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Is E5810B remote USB interface supported in NI MAX environment?
No. E5810B remote USB interface is not supportable in NI MAX environment. The E5810B remote USB interface only detectable in Keysight IO libraries Suite.

FAQ 2014-12-10

Is U2700A series USB Modular Instruments supported in Linux environment?
No. U2700A Series are not supportable in Linux environment. The drives for USB Modular only build for Microsoft Windows.

FAQ 2014-11-25

Does PC link 2.51 support Windows 7, 64 bits?

FAQ 2014-04-17

Why do I continue to get the "Align 20 Hz to 3.6 GHz Required" message even though I ran the Align Now, All routine on my MXE?
You also need to run the System, Alignments, More, RF Preselector, Align Now alignments...

FAQ 2014-03-03

Why does handheld scope’s date/time display disappears or shows hexa characters?
This condition indicates that the internal memory battery level is low.

FAQ 2013-11-22

Can I export the interval logging data saved in the internal memory of my U1253A Handheld Multimeter?
Yes, you can export the interval logging data saved by upgrade your U1253A Firmware revision to V1.20…..

FAQ 2013-11-17

The Intuilink Connectivity Software is not working on my 34405A, how can I resolve this problem?
The Keysight IO Library is required by the Intuilink Connectivity Software to execute properly.

FAQ 2013-11-15

I am looking at a 160 MHz OFDM signal at 5 GHz on my MXA or PXA signal analyzer. Why can’t I see the whole signal?
The instrument preselector is limiting the bandwidth of the MXA or PXA input.

FAQ 2013-08-07

Why does the chassis Soft Front Panel (SFP) not start when I connect to the chassis with my Windows XP PC?
The Keysight PXIe and AXIe chassis require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on the PC in order for the SFP to work. Windows XP does not have this loaded automatically. If you are using a Windows XP PC, please install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 from Microsoft website.

FAQ 2013-07-10

What is the Keysight EEsof EDA Knowledge Center?
The Knowledge Center is an enhancement to our existing site that provides additional documents and examples.

FAQ 2013-05-13

Why does my ESG report errors when I try to download waveforms using a National Instruments GPIB card with certain Signal Studio applications?
If errors reported by the ESG include “ -113 undefined header” and “-101 invalid character”, you need to download and install a patch for the Keysight IO Libraries.

FAQ 2012-12-30

When should I perform system recovery?
When you encounter the following problems, it's necessary to perform system recovery...

FAQ 2012-12-11

How to report a VEE bug, serious error or submit an enhancement request effectively?
1. Go to the VEE Help menu and select Customer Feedback option...

FAQ 2012-10-16

How Can I Identify Boards Revision in FieldFox?
See instructions.

FAQ 2012-08-20

How Do Recalibrate the FieldFox Battery Pack?
Use N9910X-872 to recalibrate the battery pack.

FAQ 2012-08-17

Why Do I Get an Install Error Message When I Try to Upgrade my Firmware?
The likely cause is a conflicting file name.

FAQ 2012-08-17

Why won't my FieldFox Turn On?
Most often power on issues occur when battery has been completely discharged.

FAQ 2012-08-17

Why Do I Get a "Meas UNCAL" Message During Zero Span Measurement in Signal Analyzer Mode?
The “Meas UNCAL” message during zero span measurements indicates that the capacity of the capture memory has been exceeded for the current combination of RBW and sweep time.

FAQ 2012-08-17

Why won't my Signal Analyzers Display Pulse Type Signals Properly?
These signals may be missed if the Sweep Acquisition setting is on Auto. We recommend using a Sweep Acquisition setting of 50 or 100 for GSM signals.

FAQ 2012-08-15

Why Does FieldFox Sometimes Revert to a Zero Serial Number at Power On?
The firmware needs to be upgraded to ≥ A.03.02.

FAQ 2012-08-15

Opt.100 VBA utility programs do not run properly. What is wrong?

FAQ 2012-08-09

What can I do if I encounter the error message : “1010: Fail searching for Keysight License Service….” after installing N1918A version R03.04?
User need to repair “Keysight Application Services” by following the steps below ...

FAQ 2012-07-25

When attempting to make a Modulation Accuracy (Rho) measurement in the cdmaOne personality I get the error message, "Cannot correlate to input sign...
The Modulation Accuracy (Rho) measurement in the cdmaOne personality requires that you only have the pilot carrier turned on for your base station. If other code channels are turned on, you will get this error message.

FAQ 2012-05-26

Why do I get the "Align 20 Hz to 3.6 GHz Required" message every time I turn my MXE on?
You don't. Wait for it to warm back up...

FAQ 2012-05-09

Where can I get current and previous software versions as well as updates of MBP, MQA and/or AMA?
Current and previous software versions of Model Builder Program (MBP) , Model Quality Assurance (MQA) and/or Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) can be found in the Knowledge Center.

FAQ 2012-04-27

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