FieldFox support data-based cal kits?
FAQ for FieldFox support of Cal Kits

FAQ 2015-09-09

What is included with Option UK6?
Beginning December 19, 2013, the list below describes what will be included with Option UK6:

FAQ 2014-02-27

What calibrations are available on X-Series, PSA, ESA analyzers and X-Series, ESG-C, PSG Signal Generators at time of initial sale from the factory?
Details regarding time of sale calibrations can be found here...

FAQ 2013-10-15

Can you use EXA to run enhanced factory calibration or does it only work with PXA, MXA and PSA?
No, the EXA has not been qualified.

FAQ 2013-03-12

How Do Recalibrate the FieldFox Battery Pack?
Use N9910X-872 to recalibrate the battery pack.

FAQ 2012-08-17

For the PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers, is the new two year calibration cycle applicable to all instruments?
Based on evaluation of serviced PSAs, Keysight determined that the PSA is stable enough to support a 2 year calibration cycle for all PSA instruments.

FAQ 2012-05-30

What is the frequency range of the N5532A Sensor Module?
100 kHz to 4.2 GHz, 10 MHz to 18 GHz, 30 MHz to 26.5 GHz, and 30 MHz to 50 GHz.

FAQ 2012-02-26

Why do performance verification tests 55, 56 and 57 in the ESA Calibration Guide say "This test has been deleted"?
These tests were put in the manual as placeholders...

FAQ 2012-02-25

What is the availability for the ISO 17025 and ANSI-Z540 compliant calibrations for the N9030A Signal Analyzers that have Option 543, 544 or 550?
The N7800A, Calibration & Adjustment software is used by the Keysight Service Centers, factory and self-maintaining customers.

FAQ 2011-10-18

Does the operator need to force the auto alignment to ensure the X-Series (PXA/MXA/EXA/CXA) Signal Analyzer is meeting published specifications?
No, the factory power on configuration has the auto-alignment process turned on...

FAQ 2011-03-24

ESA-L1500A: Spectrum Analyzer INPUT Connector Damage

FAQ 2008-10-08

How long is N9320B's calibration cycle?
N9320B calibration cycle is 1 year.

FAQ 2008-09-25

Why is there a MAIN COIL SENSE FAIL during the internal frequency self calibration on the 8590 Series Spectrum Analyzer?
Most probable causes can be found here....

FAQ 2004-08-27

Why does the 8590 Series Spectrum Analyzer fail during the internal frequency self calibration stating, FM SPAN SENS FAIL?
Most probable cause information can be found here....

FAQ 2004-08-27

What is meant by the error message, "CAL GAIN FAIL" during the internal amplitude self-calibration on the 8590 Series Spectrum Analyzer?
Most probable cause information can be found here....

FAQ 2004-08-27

8590 Series: Spectrum Analyzers Cal Signal Not Found

FAQ 2002-06-27

859xE: What Is the Recommended Calibration Interval?

FAQ 2002-06-27

8590 Series: Spectrum Analyzers NRBW Fail Messages

FAQ 2002-06-27